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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Garhwali film Jagwal and Country wise First film

Bhishma Kukreti

(First film, First Movie of Country, Country wise First Film, First Movie, First Cinema)

(American Film Industry, Asian Film Industry, African Film Industry, Australian Film Industry, European Film Industry)

Garhwal is a region of Uttarakhand state of India, till 1800 Ad Garhwal was a severing country from its formation i.e. from pre stone age. There are records and references that human inhabitants started living in Garhwal from pre stone age. The language of Garhwal is Garhwali language is one of the oldest languages of India. There would be around the world five millions Garhwalis around the world. By nature, Garhwalis are honest, hard working and artistic, Garhwalis played a great role in developing Sanskrit, Hindi, English literature.

From film or movie point of view, it is difficult to produce the film and then exhibit the films for commercial success as Garhwalis are scattered all over world. That is why first Garhwali film was exhibited in 1983. The producer, writer, director of first Garhwali language film Jagwal is Parashar Gaur

To pay respect to Parashar Gaur for his initiative, this author takes opportunity to remember those who made first film/cinema for their country or languages. First Garhwali film “ Jagwal” is also a tribute to all technicians, researchers, artists , financers and writers who made film industry so strong

The First “Moving Pictures” , First Cinema in France

As Lumiere brother of France is respected for their first ever work of first combining a camera and sewing machine, thus resulting moving pictures in this earth in 1900, Parashar Gaur is respected for his first Garhwali talkie movie Jagwal.

The First Short Moving Picture in New York America

As people of all over world remember 6th October 1927 for release of first ever moving sound picture “The Jazz Singer “ released by Warner brothers in New York , Garhwalis have importance of the day 4th may 1983 when “Jagwal the first Garhwali film was released . Parashar Gaur is Warner bros of Garhwal.

First Canadian Fiction Film, First Canadian Feature Movie

Joe Rosenthal released first Canadian fiction film Hiawatha, The Messiah of the Ojibways,” in 1903. Canadian Bioscope Company produced firs Canadian Feature film .As the Canadian respect Joe Rosenthal and Canadian Bioscope Company , Uttarakhandis respect Parashar gaur for his innovative idea for producing first Uttarakhandi film Jagwal .

First Quebec Commercial Films

First Quebec Films/movie is “Le pere Chopin “ (1945) The first commercial Garhwali film Jagwal by Parashar Gaur has same importance as “le pere Chopin “ has significance in Quebec film arena.

First Argentine Film/ Fist Argentines Movie

Jagwal the first Garhwali film has same consequence as first argentine sound track movie Adios Argentina (1930)

The first Brazilian Movie / Film

First Brazilian Silent film Francisco Marzullo's Os Estranguladores (1906) is a mile stone in Brazilian film industry and first Garhwali talking Jagwal is a mile stone in Himalayan film industry.

First Film of Colombia

Film Historians always remember “ Maria” (1922) the first silent film of Colombia and historian will always remember Parashar gaur as producer of first Garhwali talkie movie. Jagwal.

Mexican First Talkie Movies

The historian always mention the names of Mexican first talkie movies La Mujer del Puerto (1934), Fred Zinnemann's Redes (1934), Janitzio (1934), Dos Monjes (1934),Allá en el Rancho Grande (1936), Vámonos con Pancho Villa (1936) and La Zandunga.. Uttarakhandis also mention respectfully the name of Jagwal as first Uttarakhandi film.

First Films of Paraguay

Though , Alma Paraguay (1925) by Hipólito Carrón is supposed to be first film of Paraguay but in real sense the first commercial movie of Paraguay is Codicia ( 1955). Same way, Jagwal by Parashar Gaur is first commercial film of Garhwali (Indian) language.

First Peruvian Movie

As Peruvians are proud of first Peruvian soundtrack movie Alberto Santana's Resaca (1934) Himalayan community of Mid Himalayan region are proud of Parashar gaur for his first Garhwali , Himalayan film Jagwal.

First Cinema, First Movie of Puerto Rico

As the works of producer director Juan Viguié Cajas for releasing first Puerto Rican sound film Romance Tropical (1934) is unforgettable in the history of world cinema, the work of Parahsar Gaur for releasing Jagwal the first Garhwali feature cinema is unforgettable,

First Cinema, First Feature Film of Venezuela

Credit goes to Romulo Gallegos for producing first Venezuelan full fledged feature film “Juan de la Calle “ and credit goes to Parashar gaur for producing first Garhwali feature film Jagwal.

