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Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Monday, November 28, 2011

Pushkar Singh Kandari : The Collector of 13000 Garhwali Proverbs and Mottos or Folk Sayings

Pushkar Singh Kandari : The Collector of 13000 Garhwali Proverbs and Mottos or Folk Sayings
                                                               Bhishma Kukreti
                                        (Garhwali, Kumaoni, Himalayan Folk Literature)
Pushkar Singh Kandari will always be remembered for his keen interest in collecting and publishing proverbs, sayings and myth of Garhwal and Garhwali language. He collected more than 13000 proverbs and sayings of Garhwali and 8681 proverbs are published .
Pushkar Singh Kandari was born in a Himalayan village Jagoth, Patti Kandi of british Garhwal (now-Rudraprayag) on first January 1929. His mother’s name was Panchami Devi, father’s name was Dev Singh Kandari and Nanda Devi is wife.
After getting M.A degree , Pushkar Singh got L.T (Teacher training degree and is equal today’s B.Ed. He joined education department and became teacher. Pushkar Singh Kandari became principal and served many schools as principal. Later on Kandari was promoted as sub deputy inspector of schools. Pushkar Singh Kandari retired as deputy inspector of schools. Pushkar Singh Kandari worked in many places of Pauri Garhwal, Tihri Garhwal, Chamoli Garhwal and Rudraprayag. As sub deputy or deputy inspector of schools , Kandari had to travel remotest areas of all Garhwali districts .
The nature of job and his interest in folk literature from childhood became a positive points for Puskarkar Singh Kandari for collecting proverbs, sayings, riddles, puzzles, folklores, folk stories of various regions of Garhwal Himalaya.
History of collection of Garhwali proverbs and Folk Sayings
The folk saying or mottos and proverbs explain the geographical, political, spiritual religious, social pattern of each area. Therefore, no body can deny the importance of proverbs and folk sayings for management teaching in the society. Proverbs, folk-sayings, mottos and folk stories have been the schools of management in each society.
Educated Garhwalis have been paying attention on collection and publishing Garhwali proverbs and sayings from early twentieth century.
In 1894, Pundit Ganga Datt Upreti published Garhwali proverbs in his famous book ‘ Proverbs and Folklores of Kumaun and Garhwal ‘. E S Oakley wrote the introduction of this book . The book contains 375 pages and proverbs are divided for each concept such as Ability, Want of appreciation, Work and Wages, Women , Uselessness .. Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts New Delhi reprinted this treasure book in 2003 through Concept Publishing Company , New Delhi. The major specialty and utility of this book is that the proverbs are translated in English too. Pundit Upreti provided folk stories related to many sayings .
The first ever collection of exclusive Garhwali proverbs was published in the name of ‘ Garhwali Kahavat Sangrah’ by Pundit Amba Datt Dangwal ‘Sharma’ of Udaypur Tihri Garhwal in 1931.
In 1938, Shaligram Vaishnav of Karnaprayag published ‘ Garhwali Pakhana ‘ in 1938 and Dr Pitamber Datt Barthwal edited these Garhwali proverbs.
In 1937, Bhajan Singh ‘ Singh’ the profound Garhwali poetry creator and prose maker provided the details of 601 Garhwali proverbs and sayings in the introduction of his book ‘Singhnad’ a mile stone in the history of Garhwali literature. Bhajan Singh ‘Singh’ published these proverbs separately in 1970 as ‘ Garhwali Lokoktiyan’.
Dr Govind Chatak also credited not only for collecting Garhwali proverbs and popular sayings but also analyzing them scientifically in his intellectual notes in ‘ Madhya Pahadi ka Arthshashtriya Adhyayan’.
Dr Chandra Shekhar ‘Azad’ also collected more than thousand Garhwali proverbs and sayings and a regional periodical of Dehradun ‘Garh Jagar’ have been publishing those proverbs and popular sayings.

