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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Narendra Singh Negi Attacks Rich Countries for Encouraging Corruption on Poor Countries

Bhishma Kukreti

(Abstract: The author takes cue from Narendra Negi's poem and discusses that hwo rich countries are encouraging corruption in poor countries.The author also put light on poetries related to corruption in Honduras and Nigeria)

(This is 9 th part of the long article : Kathga Khailya poem by Narendra singh Negi and poems on corruption in 150 countries)

Famous Indian singers and poet Narendra Singh Negi did not name of corrupt person directly in his Garhwali language poem ‘Kathga Khailya Re’. But his figurative and symbolic poem attacks many ways of corruption not only in Uttarakhand but also indicating sever attack on rich countries.

In Garhwali language, the phrase ‘Ghoos Khan’ means to eat bribe which means to take bribe. When Negi says that ‘Kathga Khailya Re’ or ‘How Much Will You Take Bribe? ‘ or ‘How Much Are you greedy?’, that means that who ever is spreading corruption that should be criticized.

Indirectly, Narendra Singh Negi cirtizing the rich countries too in the following stanza

Neta officer ligeni bhori bhori thailyun

Bhori bhori thailyun bhori bhori thailyun

Bahri gen bidesi bank he baink……

( The literal meaning of this stanza is that the political leaders and bureaucrats take uncountable bribes and deposit that black money in foreign banks . The foreign banks are flourishing)

The banks of Switzerland, Germany take deposit from people of other countries. These banks do not care whether the money is earned from corrupt methods or the money deposited by depositor is black money. Even at crucial times, these countries do not cooperate in exposing the names of depositors. This practice is nothing but imposing corruption by rich countries on poor countries. These rich countries are just helping corruption in poor countries. Negi in his brilliant poem indirectly attacks these smart countries for helping corrupt Indians.

Rich countries are culprit from many angles in spreading or helping poor countries to become corrupt.

The rich countries support dictators or do funding to those political parties who are their pets

Rich countries provide bribes to officials and politicians (kick backs, Remember- famous Boffor’s Case in India!) to export arms or other materials to poor countries

The rich countries offer heavy bribes to rulers of poor countries for buying natural resources as oil, minerals etc at least cost from these poor countries.

Multinational companies of rich countries pay heavy bribes to high officials and politicians of any country to get business benefits from the country.

Dr Susan Hawley (2000) in his article, ‘Exporting Corruption, Privatization, Multinationals and Bribery’ details about the multinationals indulged in corrupting poor countries and states

1- The multinationals weaken development and aggravate inequality in poor countries

2-Multinationals transfer money to riches which was for eradicating poverty

3-Multinationals create difficulties for domestic business houses

4- Multinationals persuade (by briberies) the government to make policies in their favors than the country’s favor

5- Many other malpractices by multinationals to increase corruption in the country.

Susan Hawley also proves that IMF or world bank encourage corruption in the countries those take loans from them

Joseph Hanlon and Ann Pettifor (2000) provide data to prove that IMF or World Bank encourage corruption in poor countries in the article ‘ Kicking the habit, Finding a last solution…..’

Anup Shah (2010) , in his remarkable article, “Corruption”: A global issue provide references and extraxt of many articles related to subject of rich countries encouraging corruption in poor countries.

The rich countries and their various government and private organizations apply other various methods to get benefits from poor countries and subsequently encourage corruption in poor countries.

Poems about Corruption in Nigeria

Nigeria comes in 42nd position in corruption perception from top

The poem ‘Prophecy I Blame Game’ by Tasin Otitoju about corruption Nigeria is by readers world wide. The poem Prophecy I Blame Game is figurative and opens many pains and struggles of Nigerians

How does it feel to be problem ?

Tell me Nigeria . Let us Talk

What happened ?........

Is it …

Britain, America,

Who beat you as a child

Then mock you as a large limbed

But small brained man….

Is it ..

Your wife her name, Corruption

Just marry another wife

There are women out there

Who make a man prosperous?

I don’t know why you have no money left….

This author rates this symbolic poem one of the best poems against corruption and exploitations of poor countries by rich countries

There is world wide famous and heart touching poem ‘We Thought it was Oil But it was blood’ by Nninmmo Bassy which is capable of stirring every economist , every person aspiring to develop the undeveloped or developing country that how the rich countries play the natural resources game and how the authority of under developed countries become the puppet of rich nations.

According to Charlse Mudede , mostly , every Nigerian government always put the literature creators as Chris Adani behind bar who raised their voice against the authorities and corruption at high level in Nigeria

Corruption Related Poems in Honduras

The position of Honduras is 43 from top in corruption level.

Poets as Claudia Torres, Roberto Sosa , Dave Bonta, Oscar Acosta, Clementina Suarez, Herber Sorto and many have been regularly creating poems about the pains due to dictatorship in the country and resulting various problems the citizens facing including corruption. TMost of the poem using symbolic methodology to express their anger and frustration against wrong happenings in the country.

The poem Loss Perros (Oscar Acosta) is an example , which shows how the poets using the methodology to show their anguish against authorities and worsening positions of citizens of Honduras

Loss Perros (Dog)

By Oscar and translated by Dave Bonta

See how the silence of love drips from their tongues

They keep quite in corners , catching the scents

Of affection on clothing, on lamps, in the voice….