Burkina Faso Cinema

Parashar gaur is himself an institution as after his first film Jagwal, Garhwali film industry came in existence as happened in Barkina Fasco that after formation of FESPACO (Festival Panafricain du Cinéma et de la Télévison de Ouagadougou ) in 1969, Burkina Faso became the most feature film producing region of Africa

First Feature Film of Egypt

Till today, in Egypt , 4000 films have been produced. However, it was father of Egyptian film industry Mohamed Karim who produced two films - Dead Flowers and Honor the Bedouin in 1918. Parashar gaur is Mohmed Karim of Garhwali film industry where more han 30 Garhwali feature films are produced till date and tens of Garhwali video films are produced.

First Cinema of Kenya

Men Against the Sun” (1952) is called first feature film of Kenya. In Kenya more of DVD films are produced as commercial full feature films don’t have big market. Garhwali film industry is also running same rough roads as Kenyan film industry faces the hurdles and Garhwali film industry produces more DVD films than feature films. Credit goes Jagwal for inspiring Garhwalis to produce DVD films

First Feature Film of Morocco

In true sense Mohammed Ousfour produced first Moroccan Feature film Le fils maudit ( 1958). Parashar gaur is Mohammed Ousfour of Garhwali film industry.

First Cinema of Niger

As a French ethnographic film maker is respected for being the father of Niger Film industry ("au pays des mages noirs" (1947)”. Parashar gaur is father of Garhwali film industry

First Nigerian Films

Nigeria is biggest film industry of Africa and it was the works of Ola Balogun and Hubert Ogunde who produced first Nigerian feature films in 1960s. as Nigerian pay respect to film makers Balogun and Ogunde , Garhwalis are proud of Parashar Gaur for his initian producing first Garhwali film Jagwal .

First Cinema of Senegal

Whenever film critics talk about first film producer of a country or region , they always mention the name of Paulin Vieyra for producing L’Afrique sur Seine the first film of Senegal country. Same way Parashar gaur’s name is always mentioned in world cinematic history for producing firt ever Garhwali (Indian) film Jagwal. (1983)

Somalia’s First Film

Husain Mubarak is the first film maker who produced first Independent Somali feature film Love Does Not Know Obstacles (1961) before, independent the producers were of Italian origin.

First Film of South Africa or South African first Cinema

If south Africans are proud of their first cinema “Sane Marais” (1931). Uttarakhandis (Indian) feel proud about Jgwal by Parashar Gaur the first Uttarakhandi film.

First Film of Tunisia

Zohra is first native African filmmaker producing and directing medium length filmAin Al-Ghazal (1924) and Parashar Gaur is first Garhwali (Indian) to produce first Garhwali film Jagwal.

First Cinema of Australia, First Australian Film

The first feature film of Australia is The Story of the Kelly Gang(1906) and first Garhwali feature film is Jgwal by Parashar Gaur .

First Film of Fiji

Vilsoni Hereniko produced first ever Fiji film “The Land has Eyes” in the year 2004 and Parashar Gaur released Garhwali(Indian) film Jagwal in 1983.

First film of New Zealand

Hinemoa (1914) is first feature film of New Zealand and Jagwal is first Garhwali ( Indian) language film by Parashar Gaur

Films in Austria

The first film by an Austrian film maker were series of erotic short films as Am Skalvenmarkt by Johann Schwarzer

Films in Belgium

Hippolyte De Kempeneer was first producer of Belgian feature films as Parashar gaur is called first Garhwali (Indian) language film producer

Cinema in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The country came in existence in 1992. . Neočekivana šetnja (1994) is supposed to be first dramatic film of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cinema in Bulgaria

Lybimetz (1958) is called notable first feature film of Bulgaria . Though before that time, the films were produced in Bulgaria.

Cinema in Croatia

Josip Karaman and Octavijan are called the founders of Croatian film industry in early 20th century . Parashar gaur is undoubtedly founder of mid Himalayan Film industry

Cinema in Czech Republic

Dostaveníčko ve mlýnici ids called first film of Czech (1898). C a K polni marsalek (19330) is first Czech sound track film directed by Karel Lamec . Jagwal is first Garhwali film and directed by Parashar Gaur.

First Feature Film of Denmark, Cinema in Denmark

Peter Elfelt produced “ Henrettelsen” (1903) the first feature film of Denmark. Jagwal by Parashar gaur is first Uttarakhandi film of India.

Estonian First Feature Film

Konstantin Marska produced and directed “Shadow of Past” (1924) the first full length feature film of Estonia. Parashar Gaur is the first Garhwali (Indian) film producer and director.