Work of Pushkar Singh Kandari
Pushkar Singh Kandari have been collecting proverbs, folk sayings and puzzles of Garhwal from his childhood. Kandari told this author on a telephonic interview that from his childhood , he is very sensitive to hear proverbs and folk sayings and then remembering those folk proverbs-sayings became his habit of life. Just any body says a proverb and Pushkar Singh will catch those sayings and will keep in mind. Kandari became habitual to write notes of those proverbs and sayings , which he heard . His transferable job as reacher and principal, traveling job and job of deputy inspector of schools for coming in contact with all types of people also helped Kandari to collect proverbs and folk-sayings .
In 2005, Vani prakashan , 2 Dariyaganj, New Delhi published the work of Pushkar Singh Kandari as ‘ Garhwali Kahavaton aur Lokoktiyon ka Brihad Sangrah ’. There are 8691 garhwali proverbs and folk sayings in this marvelous book of Kandari. Pushkar Singh Kandari provided meanings and explanation in Hindi.
Kandari also have additional list of 4000 and above Garhwali proverbs and folk sayings and at the age of eighty, Pushkar Singh Kandari is waiting to publish these Garhwali proverbs and folk sayings.
By collecting more than 13000 Garhwali proverbs and mottos or folk-sayings Pushkar Singh proved that Garhwali is one the oldest and richest most Indian languages in terms of vocabulary and words. Even after thorough research, this author could not find more than 4000 proverbs and sayings in any language of world. This proves the strength of Garhwali language and credit goes to the hard work of Pushkar Singh Kandari .
Pushkar Singh Kandari also published a book on folklores of Garhwal as “ Garhwal ki Janshrutiyan’ . This book of folklores of Garhwal is very important instruments for writing the history of Garhwal.
Historians of Garhwali literature and historians of Garhwal will never forget the dedication, focus of Pushkar Singh Kandari in collecting and interpreting Garhwali proverbs, motto or folk sayings.
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, India, 2009

Garhwali ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (1980 ke pashcat): One of the Greatest Biography Series

Garhwali ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (1980 ke pashcat): One of the Greatest Biography Series   
                       (Review of Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan by Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal)
                                     (Great Personalities of Garhwal, Great personalities of Himalaya, Great Personalities of India, great Personalities of Asia)