How then to silence them , kick them …

How to poison and safely dispose of them

If their loving masters have also gone rabid

The poet made similes between the faithful and calm dogs and citizens and master as dictators of the country.


Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti, bckukreti@gmail.com

HillyTube! | Hinwalako Uncha Danda - gopal babu goswami kumaoni song

HillyTube! | Hinwalako Uncha Danda - gopal babu goswami kumaoni song: "legendary singer gopal babu goswami's song"

छकि छक्किक खाणु छौं

(रचनाकार: जगमोहन सिंह जयाड़ा "जिज्ञासु)

मेरु क्या तुमारु छ, बाल बच्चा पळ्ना छन,
क्या बोन्न हे, तुमारु ही सारू छ...
हम नेतौं का हाथ देखा, लोकतंत्र प्यारू छ,
"छकि छक्किक खाणु छौं",
क्या बोन्न हे, तुमारु ही सारू छ...
तुम भि खावा मैकु बतावा, जिंदगी सुदि न गंवावा,
हमारा तुमारा हाथ मा, लोकतंत्र प्यारू छ,
"छकि छक्किक खाणु छौं",
क्या बोन्न हे, तुमारु ही सारू छ...
जन भि सोचा अपणा मन मा,
आज बग्त हमारू छ, हमारू क्या छ,
कृपा तुमारी, सब कुछ तुमारु छ,
"छकि छक्किक खाणु छौं",
क्या बोन्न हे, तुमारु ही सारू छ...
हमारा खातिर जन भि सोचा,
लोकतंत्र प्यारू छ,
तुमारा तिलु कू तेल पेणु,
"छकि छक्किक खाणु छौं",
क्या बोन्न हे, तुमारु ही सारू छ...

(सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित एवं प्रकाशित २७.७.२०११)

पहाड़ की पठाळ

(रचनाकार: जगमोहन सिंह जयाड़ा "जिज्ञासु")

हमारा प्यारा कुमाऊँ अर गढ़वाळ,
जौन ढक्याँ होन्दा छन, हमारा प्यारा घौर,
तब्बित, भौत प्यारा लगदा छन,
जख होंदु छ छोरों कू किब्लाट,
पहाड़ की वास्तुकला का अनुरूप बण्यां,
तिबारी, डिंडाळि, नीमदरी, बंद मकान,
"पहाड़ की पठाळ" सी ढक्याँ, हमारा मुल्क की शान.....
लेंटरदार मकान की चाहत मा, नयाँ जमाना कू घौर बणैक,
हे पर्वतजन, "पहाड़ की पठाळ" कू, कतै न करा त्रिस्कार,
जौंकी छत्रछाया मा, बिति बचपन अर मिलि प्यार,
लगावा "पहाड़ की पठाळ", नयाँ जमाना का मकान फर,
फेर हेर्यन दूर बिटि, अपणु सुपिनों कू प्यारू घौर,
जगा देवा दिल मा अपणा, "पहाड़ की पठाळ" सी,
रखा जुग-जुग तक प्यार, होलु संस्कृति कू सृंगार,
कायम रलि पहाड़ की, दुर्लभ पुरातन वास्तुकला,
परम्परा छ हमारी, देखि होलु आपन पहाड़ मा कखि,
"पहाड़ की पठाळ" सी ढक्याँ घौर मा, खोळि फर गणेश.

(सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित एवं प्रकाशित दिनांक: १८.७.२०११

रौंत्याळि डांड्यौं मा

(रचनाकार: जगमोहन सिंह जयाड़ा "जिज्ञासु")

जख बिति होलु बचपन, सोचा हे! हमारू,
देवतौं कू मुल्क छ, हमारू भी प्यारू,
हरा भरा बण अर लाल माटा की मटखाणी,
गाड अर गद्न्यौं मा बगदु ठण्डु पाणी,
बथौं कू फुम्फ्याट अर बरखा बत्वाणि,
धार ऐंच बैठिक हेरा, भौत खुश होंदु छ पराणि...
हे दिदौं, भुलौं वे मुल्क की, हम्न कदर नि जाणि,
दूर देश परदेश मा जब-जब याद औन्दि छ,
भौत क्वांसू होंदु छ हमारू पापी पराणि,
टरकणि, मन मा गाणी, वख छ सब्बि धाणी,
लगदि होलि आपका मन मा स्याणी,
जरूर जवा "रौंत्याळि डांड्यौं मा",
देख्यन, कथगा खुश होलु पराणि,
दाळ, गौथ, खाजा, बुखणा, स्यो, नारंगी,
हे! मिलली हमारा मुल्क घ्यू की माणी.
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित एवं प्रकाशित दिनांक: २०.७.२०११

पाणी का भरयाँ ताल

(हमारा कुमाऊँ अर गढ़वाळ)

(रचनाकार: जगमोहन सिंह जयाड़ा "जिज्ञासु")
(सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित एवं प्रकाशित दिनांक: २१.७.२०११)

जन नैनीताल, काणाताल, डोडीताल, मात्री ताल,
गरूड़ ताल, नौकुचिया ताल, सूखा ताल, राम ताल,
लक्ष्मण ताल, सीता ताल, नल-दमयंती ताल, भीमताल,
क्या कायम रलु सदानि अस्तित्व यूंकू, मन मा छ सवाल?
हमारा प्यारा रंगीला कुमाऊँ अर छबीला गढ़वाळ.......