First Feature Film of Faroe Island

Faroe Island is very small region. Therefore, “ Ranva” by Miguel M. Hidalgo is the first Faroese language with full Faroese castings feature film of Faroe Island.

Garhwali (Indian) is also a small community and is scattered in many places all over world. Therefore, it was possible only in 1983 that Jagwal a Garhwali language feature film could be released

First Feature Film of Finland

As people remember the first sound track full length feature film of Finland is “Dressed like Adam”(1931) same way Indian people respect Parshar gaur for releasing first ever Mid Himalayan film Jagwal.

First Feature Film of Germany

“Dar blaue Enge” (1930) directed by Austrian director Josef von Stemberg was first talkie - feature film of Germany.

Jagwal (1983) is first Garhwali (Indian) film by Gaur

First Feature Film of Greece

Αγαπητικός της Βοσκοπούλας” (1932) , directed by D. Tsakiris is first speaking feature film of Greece

In Indian scene, Jagwal is first Garhwali feature film by Parashar gaur

First Feature Film of Hungary

Kék Bálvány” (1931) was first full length film with sound of Hungary.

From Himalayan prospective, Jagwal is first feature film of Mid Himalayan region.

Films of Iceland

The critics state that Though , there have been many films produced before 1949 in Iceland , “Milli fjalls og fjöru” (1949) is first remarkable film of Iceland

First Film of Italy

The first official film of Italy is the when Pope Leo XIII was filmed for blessing the film industry. La Canzone dell’Amore, (1930) is the first talking film of Italy

As Italians are proud of La Canzone dell’Amore, , Uttarakhandis all over world never forgets the contribution of Parashar gaur for initiating Uttarakhandi cinema industry.

First Film of Latvia

The first feature film of Latvia is Lāčplēsis (1930) directed by Aleksendris Rusteikis a historical step in Latvian cinema world .

In Garhwali art (India) scene, Parashar Gaur made history in making first Garhwali (India) film .

First Feature Film of Lithuania

Lithuanians boos about their country’s first feature film “The Soldier Lithuania's Defender (1928).

4th May 1983 is historical day for Garhwalis when Parashar Gaur released first Garhwali film in Delhi (India)

First Feature Film of Luxemburg

Cine historians call Il est un petit pays(1937) directed by René Leclèrethe first feature film of small country Luxemburg

After, Il est un petit pays film was released in 1937, more than thirty films were produced in Luxemburg . Same way, Jagwal the first film of Garhwali languages opened avenues for many Garhwali and non Garhwali film makers, prerecorded audio cassette companies to come in the field of Garhwali audio visual medium. In true sense, Parashar Gaur introduced a multi millions Industry for Garhwal(India) and Uttarakhand

First Feature Film of Macedonia

The first feature film of Macedonia is “Frosina” (1952 ) directed by Kiro Bilbilovski.

In Garhwali language scene, Parashar Gaur have struggled for making a Garhwali (Indian) language film from 1975 and his dream came true in 1983 when he released first ever Garhwali film Jagwal.

Parashar Gaur was obsessed about making Garhwali film when he entered into Garhwali drama field and he believed in the words of Dillilo Don , “Film or cinema is more than the twentieth-century art. It's another part of the twentieth-century mind. It's the world seen from inside. We've come to a certain point in the history of film. If a thing can be filmed, the film is implied in the thing itself. This is where we are. The twentieth century is on film. You have to ask yourself if there's anything about us more important than the fact that we're constantly on film, constantly watching ourselves”.

First Feature Film of Holland

The dutch film industry is small industry and Government is sensitive to protect and promote the film industry as Film is part and partial of present society.

The first silent movie in Dutch was Gestoorde hengelaar (1896) by M.H. Laddé.

The talking feature films were made in 1930 by producers as Hollandia studio.

From Uttarakhand point of view, it seems the government agencies and politicians don’t have any direction or clue to promote or protect Garhwali, Kumauni language films. From promoting art , there is no clear indication in Uttarakhand (India) state. .
First Film of Norway

Fiskerlivets farer (1902) directed by Hugo Hemansen is the first film ever made in Norway. “Den Store Barnedapen” directed by Tancred Isben is the first feature film with sound of Norway. Since, there is less international market for Norway films ,every year, the government provides $37.5 millions as subsidy to film makers .

Garhwali (Indian) film makers including Parashar Gaur have been persuading Uttarakhand government to have clear guidelines for making Garhwali Kumauni films for International markets.

First Film of Poland

Antoś pierwszy raz w Warszawie” film was released on 22nd October 1908 in Warsaw, Poland and that day is also called the foundation day of Polish film Industry .

