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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kathga Khailya Re : A Garhwali Poem by Narendra Singh Negi Against Corruption and Poems against Corruption from 150 countries Part-5

Bhishma Kukreti

Corruption at high places has became a cancer world wide specially in undeveloped and developing countries. The poets are most sensitive intellectuals and they are not silent over the corruption in all agencies.

One of the famous most Indian singers Narendra Negi wrote a poetry against corruption in Garhwali (Indian) language ‘Kathga Khailya” . The sensitive poet Negi brought an musical album on this lyric too.

The poem is as

कथगा खैल्या
कवि :नरेन्द्र सिंह नेगी (पौड़ी गाँव, पौड़ी )
1- Stanza
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
कमीशन कि शिकार भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे ...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ ..
कथगा जि खैलो रे ...
यनि घुळणु रैल्यो , कनकै पचैल्यो
दुख्यारो ह्व़े जैल्यो रे
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -2
घुण्ड -घुन्ड़ो शिकार -सुरवा कमर-कमर भात रे
भात रे भात बासमती भात
घुण्ड -घुन्ड़ो शिकार -सुरवा कमर-कमर भात रे
इथगा खाण -पचाण तेरे बसै बात रे ..
मैगे की मरीं जनता ..हे जनता ..
कनक्वे बुथैल्यो रे...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -3
नयो नयो राज उत्तराखंड आसमा छन लोग
लोग जी लोग आसमा लोग
नयो नयो राज उत्तराखंड आसमा छन लोग
बियाणा छन डाम यख लैन्दो को छ जोग
कुम्भ न्हेगे भूलू ..हे भूलू ...
अब आपदा नहेल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ

Stanza -4

नियुक्त्युं की रस मलाई , ट्रांसफ़रों को हलवा
हलवा रे हलवा सोहन हलवा
नियुक्त्युं की रस मलाई , ट्रांसफ़रों को हलवा
माना कि भागमा तेरा , चेलों को जलवा
चेलों को जलवा , चेलों को जलवा
बिंडी मिट्ठो नि खलौवु त्यूँ सूगर बढी जालो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza - ५
छप्पन डामों की डड्वार कै कैन बांटी
बांटी रे बांटी कै कैन बांटी
छप्पन डामों की डड्वार कै कैन बांटी
स्टरडिया की रबडी कथगौन्न चाटी
कथगौन्न चाटी कथगौन्न चाटी
बारम चुनौ छ भूलू हे भूलू ..
हंसल्यो कि रोल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza- 6
कमीशन को डेंगू रोग . सर्यीं दिल्ली मा फैल्युं
फैल्युं रे फैल्युं रे दिल्ली मा फैल्युं रे
कमीशन को डेंगू रोग . सर्यीं दिल्ली मा फैल्युं
नेता अफसर लीगेनी भोरी भोरी थैल्युं रे
भोरी भोरी थैल्युं, भोरी भोरी थैल्युं
भोरे गेन बिदेसी बैंक ..हे बैंक
भोरे गेन बिदेसी बैंक .अब कख कुचोल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -7
रास्ट्रमंडल खेल टू जी घोटाला
घोटाला रे घोटाला टू जी घोटाला
रास्ट्रमंडल खेल टू जी घोटाला
अरबों .खरबों को माल लगेयाली छाला
लगेयाली छाला , लगेयाली छाला
ये देस की लाज प्रभो कनक्वे बच्योले रे ....
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ

Before, the author review the poem of Narendra Singh Negi , the author takes opportunity to discuss various issues related to corruption and know the poetry pattern in other countries where corruption is severely blocking the progress, development

Kathga Khailya Poem in Garhwali: Discussion on Reasons for Corruption

When a poet of status of Narendra Singh Negi brings a musical album “Kathga Khailya Re” (How Much Will You Take (Bribe)?”, it is obvious that people will start discussing various aspects of corruption. As Narendra Singh Negi hints in his poem that non patriotic attitude and selfishness of people at high places bring corruption , the scholars from the intellectual genere also provide same reasons for emerging of corruption in any region or place.

Culture: Guy Wint and Myrdal (1970) state that the culture of a region is one of the reasons for corruption as in most the Asian nations,”Public office means ‘Perquisites’.” Kohli (1975) from Indian point of view, relates corruption with tradition or convention, culture, psychological needs and necessary. Scolars provided culture of corruption or bribe in Russia, Italy , Spain . In South Italy this culture is ‘armoral familism’, in Spain it is ‘amiguismo

Competition among various Ethnic Groups: Easterly and Levine argued that completion among various ethnic groups is one of the major factors of accelerating corruption.

