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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Garhwali Bhasha ke Analochit Paksh: Illustrating Untouched Aspects of Garhwali Language

Critical Review of Garhwali Literature- 2290
                     (Review of Modern Garhwali Literature Series)
 Review of ‘Garhwali Bhasha ke Analochit Paksh’ a Hindi book by Dr. Achla Nand Jakhmola

             Review by: Bhishma Kukreti (Regional Language Promoter)

  Editor of Garhwali –Hindi –Garhwali dictionary , Dr Achla Nand Jakhmola is one the Hindi and Garhwali linguistic scholars who provides various subjects those required more discussion about Garhwali language in his book Garhwali Bhasha ke Analochit Paksh (2013). The book certainly is essential for the scholars who are eager to know scientific means to understand the grammatical and linguistic aspects of Garhwali.
               There have been discussions on various linguistic subjects of Garhwali. Dr Guna Nand Juyal initiated the discussion on the birth of Garhwali language and then followed by scholars as Dr Govind Chatak, Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna,  Adityaram Dudhfodi, Dr Shailesh, Dr. N K Dhaundiyal, Bhishma Kukret , Sandip Rawat and a couple of other scholars. The Garhwali grammar composers as Dudhfodi, Bahuguna, Sharma, Rajni Kukreti and dictionary editors as Baldev Prasad Nautiyal, Jay Lal Verma, Malchand, Dr Arvind Purohit and Bina Benjwal also put forwarded their views about linguistic aspects of Garhwali.
 In this present book ‘Garhwali Bhasha ke Analochit Paksh’, learned Dr Jakhmola provides following aspects of Garhwali languages those were least discussed or never discussed from scientific point of view.
     In Garhwali me Maitri –Bhavna, Sahishnuta aur Savedanshilta Dyotak Shabd, Dr Jakhmola briefs readers about the Garhwali words those are directing sensitive, coordination, bearing power. The reason being of those words is geographical situation of Garhwal.  
In Shbad Brahm ke Prayog Anavdhanta chapter, learned scholar Achalannad discuses about the spelling mistakes being opted by writers in Garhwali and Hindi as well.
The chapter Garhwali Bhasha: Antarik aur Bahy Swarup is dedicated to special characteristics of Garhwali language.
 Garhwali sanskriti aur Use Sanvarati Sahejati Boliyan: Vilupti ki Or Unmukh section, Dr Achalanand Jakhmola lessoning uses of Garhwali and responsibility of younger generation for protecting Garhwali and its tens of dialects.
            Linguistic scholar analyses the pronunciation, the spelling, spelling system and script of Garhwali language thoroughly in Garhwali Bhasha me Uccharan , Vartani aur Lipi portion.
  Dr Achalanand Jakhmola agrees that there are a couple of problems in Devanagari scripts for illustrating actual pronunciation. However, Dr Jakhmola does not agree that Garhwali should have any new scripts.
 In other chapters, Dr Jakhmola discusses about making Dictionary and the principles of making Dictionaries. Dr Jakhmola also put forward his efforts in publishing Garhwali-Hindi-English Dictionary by him.
    Dr Achlanand discusses many features of Garhwali in this book important for Garhwali linguistic scholars and Garhwali creative. The language is not understandable those are in this field of language and writing.
In Mankikaran chapter, Jakhmola discusses about need of Standard Garhwali and reaching to the goal of standard Garhwali.
The present book fills the gap of writing about untouched aspects of Garhwali language.
 Thw present work of Dr Jakhmola is important as of scholars as Subhash Rathod (Lamnai); Shyam Sundar Saukaniya (Bhdawari).
The Creative writers should call the book for their personal libraries.
 Garhwali Bhasha ke Analochit Paks (in Hindi Language)
Pages 263
Written by Dr Achlanand Jakhmola
Price- 490/-
Winsar publishing company, Dispensary road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Contact number of Dr Achlanand Jakhmola 07579187652