पहाड़ मा "पाणी का भरयाँ ताल",
फिर भी पर्वतजन तिस्वाळा, मन मा छ सवाल?
जल संरक्षण, पहाड़ की पुरातन परम्परा,
आज यथगा जागरूक निछन पर्वतजन,
अतीत कू प्रयास, मन्ख्यौं कू या प्रकृति कू,
हमारा खातिर छ मिसाल.....

पहाड़ की सुन्दरता मा चार चाँद लगौंदा छन,
हरा भरा जंगळ अर "पाणी का भरयाँ ताल",
हैंसदु हिमालय, जख बिटि निकल्दी छन धौळि,
जन अलकनंदा, भागीरथी, यमुना, मंदाकनी,
पिंडर, कोशी, रामगंगा, पूर्वी पश्चिमी नयार,
धोन्दी छन तन मन कू मैल पहाड़ का मन्ख्यौं कू,
उदगम यूंका छन "पाणी का भरयाँ ताल"......

पहाड़ की घुघती

(रचनाकार: जगमोहन सिंह जयाड़ा "जिज्ञासु")
(सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित एवं प्रकाशित दिनांक: २३.७.२०११)
उड़ि-उड़ि डाळ्यौं ऐंच, बैठिं छन ऊदास,
हेरदि ऊँड फुन्ड, प्यारा पहाड़ु का पास....
खुदेड़ बेटी ब्वारी जौमु, देन्दि थै रैबार,
टपराणि छन आज, देखा दौं हपार....
खुदेड़ु की खुद आज, प्यारी घुघत्यौं तैं लगणि,
बौड़ि आला खुदेड़, मन की आस छ जगणि....
पहाड़ की घुघत्यौं तुम, न होवा ऊदास,
चलिग्यन जू परदेश, बौड़ि आला पास...
खुदेण लगिं छन, ऊ घुघती प्यारी,
औणि याद ऊँ तैं, देखा दौं हमारी....
पहाड़ का मन्ख्यौं तुम, यनु त पछाणा,
तुम बिन उदास घुघती, वख किलै नि जाणा...
"पहाड़ की घुघती" छन, आज भौत ऊदास,
ह्वै सकु त पौंछि जावा, तुम फुर्र ऊँका पास..

पंछी होन्दा"

रचनाकार: जगमोहन सिंह जयाड़ा "जिज्ञासु")
(सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित एवं प्रकाशित दिनांक: २५.७.२०११)
पैलि प्यारा पहाड़, फुर्र उड़िक जान्दा,
भमोरा,काफळ,खैणा, तिम्ला खूब खांदा,
बांज, बुरांश की डाळ्यौं मा बैठिक,
टक्क लगैक, वे उत्तराखंड हिमालय तैं हेरदा...
अनंत आकाश मा उड़ि-उड़िक,
पंच बद्री, पंच केदार, पंच प्रयाग,
जगनाथ, बागनाथ जी का दर्शन करदा...
देवभूमि देवप्रयाग जख,
श्री रामचन्द्र जी त्रेता युग मा ऐ था,
मनोहारी अलकनंदा-भागीरथी संगम फर,
नहेन्दा अर टक्क लगैक देखदा...
चन्द्रबदनी, सुरकंडा, कुंजापुरी, धारीदेवी,
कमलेश्वर, किकलेश्वर, सैणा श्रीनगर,
देवी देवतौं का दर्शन करदा....
प्यारा उत्तराखंड का हरेक गौं का,
रीत-रिवाज, संस्कृति का दर्शन करदा,
"पंछी होन्दा" आजाद ह्वैक,
देवभूमि उत्तराखंड मा विचरण करदा.

द्वी अक्तूबर

गांधी का देश मा
हुणी च आज गाँधी वाद की हत्या
बरसाणा छीं शस्त्र- वर्दी धारी
निहत्थौं फर गोली - लट्ठा
सिद्धांत कीसौं मा धैरिक
भ्रस्टाचारी व्हे ग्यीं यक्ख सब सत्ता
जौलं दिखाणु छाई बाटू सच्चई कु
निर्भगी वू अफ्फी बिरडयाँ छीं रस्ता
ईमानदरी मुंड -सिरवणु धैरिक नेता यक्ख
तपणा छीं घाम बणिक संसदी देबता
दुशाषण खड़ा छीं बाट -चौबटौं मा द्रोपदी का
और चुल्लौंह मा हलैय्णी चा सीता अज्जी तलक
और गाँधी वाद बणयूँ चा सिर्फ विषय शोध कु
बणी ग्यीं कत्गे कठोर मुलायम गाँधी-वादी वक्ता
अब तू ही बता हे बापू !
द्वी अक्टुबर खुन्णी जलम ल्या तिल एक बार
किल्लेय हुन्द बार बार यक्ख
द्वी अक्टुबर खुण फिर गांधीवाद की हंत्या ?
निडर घुमणा छीं हत्यारा
लिणा छीं सत्ता कु सुख
न्यौं सरकारौं कु धरयुं च मौन
और लुकाणा छीं गांधीवादी मुख
और किल्लेय गांधीवाद यक्ख
न्यौं -अहिंसा का बाटौं मा लमसट्ट हुयुं च
और मिल त यक्ख तक सुण की अज्काळ
गाँधी का देश मा
गांधीवाद थेय आजीवन कारावास हुयुं च ?
गांधीवाद थेय आजीवन कारावास हुयुं च ?
गांधीवाद थेय आजीवन कारावास हुयुं च ?

