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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Friday, July 1, 2011

Songs at Rice Throwing Ceremony in Garhwali Wedding

Indian Wedding Folk Songs -10

Asian Wedding Folk songs -10

Songs at Rice Throwing Ceremony in Garhwali Wedding

(Garhwali Wedding Folk Songs, Himalayan Wedding Folk Songs)

Bhishma Kukreti

Rice throwing on the heads of bride-groom is a very auspicious ceremony in Garhwali wedding. Rice throwing is held at many stages.

Apart from Garhwali wedding there are many sects and religions where Rice Throwing is a ceremony as

1- Christian Wedding Ceremony: the custom is originated from throwing seeds. The meaning of rice throwing is to remind couple that the primary purpose of marriage is to make family that will serve the god and Lord. Rice throwing on the newly married couples is blessing for spiritual and physical fruitfulness of marriage.

2- Morocco Wedding Custom: In Morocco, figs, dates and raisins are thrown as fruitful blessing for the married couples

3-Italian Wedding Custom: In Italy , the sugarcoated nuts (Confetti) are thrown on the married couples

4-Korean Wedding Custom: In Korea, the groom’s father tosses the red dates on his newly daughter in law to greet her and for blessing

5- France Wedding Custom : in France, wheat greets the newly married couples

6-Euroipan countries: In many European countries, eggs are thrown as blessing and greeting materials on the newlyweds.

7- Irish tradition: In Irish tradition, couples are pelted by pots and pans

8- Zoroastrian way of Rice throwing in wedding Ceremony:

In Zoroastrian Wedding, the bride and groom first tied their one hand with each other and the rice is put on their other hand . Then each of bride and groom throws rice over each other. The first who throws rice is called winner. After this the assembly throws rice on groom and bride and clap

9-Poland Wedding Custom: In Poland the rice is tossed on bride and groom and guests drop coins at the feet of groom and bride that they pick up coins leaving the church

10 Malaysian Wedding Tradition: The bride is greeted by rice and scented water sprinkles.

11-Old Roman culture: in old age, the wheat was thrown on bride and groom as auspicious sign of fertility

12- Chinese beliefs: Chinese believe that throwing rice confetti on newlyweds will bring good luck to the newlyweds

13- Mexico Wedding custom: In Mexico, the guests in the church where marriage takes place throw rice or red beads in the air to greet new couple.

14- Spanish Wedding: In Spanish wedding, rice throwing is stil practices

These days, rice throwing is supposed to be the medium of harming the birds .therefore in many regions, rice throwing is declining.

Rice Throwing in Garhwali (Indian) Wedding

In Garhwali (Indian) wedding, there are many stages where the rice is thrown on the head of groom or bride or both together.

After Haldihath, Bathing and dressing up, the women take rice in right hand circulate the hand on the head of groom or bride and throw rice in each four direction. The rice throwing is done for stopping bad happenings

The singer sing the following Mangal (auspicious song) :

चौंळ पर्खण दें मांगळ
बूता छन जौ बूता छन जौ जामा जमोल़ा
बूता छन जौ जामा जमोल़ा ए s s s
जमोल़ा सटयूँ का जमोल़ा सटयूँ का ह्वाया मोती वूं
जमोल़ा सटयूँ का ह्वाया मोती वूं ए s s s
मांजी तुमरी मांजी तुमरी मोत्यूं उडाली
मांजी तुमरी मोत्यूं उडाली ए s s s
ref : Totaram Dhoundiyal Mrs Shailja Thapliya , Mangal, Dhad Prakashan for Garhwali song
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