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Monday, July 25, 2011

Kathga Khailya re : A Garhwali Poem by Narendra Singh Negi Against Corruption and Poems against Corruption from 150 countries (Part -2)

Sleepiness Nights Ahead for BJP B’cause of Kathga Khailyau Re Music Album by Negi

As the news is pouring from Dehradun and hills of Uttarakhand a new province of India that the sales of Album ‘Kathga Khailyo Re ‘ is picking up and the shopkeepers in crowded place are playing the deisc to attract customers. The Dhabawalas are playing ‘Kathga Khailyo Re’ discs . the village women and men including children are appreciating the songs of one of the famous most Indian Singers Narendra Singh Negi because people of Uttarakhand feel that Negi a legendary singer of India told the thinking of people’s grievances so perfectly and definitely openly. The teaching community which is back bone of influencing the people of Uttarakhand is very much appreciating the song of Narendra Singh Negi. Definitely with time the cassette disc will pick up the sales and the song will become folk song of hills of Uttarakhand and the popularity of song will definitely affect on the coming state election results of Bhartiya Janta Party the current ruling party of Uttarakhand province of India.

Definitely the song of Negi will inspire people to lay many questions before Bhartiya Janta Party :

1- What hhas Bhartiya Party did to check corruption at Gram Sabha (village councils 0level?

2- Why the Patvaris have increased bribes for Dakhil Kharij, and many pity jobs of people ?

3-Wht are there daily news about corruption at at all levels specially at village levels?

4- Why Bhartiya Janta Party accuses congress for corruption but does not take any step against their own Chief Minister of Bangalore province Yedurappa ? Why is there such double standard within Bhartiya Janta Party?

5- Why does Bhartiya Janta Party keep mum on corruptions acts of DMK and BSP?

With the popularity of Song against corruption and bribery by Narendra Singh Negi aginast corruption will ignite people to ask such questions to Bhartiya Janta Party.

The awareness of corruption definitely is a worrying point for Bharitya Janta Party. The BJP leadership knows the affectivity of Narendra Singh Negi’s songs. Negi’s music album “Nauchhami Narayna ‘ was released just before the last general election of province Uttarakhand and Congress had to loose the election.

BJP leadership is afraid that if Negi’s new album does change the perception of about BJP as the last album “Nauchhami narayni’ changed the perception then the defeat in coming election is definite.

Kathga Khailya Re : A Garhwali Poem by Narendra Singh Negi Against Corruption and Poems against Corruption from 150 countries Part-2

Bhishma Kukreti

Corruption at high places has became a cancer world wide specially in undeveloped and developing countries. The poets are most sensitive intellectuals and they are not silent over the corruption in all agencies.

One of the famous most Indian singers Narendra Negi wrote a poetry against corruption in Garhwali (Indian) language ‘Kathga Khailya” . The sensitive poet Negi brought an musical album on this lyric too.

The poem starts as

कथगा खैल्या
कवि :नरेन्द्र सिंह नेगी (पौड़ी गाँव, पौड़ी )
1- Stanza
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
कमीशन कि शिकार भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे ...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ ..
कथगा जि खैलो रे ...
यनि घुळणु रैल्यो , कनकै पचैल्यो
दुख्यारो ह्व़े जैल्यो रे
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -2
घुण्ड -घुन्ड़ो शिकार -सुरवा कमर-कमर भात रे
भात रे भात बासमती भात
घुण्ड -घुन्ड़ो शिकार -सुरवा कमर-कमर भात रे
इथगा खाण -पचाण तेरे बसै बात रे ..
मैगे की मरीं जनता ..हे जनता ..
कनक्वे बुथैल्यो रे...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -3
नयो नयो राज उत्तराखंड आसमा छन लोग
लोग जी लोग आसमा लोग
नयो नयो राज उत्तराखंड आसमा छन लोग
बियाणा छन डाम यख लैन्दो को छ जोग
कुम्भ न्हेगे भूलू ..हे भूलू ...
अब आपदा नहेल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
( Balance Stanzas in next column)

Before, the author review the poem of Narendra Singh Negi , the author takes opportunity to know the poetry pattern in other countries where corruption is severly blocking the progress, development

colonialism and dictatorship.)

Corruption in Venezuela

Though a rich country, the country is positioned 12th number in corrupt most countries of world. Due to oppressive majors by authorities, there is less literature available about corruption in Venezuela.

Corruption in Kyrgyzstan

The mountainous nation is on thirteen number in corruption list by Tranceprence perception index . earlier in 2010 (April 7 2010), thousands of protesters marched against corruption and spiraling bill in Bishkek. Police opened fire on the protesters and many people were killed in the firing

Corruption in Guinea Africa

Guinea is positioned fourteenth nation among top corrupt nations. The cultural outlets, poets have been taking movement to the people but corruption is increasing as in past after dictatorship took the political scene in the country

Corruption in Congo

A corruption watch dog body Transparency International puts Congo at fifteenth place on top corrupt countries in the world.

Congo facing a daunting problem of corruption at all levels. A migrated poet Omekongo Luhaka wa Dibinga wrote a pathos rapture poetry “My Beloved Congo” on the worsening situation in Congo due to Rwandan aggression including the danger of corruption as

On fractured Congolese with one hand

While robbing her of her resources with other

And no province is safe

Because some of our own

Corrupted Congolese leaders

Are involved in this race

Omekongo blames for worsening situation of Congo to western policies and exploiting nature of Asians.

Corruption in Tajikistan

In Transparency international corruption perception index is in sixteenth place from top .Since, the Persian oriented poetry of Tajik language is still developing stage and there is less interaction of literary people on Internet , there is less literature available for International audience from Tajikistan. However, the poems of a couple of examples show that poets are creating poems against corruption but in symbolic methodology

Corruption in Russia

Russia comes on seventeenth place in corruption index from top. Corruption is not new to Russian culture. The greatest symbolic poet Alexander Black (1880-1921 )wrote any vesrses aginst corruption in Tsarina era.

A D Miller’s novel “Snowdrops” is against corruption in Moscow . Critics all over world appreciated the novel , its subject, effective narration and movement in story.

Anna Politkovskaya’s A Russia Diary : A Journalist’s final Account of Life , Corruption and Death is heart breaking account book on corruption and power abuses in new Russia.

Oleg Karpovic, Surguei Chelokhine, , Maria Golushko and many more published books on corruption in Russia with full researches and facts.

Copyright@Bhishma Kukreti, bckukreti@gmail.com