(उत्तराखंड आन्दोलन के अमर शहीदों को इस आस के साथ समर्पित की एक दिन उन्हे इन्साफ जरूर मिलेगा और उनका समग्र विकास का अधूरा स्वप्न एक दिन जरूर पूरा होगा )

रचनाकार :गीतेश सिंह नेगी ( सिंगापूर प्रवास से,सर्वाधिकार -सुरक्षित, )
अस्थाई निवास: मुंबई /सहारनपुर
मूल निवासी: ग्राम महर गावं मल्ला ,पट्टी कोलागाड
पोस्ट-तिलखोली,पौड़ी गढ़वाल ,उत्तराखंड

क्या व्हालू ?

जक्ख रस अलुंण्या राला
और निछैंदी मा व्हाला छंद
कलम होली कणाणि दगडी
वक्ख़ लोक-भाषा और साहित्य कु
क्या व्हालू ?

जक्ख अलंकार उड्यार लुक्यां राला
और शब्दों फ़र होली शान ना बाच
जक्ख गध्य कु मुख टवटूकु हुयुं रालू
और पद्य की हुईं रैली फुन्डू पछिंडी
वक्ख़ लोक -भाषा और साहित्य कु
क्या व्हालू ?

जक्ख जागर ही साख्युं भटेय सियाँ राला
और ब्यो - कारिज मा औज्जी
दगडी ढोल-दमो अन्युत्याँ राला
वक्ख़ लोकगीत तब बुस्याँ -हरच्यां हि त राला
और बिचरा लोग -बाग तब दिन -रात
वक्ख़ मंग्लेर ही खुज्याणा राला
वक्ख़ लोक -भाषा और साहित्य कु
क्या व्हालू ?
वक्ख़ लोक -भाषा और साहित्य कु
क्या व्हालू ?

रचनाकार :गीतेश सिंह नेगी ( सिंगापूर प्रवास से,सर्वाधिकार -सुरक्षित, )
अस्थाई निवास: मुंबई /सहारनपुर
मूल निवासी: ग्राम महर गावं मल्ला ,पट्टी कोलागाड
पोस्ट-तिलखोली,पौड़ी गढ़वाल ,उत्तराखंड


मिथये अचांणंचक से ब्याली सोच प्वड़ी गईँ
किल्लेय कि कुई कणाणु भी छाई
फफराणु भी छाई
द्वी चार लोगौं का नाम लेकि
कबही छाती भिटवल्णु कबही रुणु भी छाई
बगत बगत फिर उन्थेय सम्लौंण भी लग्युं छाई
तबरी झणम्म से कैल
म्यार बरमंड का द्वार भिचौल द्यीं
सोचिकी मी खौलेय सी ग्युं
कपाल पकड़ी कि अफ्फी थेय कोसण बैठी ग्युं
सोच्चण बैठी ग्युं कि झणी कु व्हालू ?
मी कतैइ नी बिंगु
मिल ब्वाल - हैल्लो हु आर यू ?
मे आई हेल्प यू ?
वीन्ल रुंवा सी गिच्चील ब्वाळ
निर्भगी घुन्डऔं - घुन्डऔं तक फूकै ग्यो
पर किरांण अज्जी तक नी ग्याई ?
मी तुम्हरी लोक भाषा छोवं
मेरी कदर और पछ्याँण
तुम थेय अज्जी तक नी व्हाई ?
सुणि कि मेरी संट मोरि ग्या
और मेरी जिकुड़ी थरथराण बैठी ग्या
मी डैर सी ग्युं
और चदर पुटूग मुख लुका कि
स्यै ग्युं चुपचाप से
और या बात मिल अज्जी तक कैमा नी बतै
और बतोवं भी त कै गिच्चल बतोवं ?
कन्नू कै बतोवं ?
कि मी गढ़वली त छोवं ?
पर मिथये गढ़वली नी आँदी ?
पर मिथये गढ़वली नी आँदी ?

रचनाकार :गीतेश सिंह नेगी ( सिंगापूर प्रवास से,सर्वाधिकार -सुरक्षित, )
अस्थाई निवास: मुंबई /सहारनपुर
मूल निवासी: ग्राम महर गावं मल्ला ,पट्टी कोलागाड
पोस्ट-तिलखोली,पौड़ी गढ़वाल ,उत्तराखंड


कुछ सुल्झयाँ
कुछ अल्झयाँ
कुछ उक्करयाँ
कुछ खत्याँ
कुछ हरच्यां
कुछ बिसरयाँ
कुछ बिस्ग्याँ
त कुछ उन्दू बौग्याँ
कुछ हल्याँ
कुछ फुक्याँ
कुछ कत्तर - कत्तर हुयाँ
मेरी इन्ह जिंदगी का पन्ना
बन बनि का हिवांला रंगों मा रुझयाँ
चौदिश बथौं मा उड़णा
हैरी डांडीयूँ - कांठीयूँ मा
चिफ्फली रौल्यूं की ढून्ग्युं मा
पुंगडौं-स्यारौं -सगौडियों मा
फूल -पातियुं मा
भौरां - प्वत्लौं मा
डाली- बोटीयूँ मा
चौक - शतीरौं मा
दगड़ ग्वैर-बखरौं मा
हैल - दथडियूँ मा
भ्याल - घस्यरियौं मा
पाणि -पंदेरौं मा
गुठ्यार- छानियौं मा
चखुला बणिक
डंडली - डंडली मा
टिपण लग्याँ
म्यरा द्वी
भुल्याँ - बिसरयाँ खत्याँ
बाला दिन |

