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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garhwali Wedding Dressing and related Folk Songs

Indian Wedding Folk Songs- 9

Asian Wedding Folk Songs -9

Garhwali Wedding Dressing and related Folk Songs

(Garhwali (Indian) Folk Songs, Himalayan Folk Songs, Indian Folk Songs)

Bhishma Kukreti

After taking bath, there is dressing and ornamenting ceremony in Garhwali (Indian) culture for bride and groom both at their own house. The normal dress of groom is yellow Achkan, yellow Dhoti or Rebdar Paijama, Pagdi /turban and crown. The bride puts on red colour sari, blouse and crown . The bride and groom cover face by a Jhalar hund from crown

It is better that there is discussion about dresses of other countries too

Traditional Wedding Dresses of various countries

1- Western Traditional wedding dresses : In western countries, in past and today too wedding dress by groom or bride is to show the social status . the style is popular of the day style.

2- China: In China, the tradition for bride is to wear Cheongsam with dragon phoenix design at wedding day. The phoenix and dragon are the sign of balance of female and male power. In traditional way, the groom wears black silk coat worn over embroidered dragon robe of dark blue colour. In old days, there used to be cover for bride to hide the face

3- Japan : In Japan , the bride wear long white Kimono, The groom wears formal Japanese attire Montosuki Kimono , The family crest on the dress is displayed prominently .A Flowing Haori over coat is wore by groom.

4- Arabic Wedding Dress : the bride wears a beautiful white gown ‘Galabya’ . The embroidery and studded by beads and colorful stones

5- In Africa, the urban people are using western style now, . however, in rural area the people use regional dresses as per their traditions

Garhwali Wedding Dressing Folk Songs

When the women (Jajmati nari) help the bride to wear wedding dress or when the experienced men help the groom to dress up, The song shows that the bride’s dress is compared to the dress of elite people‘s (king and queen’s dress) dress. At this time, the singers sing the following folk song:

ब्योली तैं लारा पैरान्द दैन्कू मांगळ गीत

पितैजी तुमारा पितैजी तुमारा कपड़ा मुल्याला ए
पितैजी तुमारा कपड़ा मुल्याला ए s s s

माजी तुमारी मांजी तुमारी कपड़ा छंट्याली
मांजी तुमारी कपड़ा छंट्याली ए s s s

जाजमती नारी जाजमती नारी कपड़ा पैराली
जाजमती नारी कपड़ा पैराली ए s s s

आज चेंद माजी आज चैन्द माजी पीलो पैर्वाग
आज चैन्द माजी पीलो पैर्वाग ए s s s

पीलो पैर्वाग पीलो पैर्वाग झिलमिलो गात
पीलो पैर्वाग झिलमिलो गात ए s s s

झिलमिलो गात झिलमिलो गात राजौं पैर्वाग
झिलमिलो गात राजौं पैर्वाग ए s s s

Ref : Totaram Dhoundiyal, Mrs Shailja Thapliya, Mangal, Dhad Prakashan
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