                                                       Bhishm Kukreti
                            To tell the legendary stories about the ancestor is basic human nature. That is why people across celebrates father’s day, mother’s day or Hindus celebrate Pitri Paksh for sixteen days and remember their forefathers. In Shradh Tarpan, hindus not only remember their fathers but the original person of the caste and other all persons of ancestral history.
  The legendary folk stories are nothing but to pay tributes to ancestors by people. Mahabharata or Ramayana is nothing but paying tributes to legendary ancestors. Purans are also a way of remembering the legendary ancestors. There are thousands of biographies available in the world today. Howver, Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (in six parts) by Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal is one of the 100 greatest biographies written so far.
                     Great Garhwali personalities life sketches in Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan  gives account of lives of saints and sages of Garhwal expired after 1980-2010 as Biographies : God their sides(1980)  by Frances Heeray  (1985) provides life sketches of world’s great personalities who faced God with their sides.
                   Scholastic Books published a book (2001) Biographies which deals with training to write biographies. There is no surprise that great Hindi language biographer Dr Dhoundiyal have been successful in maintaining the standard of writing great biography as mentioned in the book Biographies by said publication.
                France E Ruffin published a biography of great personality Fredrick Douglass ‘Fredrick Douglass Rising up Slavery’ (2008). The inspiration level, feeling of Douglass and struggle for freeing slavery  by Douglass is the essence of biography Fredrick Douglass Rising up Slavery’ (2008)’ and same essence and emotions  could be found in Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan when Dr Dhoundiyal describes about freedom fighters of India in the book.
                     Ellen Blue Phillips wrote a biography of Abraham Lincoln (2007), so many writers wrote biography of Lincoln and readers get inspiration from each book. When one of the great writer of Hindi literature Dr Dhoundiyal describes Hemvati  Nandan bahuguna , the readers gets inspiration from the content .
               Tabattha Yeatts (2007), Stephanie Sammartino , Alice Calaprice , Joyce Goldenstern  , Marrie Hammontree, Ann Henrichs etc wrote the biographies of great Albert Einstein  and they were successful to open the insight of becoming Albert as great genius or great personality. Same way, Dr Dhoundiyal is successful in portraying the way many great Garhwalis became genius though in adverse conditions.
       The biographies  of Thomas Jefferson by   Rita Mullin, Victoria Sherrow, Carol H. Behrman,  A.M.Kishel, R.b. Bernstein, T.S. Trueit , Ellan Phillips create desire for freedom from any type of slavery and when Dr Dhoundiyal  describes the life span of a freedom fighter or a soldiers in Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (Great Garhwali personalities) the readers gets desire for freedom from from all types of slavery
              As the life works of 204 great personalities cited in Biographies by John L. Wakelyn make readers aware about their works important same way Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan make the readers fully aware about contributions of those great personalities important for Garhwali society and India.  
                 The essence of any biographical book is to brief about personalities for their contribution in a or many fields as New Biography of south African Biography by Human research councils (edited by Verwey) serves the purpose same way, serves the basic essence of biographical details Garhwal ki divangat Vibhutiyan by scholarly investigator  Dr Dhoundiyal
           If you might have read the biography book Women and Art in South Africa by Marion Arnold, Great English Painters by Allan Cunningham you would get good knowledge of women art creation and emotion of and artists besides women artists of Africa. Same way, Dr Dhoundiyal had been captivating in explaining art and way of art creation when he portrays artists as Avtar Singh panwar , Ranbeer Singh