रचनाकार :गीतेश सिंह नेगी ( सिंगापूर प्रवास से,सर्वाधिकार-सुरक्षित )

अस्थाई निवास: मुंबई /सहारनपुर
मूल निवासी: ग्राम महर गावं मल्ला ,पट्टी कोलागाड
पोस्ट-तिलखोली,पौड़ी गढ़वाल ,उत्तराखंड

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kathga Khailya Re' Poem of Negi and Discussion on Losses from Corruption

Bhishma Kukreti

(Abstract: the author discusses 20 losses from corruption in the 8th part of Kathga Khailya Re : A Garhwali Poem by Narendra Singh Negi Against Corruption and Poems against Corruption from 150 countries )

When legendary poet/singer brings a music album on social issues , the discussion starts about that particular social issue as one of the famous most Indian singers Narendra Singh Negi released the music album ‘Kathga Khailya Re’, the discussion about corruption started in Uttarakhand province of India.

There is talk at various levels in Uttarakhand about losses of society, nation from corruption.

Global Infrastructure Anti Corruption Centre states that following types of losses are visible from corruption in any project:

1- Theft of project funds

2- Waste of project funds

3- Increase price of project

4-Increased cost of maintenance, repair and replacement

5-Additional funding costs

6-Reducing operating profits

7-Increased operating costs

8-Loss of opportunities

9-Loss of employment

10- Legal hassles and cost on legal fees :For example, in 2 G Scandal of India , government agencies have to take many activities in hand and each activity costs to government

11- Reduced infrastructure to public

12- Dangerous infrastructure to public

13- Damages to environment

14- Adverse Effects on other projects

15-Reduced quality of public life

16- Loss of earning of common men

17-Increased taxation to cover up government losses

18- Spreading corruption in other sectors or contributing to endemic corruption

19- Loss in nation’s reputation and reducing foreign investment

2- Public frustration

Corruption in Ukraine

Ukraine is on 38th position in corruption from top.

There has been an experiment in Ukraine music. Talpash Andriya sated that in MCGILL University there was an experiment for composing two poems of poets of different ages (Duma pro Slipykh for solo baritone, 12 part mixed choir and small chamber orchestra ) . Both the poems were about frustration and anger with corruption in Ukraine’s ruling class and government . Surprisingly the impact and frustration and anger level was same in both the poems. One poem ‘Sliptsi’ was written by Mykola Bazhan in 1929 and other poem ‘Yanholi I V Vovky ‘ was written in 1996 by Woldymyr Tsybulko.

When the choir was told, the effect of anger and frustration in both the poems was found same. It clearly indicates that the emotions against corruption are same and time or era changes does not change the frustration level or anger level.

Though the poem is in satirical and humorous genre but the readers may find a sourly emotion against corruption in the Garhwali language (Indian) poetry ‘ Kathga Khailya “ by one of the famous most Indian singers and very famous Garhwali (Indian) lyrist Narendra Singh Negi,

Poems about Corruption in Sierra Leon

The position of Sierra Leon is 40th from top corrupted countries

Sierra is facing corruption in such a sever situation that a President Aspirant Leonis Golley –Morgan wrote a poem against corruption to get people’s vote


By Leonis Golley –Morgan

“With… my diamonds, gold and rich mineral resources, why am I still poor?

“With… my silvery soil and sand, why go I sleep in hunger?”

“Why---Why, oh! Why am I a beggar?”

“Money, bribery, smuggling, tax evasion and corruption----the cause of my grief.”…..

Corruption in Philippines

Philippines comes 41st in corruption position from top.

Annabelle B Rosell, suggested many remedies to minimize corruption in Philippines in his book ‘Corruption prevention strategies in Philippine incorporation.

Miguel Syjuco published a novel Illustrado on the theme of corruption in Philippines in 2010. The novel generated international attention and acclaim.

There are poets as Romulo A Sandoval who created poetry against corruption in Philippines but there is less mention about those poetries in English or there is no translation of such poetries in English that International community could know about poetries against corruption in the countries.

Jassica Hodgedorn was born in Manila in 1949 but had to flee to USA with her mother due to brutality, corruption in Philippines in the regime of Ferdinand Marcoo. She is well known poet and playwright. Jassica published a novel ‘Dogeaters and got appreciation from all corners. The novel is all about corruption, class division, violence in Philippines.

Adnan Topan published a brilliant article ‘ Challenges in Combating Corruption: Lessions from Indonesia”. In ‘Article’ journal Vol.9, No.1, March 2010


Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti, bckukreti@gmail.com

Disdaining the Corrupt Journalists by Narendra Singh Negi

(Abstract: In this part of analyzing the poem Kathga Khailya Re , this author analyzes the aspects of corruption in journalism profession discuses characteristics of yellow journalism, example of corrupt practices by journalists in various countries including so called least corrupt countries Britain and Denmark or Australia.