Economic Development: Denial Treisman (1998) state that demand and supply is the reason of corruption in developing economy.

Mirror undo.org provide some examples of economic development as source of corruption reasons may be

1- Bribes clear the markets

2-bribes act as incentive to public servants

3-Bribes lower the cost of business

4-Bribes transfer monopoly rents to private investors , with a share going to public servants

5-Bribery to politicians attracts influences and bribery by politicians attract votes.

Rapid modernization brings abuses of public office for private gains

Diminishing Social Norms for Anti-Corruption: Due to various reasons when society leaves its untold norms against corruption, the money gained by corruption becomes the source of getting positive recognition in the sociality. The decrease in value system is one reasons for corruption.

Political System and Political Culture: The political system and political culture of each country is also responsible for emergence of corruption in the country . bribery most of the time, over rules the legal norms.

Too Much stability in Public Employment: Secured jobs in public services is one of the reasons for public servants going for using secured corrupt methods

Judiciary System: The judiciary system of the nation also encourages or discourages the crime of corruption.

Salary differences: The salary differences between public servants and private firm employees also create the path for corruption from public servants

Let us study the poems of following countries against bribery and corruption;

Literature available about Corruption in Paraguay

Paraguay comes in twenty seventh position in corrupted countries of the world

Jeffery R Franks describes the reasons and methods about sprawling the corruption in Paraguay from 1960 when corruption in the country was approximately zero in his book “ Paraguay , Corruption, Reform and the Financial System”.

Alian Saint Saens published a poetry collection “Cantos Paraguayos” wherein Alian conveys the dangers and destruction of corruption in Paraguay , A critics remarks about the poetry collection, “ No Paraguayan president will easily be able to combat the issue with which Alian SaintSaens deals in his poetries – poverty, corruption , crime…”

Corruption of Nepal in Nepalese Poetry

Nepal comes in twenty eighth position in corrupted countries of the world.

Many poets wrote petries against corruption (Pajero) in Nepal Anand P Shreshtha provided the names of poets as lekhnath Poudyal, Gopal Prasad remal, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Kedar Man ‘Vyathit’, Sidhi Cahndra shreshtha, Bhupi Sarchan, Kali Prasad Rijal, Chhetra Pratap Adhikari, Gopal Yonjon who protested against corruption and other wrong happenings in Nepal in his research note ,” Protest Poetry: The Voice of Conscience “ (Nepalese Studies:Vol,27, No-2, (July 2000)

Anand Shreshtha opens his research findings with the words of famous philosopher Khalil Gibran as

They say

If you see a slave sleeping

Don’t wake him lest he be dreaming of freedom

But I say

If you see a slave sleeping

Wake him. And explain to him freedom

Devendra Pandey, Rabindra Khanal, N R Sangha and many writers published books on corruption in Nepal.

Poet’s Voice Against Corruption in Libya

Libya is on the position of twenty ninth country in corrupted countries list.

The poets and intellectuals are fighting many wars and battle in Libya. The various wrong happenings are due to dictatorship in Libya . Pablo Neruda a poet blames dictatorship in his poem as

The Dictators

An odor has remained among the sugarcane:

A mixer of blood and body , a penetrating

That brings nausea ……

The weeping cannot be seen like a plant

Whose seeds fall endlessly on the earth,…..

Hatred has grown scale on scale

Blow on blow in the ghastly water of the swamp

With a snout full of ooze and silence

Luis Martinez detailed about status of corruption in Libya in his well researched book ‘The Libyan Paradox” (2007).

Poetry about Corruption in Iran

Iran has thirtieth position from top in corrupted nations.

Houman Azizi provides the poetic expression against social malaise including corruption in his brilliant literary criticism note “ Iran’s Contemporary Poetry Tackles Social malaise . Azizi provides the names of poets who contributed against corruption and worsening situations in Iran

Azizi provides the example of a poem by Parveen Estesami. The poem is simply stressing that if the tiger is made the master of goats, the situation will be as following

An adjudicator

Who delivers judgment for bribery of any sort

How could he be trusted?

To answer the plea of people suffering

Famous most Indian singer and folk poet Narendra Negi also stresses on the issue of corruption in Uttarakhand province in the same way in his Garhwali (Indian) poem “Kathga Khailya (How much will you Take (bribe)?”) as Praveen describes the plea of corruption in Iran.

Iranian poets as Simih Bhbahani Darus Moghboudi, Mariam Farid Ghadami, Shirin Malek Mohmeddi raised their voices against corruption, malpractices by authorities, rising of gap between poor and riches through their fine poems.

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