  Catherine Clay could fruitfully found the insight of women writers in her book British Women Writers (1914-1945) and there is no surprise that Dr Dhoundiyal have productively got the insight of Garhwali women writers in Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (Great Garhwali personalities expired after 1980).
           Rylene Ramsy wrote biography book French Women in politics. The readers will enjoy Woman in French Politics and the Garhwali women in politics cited in Divangat Vibhutiyan  with same vigour.
  As Don Cook impresses readers by his the biography book Charles De Gaulle, Dr Dhoundiyal too impresses by his biographical sketches of political leaders of Garhwal in his book Garhwal ke Divangat Vibhutiyan
  As the Italians pay respect to the biographers as Antonio Bonfini , Angelo Fabroni, A. Gallo, Ascanio Condivi, B. Platina, Dominico Bernini,  F. Micanzio, G, Papini, Giuseppe Carpani, G. Mazzucchelli, G.B. Cavalcaselle, G. Vasari, L. Ugolini, S. Gotta, S.B Soncino, V.da Bissticci, for their great works Indians respect the work of dr Nand kishor Dhoundiyal fr his biographical works
  If Brazilians feel proud of biographer Alessandra Silvestry-Levy, Garhwalis across the world are proud of Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal
           International readers have to depend on Anhua Gao, Gao Wenqin, tien-Min Lee  to taste the   Chinese biographies and Hindi readers have to refer Dr Dhoundiyal to know great personalities expired after 1980 on the works of Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal
     Lyndall Gordon, M. Masson and tony Peake served South African society by writing biographies and Dr Dhoundiyal serves Garhwali societies by publishing six volumes of biographical books about great Garhwalis.
       When people know about Israel through the biographies by A. Dankner, Shamul Katz, Aryeh Krishek, Simon Louvish, Robert Rosenberg, people come to Garhwal through reading books as Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (Great Garhwalis)
 The importance of dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal in Garhwal region is as important as  J. Graff, J Jorgenson, J.M Jnudsen, H. Nathansen, G.N von Nissen, J.M . Thiele are important in biographical literature of Danish region.
  The world biography analysts praise biographers of Dutch region as Booven, G. Brandit, Liempt, K.van Mander,Casper  Winterman   , famous Hindi critic Mohan Babulkar praises Dr Dhoundiyal for his biographies about Garhwali personalities.
  The biographies written by Austrian biographers O.E Deustsch, Theodor von Frimmel, G.A. Griesinger , Geza  Silberer , Alfred von Wurzbach,  C.con Wurzbach, Stefan Zweig are appreciated worldwide and definitely the biographies written by Dr Dhoundiyal will be read with great taste by the readers all across the globe
         New Zealand biographers as Michael Basset, James Cowan, Dunmore, E.J. Godley,   Michael King had been successful in providing insight of personalities of new Zealand as Dr Dhoundiyal could provide the insight of Garhwalis described in his book Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhitiyan.
                 The contribution of Dr Dhoundiyal in Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan is equally important as works of German biographers as   Adolf Strodtmann, Anton Praetorius,  F von OppelnBronikwski , Emil Ludwig , Theodore Kolde,  Otto Jahn, Linna Raman , Erika Rosenberg, Joseph Wulf, Karl Goedeke, H. Fraenkel, Ludwig Geiger, G.Eduard, H.Dukas, Peter Bamm, Lilly Becher, Berling , W. Hildesheimer, L.Prowe, Gerd Puritz, j.h Mackay, Anton Schindler etc for preserving regional heritage and history.
                      Venezuelan biographers E. Bruzual and Christina Marcono are famous for creating identity for the region Venezuela and same way dnad Kishor Dhoundiyal hs been perfect in creating an image for Garhwalis through his books Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan.
         Historians, analysts will always remember the works of Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal .

Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (1980 ke pashchat) in six volumes  (san 1980-2010)
By Dr. Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal
Year of publication – 2011
Language: Hindi
Cost Rs 3000 for full set
Dhad Prakashan
74 A New Connaught Place
Dehradun , 248001
Contact Number of Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal ---09412111996
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti , Mumbai 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan Part – 6 (2006-2010): A Collector Book for All

Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan Part – 6 (2006-2010): A Collector Book for All

                                        (Review of Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhuityan Part 6 (2006-2010) by Dr Nand Kishor Doundiyal )

                                     (Great Garhwali, Indian Personalities, Great Uttarakhandi, Indian Personalities, Great Himalayan Personalities)

                                                                   Review by Bhishma Kukreti
                Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal has preserved materials for historians for writing the precise history of Garhwal from 1980 to 2010 by publishing his industrious books Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan  (1980 ke pashchat) as rightly  stated by Great British historian and essayist Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)  that history is essence of innumerable biographies.
        The six volumes of Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan  (1980 ke pashchat) supports the statement of famous poet, essayist and lecturer Ralf Waldo Emerson ( 1803-that there is properly  no history but biographies and  the readers of  Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan  (1980 ke pashchat) will find that they are reading history of Garhwal between 1980-2010 in these six volumes
     The works and researches of Dr. Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal show as if Dr Dhoundiyal eat, drunk, and lived with the persons whose biography Dr Dhoundiyal wrote.
  Dr Dhoundiyal provides biographies of following Great Garhwali, Indian personalities in the sixth part of Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan  (1980 ke pashchat) :
1-Shrimati Madhavi Bisht (Doodha tauli 1941-2006) daughter of Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali, social activist
2-Saty Prasad Raturi ( Tihri, 1908-2006) Journalist, writer of books
3-Dinesh Chandra Bhardwaj( Khaini, Talla Badalpur, Pauri G, 1939-2006) Social worker, Stage Play artist, Dramatist of Mumbai Garhwali playwright, famous announcer
4- Kunwar Prasoon ( Gadaith, Henvalghati, Tihri, 1949-2006) Journalist, Beej Bachao movement activist
5- King Manvendra shah ( Tihri, 1921-2006) King of Tihri Riyasat, MP
6- Ved Prakash Arya ( Od gaon, Chaundkot, Pauri G 1945-2007) Social worker
7-Veer Raghunath Singh Negi (Kanda Aswalsyun, Pauri  G 1911-2007) Azad Hind Fauz
8- Buddhi Ballabh Thapliyal ‘ Shrikanth’(Thapli , Pauri G 1919-2007) Literature creative, founder of Jayshri  Sahitya Samman
9-Dr Lalit Mohan Bahuguna (Mandai, Chalansyun, Pauri G 1938-2007); Language –phonologies, Grammars scholars and writers
10- Dr Govind Chatak ( Sarkasaini, Lostu, Tihri 1933-2007) Great Garhwali folk literature researcher, Linguistic scientist,  Hindi playwright, poet …
11-Rajpal batra ( Pakistan, 1930-2007):Ary Samaj Activist
12- Braj Mohan Kabtiyal (Naugaon, Maniyarsyun, Pauri G, 1931-2008): Garhwali poet and playwright, Hindi poet
13- Pundit Ishwari datt Dwivedi ( Syunraikhet, lansdowne, Pauri G 1923-2008) Garhwali and Hindi literature creative
14- Sundar lal Babulkar (Muchhiyali, Dev Prayag, 1931-2009) Social worker
15- Bhuvneshwari barthwal (Sumadi, 1920-2009) Uttarakhand movement activist
16- Dharma Nand Uniyal ( Kafna, Kadakot, Tihri 1936-2009): Literature creative
17- Pitambar Devrani (Dudekh, Langur, 1925-2009) Teacher, Uttarakhand Movement activist, collector of folk literature of garhwal, writer, social activist
18-Dr advocate Mahveer Prasad  Gairola D’Lit ( Painula, Tihri 1922-2009) great Garhwali fiction writer, social activist
19-Hukum Singh Negi (Pang, Ghuddaudsyun, Pauri g1933-2010): Research writer of old classics and legends
20- Dinesh Chandra Kulashri ( Kafaldi, Kaudiya, Pauri , 1931-2010): writer of Inspirational subject
21-Madan Singh Rawat ( Kamedi, Talai, Pauri G 19302010): social worker
22-Mrs Darshani Rawat (Badalpur, 1941-2010): politician and social activist
                  In appendixes, Dr Dhoundiyal provides the following historical information
1-List of freedom fighters who were jailed by British government
2-The list of more than 700 Garhwali and Kumauni soldiers of Azad hind Fauz
3- List of Garhwalis soldiers killed in Nakshal operation
4-List of Biographical books published so far from Garhwal
             Dr Dhoundiyal provides details of ups and downs of the person in his life while detailing the person concerned as said by Spanish essayist and philosopher Jose Ortega Gasset (1883-1955) that biography is a system: in which contradictions of a human life are unified.
          The readers after reading these biographies  of  Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan  (1980 ke pashchat) will definitely feel that they were entering into second life as quoted by Mary Cable  that the best biographies leave their readers with sense of having and of having come to know another human being in some ways better than he knew himself.
             This reviewer would like to quote the words of great French author Andre Maurois for paying respect to Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal for his excellent work of more than 250 biographies in Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan  (1980 ke pashchat)  that the great biography should, like the close of a great drama, leave behind it a feeling of serenity. Andre further says that we collect small bunch of flowers, which brought sweetness into a life, and present it as an accomplished destiny.   
 Every parent should gift these books to their children                      

Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (1980 ke pashchat) Bhag -6 (san 2006-2010)
By Dr. Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal
Year of publication – 2011
Cost Rs 3000 for full set
Dhad Prakashan
74 A New Connaught Place
Dehradun , 248001
Contact Number of Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal ---09412111996
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti , Mumbai 2011

Garhwal Ki Divangat Vibhuityan Part 5 (2001-2005): The Best Gift from Par

Garhwal Ki Divangat Vibhuityan Part 5 (2001-2005): The Best Gift from Parents to  their  Children
                                                            (Review of Garhwal Ki Divangat Vibhutiyan Part-5 (2001-2005) by Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal )

                                                        (Great Garhwali, Indian Personalities, Great Uttarakhandi, Indian Personalities, Great Himalayan Indian Personalities)
                                                                                                     Bhishma Kukreti
                     The books Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan  by Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiya one of the best biographers of the world will certainly benefits you and your children in many respects as exercising your mind, providing you satisfaction, expanding your imagination and creativity, setting your goal,  becoming more focused on your set goal, accelerating your speed for achieving your goal,  improving your knowledge and over all you will learn art of living too.
         Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal details the life sketches of following great Garhwali, Indian personalities in fifth part of Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan :
1-Businessman Teeka Ram Kukreti(Banchri, Dhangal, Udaypur, Pauri G, 1922-2001) Social worker and initiator of Kukreti business empire in Kotdwara
2-Vishwambar Dayal Muni Vishkarma (Bamoli, Dabralsyun, Pauri G, 1911-2001) Social worker
2A- Dhanesh Paliwal ‘ Shashtri’( Chamanpur, Bangadsyun, Pauri G 1916-2001) Freedom Fighter, Poet
3-Babu Kanti Prasad Maheshwari  (1906-2001):Social worker
4-Vasundhara Dobhal 1922-2002): Hindi and Garhwali poetess
5-Dr Parh Sarthi Dabral ( Timli, Dabralsyun, Pauri G 1936-2002):Research Scholar, Great Poet, Satirist,
6-Indar Singh Rawat (Bachheli, Pauri G, 1930-2002): Social worker with Vinoba Bhave and Jay Prakash Narayan
7- Sachidanand Kandpal ( Kandai, Nagpur Ghatda, Rudr Praya, 1930-2002): Garhwali, Sanskrit and Hindi poet
8-Sachidanand dhaulakhandi ( Dumaila, Beeron khal, Pauri G, 1927-2002) Educationist
9- Dr avtar Sigh Panwar, 1929-2002): Sculpture creative
10- Swaroop Dhoundiyal. Dhound, Dhoundiyalsyun, 1935-2002Pauri G ): Editor Alaknanda, Fiction writer, Garhwali playwright
11-Durga Prasad Ghildiyal ( Pandalyu, Pauri G, 1923-2002): great Garhwali fiction writer
12- Shri lal Thapliyal (  Dev Prayag, 1914-2002) Freedom Fighter, Hindi poet
13-Mukesh Bisht ( Bangar, Sabli, 1976-2002) Martyr  at Shrinagar Kashmir Lal Chauk
14-Badrish Pokhariyal (Timli, Khatsyun, Pauri  G, 1917-2003): Garhwali language creative
15-Dr Anand lal Shah (Lainsdowne , 1928-2003): Social worker
16- Dr Keadr nath dwivedi ( Balya, 1929-2003) Researcher, Educationist, Literature creative
17-Gopal Singh Rawat ( Silet, Talai, Pauri G, 1926-2003) freedom Fighter, Artist
18-Arjun Singh Gusain ( Dangu, Maniyarsun, pauri G, 1934-2003) Uttarakhand Movement activist, Literature creative, Editor of Hilans
19-Vaidy Prem lal Bhatt ( Tiheir, 1919-2002003) Freedom fighter, social activist
20- Maya Ram Barthwal ( Sirain , Dadamandi, Pauri G, 1918-2004) Freedom Fighter, Social Activist
21-Jeeva nand Shriya (, Jakhnyali, Nail Chami, Tihri G, 1926-2004) Garhwali and Sanskrit Poet
22- dr Shiva Nand nautiyal ( Kothala , Kandarsyun, Pauri G 1936-2004), Poet, Fiction writer , , Garhwali Folk literature researcher scholar, Politician, Minister UP Government
23- Commando Surjan Singh Bhandari ( Rani, Dangdhar, Chamoli G, 1979-2004) Martyr of  Akshar Dham terrorist attack
24-Bhagwan das Multani ( Pakistan, 1917-2004) freedom Fighter, Social worker
25- Kanhya lal Dandriyal (Naili Pali, Mwalsyun, Pauri g, 1933-2004):Great Garhwali poet
26-bab Mohan Uttarakhandi ( Bantholi, Maudadsyun, Pauri g, 1948-2004) Myrtr in Uttarakhand movement (Amaran Ansan-Hunger strike)
27-Bhakt Ram Dimri (Sembhardar , Rudrprayag, 1936-2005): Bhagwat Vyas
28-Veer singh Thakur ( Nandauli, Guradsyun, pauri G 1926-2005) Social worker
29-Abodh BandhuBbahuguan ( Jhala, Chalansyun, 1927-2005): Great Garhwali Literature creative
30- Sushil Kumar niranjan (Masankholi, Sabli, Pauri G 193-2005) Journalist
31- Shabhu Prasad Bahuguana( Barali, Chalansyun, pauri g 1909-2005) Literature Creative, Researcher
32-Shridhar Prasad Azad( Bhekona, Chamoli G, 1915-2005) Freedom fighter, politician
34-Cchakrdhar Navani (Navan, Sitaunsyun, Pauri g1911-2003): Social worker
                   Garhwalis killed in Terrorist Attack on Parliament on 13thDecember 2001
 In this volume, Dr Dhoundiyal providesthe list of ten Garhwalis who sacrificed their lives in terrorist attack on Indian parliament in 2003
  The volume is very interesting as other volumes of Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhitiya,  The learned Dhoundiyal not only provides the life sketches of the person concerned but also throws lime light who are related to the person directly or indirectly.  For example, while describing  Arjun Singh Gusain, dr Dhoundiyal provides the brief history of finance capital Mumbai too.
 Every parent should gift the set to their children.

Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan (1980 ke pashchat) Bhag -5 (san 2001-2005)
By Dr. Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal
Dhad Prakashan
74 A New Connaught Place
Dehradun , 248001
Contact Number of Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal ---09412111996
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti , Mumbai 2011