This author also briefs about literature about corruption in Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Mauritania, Maldives)

(Kathga Khailya Re : A Garhwali Poem by Narendra Singh Negi Against Corruption and Poems against Corruption from 150 countries

Part -7

Bhishma Kukreti

Corruption at high places has became a cancer world wide specially in undeveloped and developing countries. The poets are most sensitive intellectuals and they are not silent over the corruption in all agencies.

One of the famous most Indian singers Narendra Negi wrote a poetry against corruption in Garhwali (Indian) language ‘Kathga Khailya” . The sensitive poet Negi brought an musical album on this lyric too.

The poem is as

कथगा खैल्या (How Much Will You Eat (Take Bribe) ?
कवि :नरेन्द्र सिंह नेगी (पौड़ी गाँव, पौड़ी )
1- Stanza
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
कमीशन कि शिकार भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे ...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ ..
कथगा जि खैलो रे ...
यनि घुळणु रैल्यो , कनकै पचैल्यो
दुख्यारो ह्व़े जैल्यो रे
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -2
घुण्ड -घुन्ड़ो शिकार -सुरवा कमर-कमर भात रे
भात रे भात बासमती भात
घुण्ड -घुन्ड़ो शिकार -सुरवा कमर-कमर भात रे
इथगा खाण -पचाण तेरे बसै बात रे ..
मैगे की मरीं जनता ..हे जनता ..
कनक्वे बुथैल्यो रे...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -3
नयो नयो राज उत्तराखंड आसमा छन लोग
लोग जी लोग आसमा लोग
नयो नयो राज उत्तराखंड आसमा छन लोग
बियाणा छन डाम यख लैन्दो को छ जोग
कुम्भ न्हेगे भूलू ..हे भूलू ...
अब आपदा नहेल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ

Stanza -4

नियुक्त्युं की रस मलाई , ट्रांसफ़रों को हलवा
हलवा रे हलवा सोहन हलवा
नियुक्त्युं की रस मलाई , ट्रांसफ़रों को हलवा
माना कि भागमा तेरा , चेलों को जलवा
चेलों को जलवा , चेलों को जलवा
बिंडी मिट्ठो नि खलौवु त्यूँ सूगर बढी जालो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza - ५
छप्पन डामों की डड्वार कै कैन बांटी
बांटी रे बांटी कै कैन बांटी
छप्पन डामों की डड्वार कै कैन बांटी
स्टरडिया की रबडी कथगौन्न चाटी
कथगौन्न चाटी कथगौन्न चाटी
बारम चुनौ छ भूलू हे भूलू ..
हंसल्यो कि रोल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza- 6
कमीशन को डेंगू रोग . सर्यीं दिल्ली मा फैल्युं
फैल्युं रे फैल्युं रे दिल्ली मा फैल्युं रे
कमीशन को डेंगू रोग . सर्यीं दिल्ली मा फैल्युं
नेता अफसर लीगेनी भोरी भोरी थैल्युं रे
भोरी भोरी थैल्युं, भोरी भोरी थैल्युं
भोरे गेन बिदेसी बैंक ..हे बैंक
भोरे गेन बिदेसी बैंक .अब कख कुचोल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -7
रास्ट्रमंडल खेल टू जी घोटाला
घोटाला रे घोटाला टू जी घोटाला
रास्ट्रमंडल खेल टू जी घोटाला
अरबों .खरबों को माल लगेयाली छाला
लगेयाली छाला , लगेयाली छाला
ये देस की लाज प्रभो कनक्वे बच्योले रे ....
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
(The poem is symbolic and humorous. In Hindi or Indian language, taking bribe is called bribe eating (Ghoos Khana ) and Narendra Singh Negi used the meaning of bribe taking in that sense to make poem humorous and satirical
the literal meaning of poem is
You are eating the commission as goat meat
You are eating the commission as Basmati rice
How much will you eat bribe?
How will you digest the commission?
You only can digest this much huge commission!
The people are dying because of inflation
There was hope from new province Uttarakhand
The government is building 56 dams but there is scarcity of milk
there is corruption in appointment, transfer.
Officers, politicians all are busy in taking bribe
There are enjoyments for power brokers
Bribe takers depositing money in foreign banks
there was huge corruption in commonwealth game too)

Disdaining the Corrupt Journalists by Narendra Singh Negi

Narendra Singh Negi worked with information and communication department of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand provinces of India and he is well aware of corrupt practices of journalists in India and abroad and he touched this subject indirectly and in symbolic way in his satirical poetry against corruption “Kathga Khailya Re”.

Normally the perception is that the journalists expose the corruption. However, there are instances where journalists take bribe or get favor for certain jobs which in fact ae the acts of corruption.

pkpolitics.com reports (3/6/2009) that one typical example of corruption in journalism is that the criminal silence across the board by all Pakistani members of the press on Nazir Nazi’s abusive language against junior journalist. The above web- site writes further that many journalists have been receiving favors from other criminal and corrupt societies/groups and hence journalists participating in criminal acts or corrupt methods.

pkpolitics.com provides many such examples where journalists acted upon corrupt methods and gained benefits or favors from corrupt agencies or criminals.

African Media news reports that there are many journalists who get bribe for misusing news or misguiding the people.

