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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sab Mileek Raunla Ham

Indian Poetry for Children

Poems for Children in Asia

Sab Mileek Raunla Ham : A Gem of Indian Children Literature

(A Review of Poetry for Children Sab Mileek Raunla ham ‘ by Lalit Keshwan )

( Garhwali Poetry, Himalayan Poetry, Indian Poetry, Asian Poetry )

Bhishma Kukreti

In all language literature, the literature for children is found relatively the least . it is difficult to write for children as the poet or prose maker mistake the subject and the literature become the subject of fun instead of creating funny literature for children. Understanding The children psychology is difficult and if the creation is not proper the work goes in vein.

In modern Garhwali language, till date there is only one attempt and that is Ankh Pankh poetry collection by Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna (1970) . Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal presented folk children poem and published them in 2010.

The second modern Garhwali poetry collection for children is ‘Sab mileek Raunla’ by Lalit Keshwan (2010) . There are six poems for children in this collection and all are proof the capability of lalit Keshwan as poet and psychologist.

The first poem is about the suppression of a lion and the wise acts of a fox to protect the animals from lion. The images and symbols of animals are specific in Garhwal , Lalit Keshwan uses symbols and animals very effectively to attract children and indirectly offering message too

The story in poems Muso ar biralo (Mouse and cat ) or Kukhadi ar mair are marvelous pieces of poems in world literature, The uses of symbolic animals for preaching the children is efficient

The poem Syal –Kukur is also narration of animal characters and children as well as old aged will like the poetry. Children literature reviewers Lukens , Reichards, state that use of imagery is essential aspect of children poetry to attract establishing mood and delivering the concepts in the perception of readers . In this poem , Lalit seems the master of setting mood of children readers by using images in poetry.

Fool is about the importance of living amicably in the society. The sixth poem about Mahatma Gandhi tells the children that a small town person can be a great soul for ever. The serious subject is narrated in simple words and with simplicity that children are always anxious to finish the full poem

The most difficult situation is that the children have less experience and the wordings of experiences of old men can not relate the understanding of children mind. However, Lalit Keshwan uses the words from Garhwali vocabulary which are commonly understood by small children too. Chung –Yuan Liu and Ning Huang state that the failure of poet who wants to address children through is that the poet uses advanced vocabulary , however, the mastery of Lalit Keshwan is that he uses simple and memorable lines and phrases that all poems become interesting for children.

In any children poem, the first need is to attract the children at initial stage only. Famous children literature analysts as T Cairney, Jones, D.l. Russel, C.Lynch-Brown, C.M. Tomlinson brief that to fascinate young readers there should be perfect humor narration in the poetry. Lalt Keshwan is born humorous poet and he uses humor perfectly to attract the young Garhwalis to read these six poems though all are different in subject and messages.

The scholars as Egan, horning, Jones, L. Rothlein, A.m. Meinbach, D. Booth, b.Moore, advocate the poem should be rhyme in nature to magnetize the young readers for poetry reading and Lalit Keshwan has been successful in attracting the young readers by creating vivid rhythm in his all six poems .

Personification is also the demand for creating interest among the child readers and Lalit Keshwan ‘s these poems show that Keshwan is aware about the importance of personification in verses for children.

Poetry reviewers as L. Reichards , Hill and Jones suggest that word play great role in engaging the children in poem and Lalit Keshwan is master of words to engage the young and old readers.

Conclusively could be said that lalit Keshwan is successful in creating poems for children as he is successful in creating humorous, satirical , serious epical poems in past. As the world literature lovers appreciate the works of Yahuda Amichi, Erin Belieu, Carl Sandburg, T.S. Elliot, H V Dyke, Stevenson Rabeendra nath Taigor, , P Eluard, Cullen, Brandstreet, William Henry Devies , Victor Hugo, Sarojani Naidu, A. S.Tessimond, Robert William Service, Robert Herrick, Ted Huges, Kobayashi Issa, Li Po , jarell for their children poems , the world literature lovers will definitely rember Lalit Keshwan for his immense contribution in developing children poetry genre in Garhwali language literature,

Sab millek Raunla Ham : A Garhwali poetry collection for children

Publisher : K K Handu , New Delhi

Copyright Bhishma Kukreti, bckukreti@gmail.com