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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Garhwali Lok Mantra: Useful Book for Preserving Garhwali Culture

Garhwali Lok Mantra:  Useful Book for Preserving Garhwali Culture
             ( A Review of Garhwali Lok Mantra compiled by Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal and dr Manorama Dhoundiyal)
     (Garhwali Tantra and Mantra, Mantra and Tantra of Kumaun, Mnatra and Tantra of Uttarakhand, Himalayan and Nepalis  Tantra and Mantra)
                                                Bhishma Kukreti
                      There is a misconception that Mantra or Tantra started from Vedic era through creation of Vedas. In fact, the human being started singing Mantra from the time human beings got consciousness of autosuggestion.  There have been Mantra in local languages all over world and Veda creators refined them through Vedic Sanskrit and wrote script on Bhojpatra or so. Even today, each human being sing or utter Mantra may be created by himself.
 The record states that in Garhwal, Mantra creation and singing them or uttering them were popular in Khas , Kinnar, Kanaiti, Kaintura culture. The Ghantakarn temple and Ghantakarn worshipping is the proof.
                        After sixth century, the Nathpanthis popularized Braj language Mantra in Garhwal, Kumaun and Nepal and this is the reasons that till date, most of these Mantras are in Braj language. There may be exception in few cases.
              Historical Background of   Compilation and Editing of Mantras of Garhwal
 Brahma Nand Thapliyal published Dhol Sagar in 1932
   Dr pitambar datt Barthwal made Folk Mantras of Garhwal  base for his book ‘ Uttarakhand ke Santmat’
 Dr Govind Chatak provided glimpse of  Mantras of Garhwal in his brilliant book ‘ Garhwal ke Lok geet’.
  Credit also  goes to Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna for initiating collection, compilation and publication of Mantras of Garhwal. Bahuguna compiled a few Mantras in Dhunyal (1956) and then Gad Matyeki Ganga and Kaunli Kiran too.
Dr Shiva Nand Nautiyal, Keshav Anuragi published a couple of Mantras of Garhwal in their folk literature analysis .
 Dr Dinesh Chandra Baluni published Matras of Garhwal in his book ‘Uttarakhand ki Lok Gathayen’
 Dr Krihna Nand Joshi published many Mantras of Kumaun in his well read book ‘ Kumaun ka Lok Sahitya’
                 Dr Vishnu Datt Kukreti compiled tens of Mantras of Garhwal in his book ‘ Nathpanth : Garhwal ke Paripeksh men’
                    Bhishma Kukreti popularized Mantras of Garhwal on Internet medium.
 Shrimati Vinita Semwal did research on Mantras of Garhwal for her M.A degree from HNB Garhwal University.
                    Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal and Dr Manorama Dhoundiyal will always be remembered for compiling various types of Mantras in their well researched book ‘Garhwali Lok Mantra ( Ek Sanklan)’ in 2009 AD.
                          The Book ‘Garhwali Lok Mantra ( Ek Sanklan)’
   Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal a Garhwali literature historian, historian, literature critics, poet and essay writers and his wife dr Manorama Dhoundiyal collected, compiled and edited a fine collection of Mantras of Garhwal.
 The editors explains in details about the philosophy of Mantras ans little bit of Tantras too in introductory chapters.
  The book contains the following Mantras:
1-Sarp vish Nivaran Mantra
2- Bichhu Vish Nivaran Mantra
3-Peeliya (Kaunlbai) Jhadne ka Mantra
4-Dag Utarne Ka Mantra (najar utarne ka Mantra)
5-Bhoot Bhagane ka Mantra
6- Ratva Mantra
7-Mirgee Jhadne ka Mantra
8-Hook Jhadne ka Mantra
9- Vishwa ka Mantra , Khurpaka aur Ghav , Keede jhdne ka Mantra
10- Doodh Fool Ko Mantra
11- Chhaya Mantra
12- Ghat ko Mantra
13- Chaubatiya Mantra
14-Pan Mantra
15- Bairi vinash Mantra
16-Vithya Poojan Mantra
17-Jagar Mantra
18- Babhoot Mantra
19-Babhoot Mantra
20- Chhal ka Mantra
21- Bandhana /Banth ka Mantra
22- Anchhari Mantra
23- Dag Mantra
24-Katora Chalane ka Mantra
25- Ukkhel Mantra
26-Masan Mantra
27- Kali Mantra
28- Ban mantra
29- Rai Mantrane ka Mantra
30- Ukkhel Mantra – 2
31- Mahadevi Babhoot Mantra
32- Moch or Baccha Bachane ka Mantra
33- Nal Utarne ka Mantra
34- Ranso Mantra
35- Keri ki rakhwali mantra
36- Pooja Mantra
37- Bairi Binash Mantra
38- Lgan thamon ka Mantra
39-Ukkhel ka Mantra -3
              Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal and Manorama Dhoundiyal should be congratulated for collecting and publishing Mantras of Garhwal that the folk literature is preserved.
Book is Available with
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C/O Shailvani
Devi Raod
Pauri Garhwal
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Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti , Mumbai, 2011