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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garhwali Folk Songs at Thread (Sacred Cord) Ceremony

(Garhwali Wedding Folk Songs, Himalayan Wedding Traditional- Songs, Indian Marriage Folk Songs)

Bhishma Kukreti

In Hindu culture, thread ceremony or thread ceremony is one the important Sanskar (ceremony) out of forty four Sanskars.

Thread ceremony is also important ceremony among Parsi or Zoroastrian community which is called Navjot , in both cases yagyopavee, Janeu or navjot is related to knowledge , Among Hindus, yagyopaveet means to take another birth because Knowledge means new birth and in Zorostraian religion too the new knowledge is important in Navjot ceremony

Yagopaveet, Janeu sanskar means to put three or seven threads by boy or in many cases female also puts thread (janeu or Yagyopaveet)

Usually the Brahmin boy used to put Janeu at the age of eight r, Khstriy at the age of eleven and Vaisy at the age of twelve .

If it is not possible to put Yagyopaveet at the above age, yagypaveet ceremony is performed before marriage . Yagyopaveet sanskar or thread ceremony is performed after Haldihath ceremony that is when bathing and Arti are already performed.

In many castes of Garhwal as joshi, Lakheda, Mishra, Pandey, Tiwari (all Brahmins) , Dosad, Parihar, Kapkoti, few groups of Negi , Parihar; females are also put Janeu in Sasural on their right upper hand.

The janeu ceremony or Thread ceremony is very elaborate ceremony where Pandit jee, the groom and family /relative members take part .

Here , Pundit jee is reading cahanting and performing many rituals, while the women sing folk songs related to janeu Sanskar.

जंद्योऊ दींद दें मांगळ
दे द्यावा गुरूजी दे द्यावा गुरूजी गुरु मंतर
दे द्यावा गुरूजी गुरु मंतर ए s s s

दियाल चेला दियाल चेला गुटु मंतर
दियाल चेला गुटु मंतर ए s s s

सु-गुरु को चेला सु-गुरु को चेला गुरुमुखी होई
सु-गुरु को चेला गुरुमुखी होई ए s s s

गुरुमुखी चेला गुरुमुखी चेला निर्मुखी ना होई
गुरुमुखी चेला निर्मुखी ना होई ए s s s

अमर रै चेला अमर रै चेला जून सूरज
अमर रै चेला जून सूरज ए s s

सु-गुरु को चेला सु-गुरु को चेला कै कुल को उद्धार
सु-गुरु को चेला कै कुल को उद्धार ए s s s

In this song, the singer request Guru jee to provide sacred knowledge to the disciple (here, groom) , the singers ask to disciple (groom) to be Guru oriented but Guru orientation does not mean the disciple forgets the real world.
Reference : Totaram Dhoundiyal, Shrimati Shailaja Thapliyal, Mangal, Dhad Prakashan Dehradun
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