Acedemia education site also discussed the matter of “Corrupt Journalists of Africa”

In a well researched paper “Corruption in media: Perceptions of Tanzanian Journalists”, Denis Mpagaze discussed many issues --- A-Do journalists know fellow journalists take bribes or indulge in corrupt methods, B- how do journalists understand corruption in Tanzanian media, C- The real life situation of journalists in Tanzania. The research scholar Mpagaze concludes that the corrupt journalists manipulate the news or views for their benefits or for their master’s benefits. Denis Mpagaze also found that the media in Tanzania is disorganized and journalists take advantage of this situation to justifying their corruption.

Musa Xulu (18th March 2010) supported ANCYL (Anc Youth League) that the corrupt journalists in South Africa must be exposed for betterment of the society.

There is talk in Ghana’s intellectual class that the many journalists are practicing corrupt methods to increase the sales of their periodicals and making periodical sensitive.

John Hopkins detailed many corrupt methodologies being adapted by many corrupt Chinese journalists, Hopkins further reports that when the company interested in launching a new product, service or concept and if the company does not provide heavy bribe to the reporters , the reporters either don’t report at all about the launch or report negative about company.

David Sirota (27/4/2010) showed his worry on the worsening effects on American journalism on his write up “corrupt journalists “Corrupt Practices Accelerating the Decline of American journalism”.

Yellow Journalism is nothing but a kind of corrupt methods applied in journalism. Frank Luther Mott (1941) defined five main characteristics of yellow journalism

A- Scaring headlines in huge print , usually minor news

B- Bountiful use of pictures or using imagery drawings

C-Using fake interviews, deluded headlines, pseudo-science,

D-Dramatic sympathy with ‘underdog’ against the system

E- Emphasis on colorful Sunday supplements as crime stories

These days the viewers of Indian Television channels getting many news as described by Frank Luther Mott. A couple of news channels show the flood of previous years to show the fearful situation

According to an agency which prepare corruption index, Denmark is least corrupt country. However, the intellectuals are worried about corrupt practices by journalists in the country. In a website rubicon.dk.com, there is detailing of two types of journalists (right wing and left wing) and many of both indulge in wrong practices in their profession of journalism.

Britain and Australia are one the least corrupt country, However, Paul Gilfeather the senior correspondent of Weekend Today (29-30th January 2011) analyzed the corrupt journalism in both the countries.

Ramnan a retired management professional questions about corrupt journalists in India. He wrote a write up “ News of the World Closes, What About Corrupt Journalists and Media” his blog http://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2011/07/10/news-of-the-world-closes-what-about-corrupt-journalists-and-media-in-india/

And questions a valid questions which every Indian is curious to know from Barkha data and Veer Sanghivi (both are famous journalists of current era),” On the other hand , what about Barkha Datt, Veer Sanghivi who among others, have confabulated with Nira Radia fixing cabinet birth in India?”’

Narendra Negi used a word ‘Chela’ or disciple in the poem ‘Kathga Khailya Re’, who takes bribe or indulge in corrupt practices. Negi indirectly criticizes corrupt journalists to who become the disciples of corrupt politicians or bureaucrats and also become power brokers or intermediates. These journalists who act as power brokers or intermediates of politicians are called “Chamcha of Politician” and Negi criticizes these ‘brokers’ in his remarkable poem “ Kathga Khailya Re” . Negi states that power brokers (may be journalists) get many benefits and then Narendra Singh Negi Negi disdains journalists or other persons who are power brokers.

Corruption in Pakistan

Pakistan comes at 34th position in corruption from top.

Famous Pakistani former cricket captain turned politician Imran Khan says that Pakistan is destroyed by corruption.

Many poets expressed their hopelessness , anger , distression against corruption in the pure land that is Pakistan . However, the poem “ Corruption of My Paradise” from Selection of Poems by Kamini Masood from Lahore (Pakistan) , aged 13 is very striking and shows hope to the whole world fighting against corruption

Corruption of My Paradise (2010)

I won’t give up

I shall not back down….

I ‘ll stop the disruption I despise

The corruption of my Paradise …

It is ours to save , ours to decline

A tangled web of frauds and lies

The corruption of my Paradise ….

Stopping corruption is not limited to any country but fight against corruption is beyond national boundaries.

As the above Pakistani poet is hopeful in eradication of corruption if people are united , one of the famous most Indian singers and well read Garhwali (Indian) language poet Narendra Singh Negi is also hopeful in eradicating corruption when he advised the government servants and politicians to be away from corruption in his Garhwali language poem “Kthagai Khailya (How much will you take (bribe)?) No doubt, Narendra Singh Negi expresses his hope in humorous genre by choosing perfect Garhwali phrases and images.

Corruption in Mauritania

Mauritania’s position is 35th from top in corruption

Corruption in Maldives

Maldives is just after Mauritania as far as corruption is concerned

Literature about Corruption in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is just behind in corruption at all levels. It is said that the people are facing various social and political crisis and the leaders are siphoning the national wealth.

Chirkure Chirkure is one of the famous contemporary poet of Zimbabwe who wrote many poems in raising the voice against corruption, non fulfillment of hopes, aspirations of Zimbabwe after getting the freedom from British in 1980. As one of the famous most Indian singers and notable poet Narendra Singh Negi blended humor and anger text and music to accuse those are engaged in corruption in Uttarakhand province of India in his Garhwali language (Indian) poem “Kathga Khailya (How much will you take (bribe)?) Chirkure Chirkure also blends humor and anger text and music to accomplish a sharp, wicked, hazardous satire which make him different than his contemporary satirical poets in Zimbabwe, Both the great poets of their respective countries- Narendra Singh Negi in Garhwali (Indian) language in India and Chirkure in Zimbabwean language in Zimbabwe have been successful in lampooning the excess and irresponsibility of political leaders and burocrates who stand between the national development.

There is similarities between Negi (Indian poet) and Chirkure Chirkure of Zimbabwe as both belongs to rural areas and both are well known musicians too. Narendra Singh Negi of India had been addressing the failures of Indian leadership continuously (his poems Nauchami Narayan, Gairsain are witness) and Chirkure Chirkure also have been exposing the failures of Zimbabwean leadership.

Continued ........

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

List of Uttarakhandi Writers

Courtesy: Sh. Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai and Sh. Ved Bhadola, Delhi
Note: These contact numbers may change any time.

S No.NamePlaceContact Number
1Ansuya Prasad DangwalKotdwara0-9358090128
2Ansuya Prasad UpadhyayDelhi0-9971968823
3Balbir Singh RawatChandigarh0172-2706633
4Beena BenjwalDehradun0-9411364781
5Beena KandariDehradun0-9410542609
6Bhagwati Pd NautiyalDelhi0-9412174222
7Bhishma KukretiMumbaiO22-28383574
8Brahma Nand BinjolaDelhi011-25275302
9Brij Mohan SharmaDelhi0-9871210659
10Brijendra NegiSaharanpur0-9456656916
11Chandra Singh RahiDelhi0-9868665330
12Chinmay SayarGarhwal0-9634670194
13Darshan Singh BishtDelhi0-9411369423
14Darshan Singh BishtGarhwal0-9411369423
15Devendra JoshiDehradun0-9259060908
16Deveshwar JoshiDelhi011-22431066
17Dhanesh KothariRishikesh0-9412995168
18Dinesh DhyaniDelhi0-9968502496
19Dr Achla N JakhmolaDehradun0-9411108625
20Dr Nagendra JagudiUttrkashi0-9411576227
21Dr Nand Kishor DhoundiyalKotdwara0-9412111996
22Dr Nand Kishor HatwalGopeshwar0-9412119112
23Dr Narendra GauniyalGarhwal01348-224856
24Dr Rajeshwar UniyalMumbai0-9869116784
25Dr Surendra SemaltiGarhwal01378-237287
26Dr Uma Shankar ThapliyalShrinagar9412303776
27Ganesh Khuksal 'Gani'Pauri0-9412079537
28Guna Nand ThapliyalGhaziabad0-9313358533
29Harish Juyal 'Kutz'Garhwal0-9411124850
30Hemwati N BhattRishikesh0-9412077910
31Jabar Singh KainturaDelhi0-9811667573
32Jagdamba Pd ChamolaRudraprayag0-9458115382
33Jaipal Rawat 'Chipadu dada'Delhi0-9456656916
34Jeet Singh NegiDehradun0135-2671189
35Kailash BahukhandiKotdwar0-9917013998
36Kamesh BahugunaMumbai0-9769453794
37Kula Nand GhannsalaDehradun0135-2677711
38Kunj Bihari Mundepi "Kaljugi"Garhwal0-9990820536
39Kutz BhartiGrahwal0-9411745260
40Lalit KeshvanDelhi92116730207
41Lokesh NavaniDehradun0-9219510928
42Madan DuklanDehradun0-9412993417
43Madhu Sudan ThapliyalHaridwar0-9410109533
44Mahendra DhyaniGarhwal0-9411069039
45Mohan lal DhoundiyalDelhi0-9868169816
46Murli Singh DeewanChamoli0-9410767123
47Narendra KathaitPauri0-9412934480
48Narendra Singh NegiPauri0-9412113183
49Navin DimriGarhwal0-9412114913
50Neeta KukretiDehradun0135-2434010
51Netra Singh AswalDelhi0-9871047140
52Niranjan SuyalDehradun0-9411363189
53Om Prakash SemwalRudraprayag0-9412117538
54Parashar GaurCanada19057921950
55Prem Lal BhattDelhi0-9968277900
56Puran Pant PathikDehradun0-9412936055
57Pushkar KandariGarhwal0-9897742366
58Raghuveer Singh RawatDelhi011-20468531
59Rajendra DhashmanaDelhi011-43068196
60Rajni KukretiDehradun0135-2734725
61Rakesh NautiyalDehradun0-9411338969
62Ram ChamoliMumbai0-9773782370
63Satyanand BadoniDehradun0-9411535904
64Shakt DhyaniDehradun0-9411381454
65Shanti Prakash JigyasuDehradun0-9897987624
66Shiv Dayal ShailejGarhwal0-9756842283
67Sunil MaindolaGhaziabad0-9758603125
68Tota Ram DhoundiyalDehradun0-941155264
69Veena Pani JoshiDehradun0-9219503094
70Vijay Kumar MadhurDehradun0-9410390041
71Vimal NegiPauri0-9411599958
72Vipin Chandra Pal Singh PanwarDelhi0-9911022044
73Virendra PanwarPauri01368-222837
74Vishv Prakash BaudaiGarhwal0-9968277900