Polish film institute is sensitive and promote Polish films for International audience that the film art is protected in Poland.

From Indian point of view 4th May 1983 is founding day for Garhwali film industry when Jagwal was released.

Films in Portugal

The first silent film of Portugal was shown on 18th June 1896 in Lisbon

“ A Cancao de Lisboa “ (1933) is supposed to be the first successful and inspiring sound film of Portugal . Today, Portuguese film industry is running on rough roads as the total production cost of film and televisions produced annually is 1.5 billion escudos but revenue generation is just 0.2 billion escudos only. The gap between production cost and sales cost is huge.

In India too, Garhwali and Kumauni film industries are facing the problem of huge gap between film production and sales generation . The biggest problem is non availability of theatres for Garhwali and Kumauni films as Hindi films dominate the arena.

First Film of Romania

The first film in Romania was screened on 27 May 1896. The first silent fiction film of Romania was “Amor fatal” (1911)

Ciuleandra “ (1930) is the first talking film of Romania based on the novel of Liviu Rebreaanu . Today, Romania is supposed to be famous for art film and credit goes to German director Martin Burger of the film who choose the subject of a novel.

Garhwali film industry is not only facing the problem of finance and organized way of working for making films but there is huge gap of intellectuality in choosing film subjects . Though Jagwal is credited for its being first Garhwali film but critics also criticize that the story of film was not realistic and was not artistic too. The Garhwali film industry has to work hard to detach from copying Hindi films but should choose story for International audience too.

First Film of Russia

The first film of Russia is “Stenka Razin” (1910).

The first talking feature film was “the Earth Thirsts “ (1930). The government owned cinema industry has witnessed both types of film artful and political motivated films in USSR era.

First Feature film of Slovakia

“Janosik” (1921) by Jaroslave Siakel the was first full length feature film of Slovakia

First Film in Spain

The first Spanish film was screened on 5th May 1895

Manual Casanova brought sound to Spanish film.

First Films in Sweden

Talking cinema came in 1930 in Sweden but commercial aspects dumped the artistic way of film making after sound came in films in Sweden. Swedish films are known for their landscape and slow pace..

Switzerland and Film Industry

Switzerland does not have grown film industry as the film making is nor feasible but Switzerland government’s facilities for producers of other countries make Switzerland the heaven for making films in Switzerland and by that way Switzerland is successful in promoting tourism.

In India, Uttarakhand government is not enthusiastic about promoting Uttarakhand tourism through providing facilities to Bollywood producers and other film producers of India.

Films in Turkey

The first film showing was performed in Istanbul in 1896

Fuat Uzkinay produced first Turkish documentary film in 1914.

Muhsin Ertugrul directed 29 films from 1923-1939.

Status wise , Prashar Gaur has same status in Garhwali film industry as Muhsin has in Turkish film industry for developing the genre..

First Film of United Kingdom

The first motion picture of United Kingdom was made in Hyde Park in 1889 by William F. Greene,

“Blackmail” (1929) by Alfred Hitchcock is first talking feature film of United Kingdom . The position of Parashar gaur of Garhwali film industry is equal to Alfred Hitchcock in the sense of taking initiative to develop a genre.

Garhwali film industry can develop or flourish only when the subject and screenplay are competent enough for international audience. The film Industry of United Kingdom was facing daunting competition from Hollywood before 1930 or today too. But film makers as Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin came to rescue the British film industry at that time. Garhwali film writers should take lesions from Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin that when you face adversity you should coin an innovative way of subject and screenplay that you get International audience as Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin could compete the largeness of Hollywood film industry by their screenplay and subject selection skills

First Film of China

The first motion picture was screened in Shanghai of China on 11st august 1896. The fist Chinese film was Beijing Opera screened in 1905.

“Spring Silkworm” by Cheng Bugao is called first talkie movie of China.

There have been many ups and downs in Chinese film industry due to Japanese invasion and political transformations in China itself.

Film in Hong Kong

“Zhuangzi Tests His Wife” (1913) is first feature film of Hong Kong.. in 1933 , the move came for sound in film in Hong Kong too.

First Film of Japan

The motion picture was shown in Japan in 1896. First documentary film was released in in 1897.

Fujiwara Yoshie no furusato (1930) is first feature talki film of Japan.

First Film of Korea

Before first domestic film of Korea “Uirijeok Guto)” (1919 was released, foreign films were shown in thetres of Korea.

The first talkie feature film of Korea is “ Chunhyang-Jeon”(1935) by Myeong woo.

Film in Mongolia

It is presumed that film screening started in Mongolia around 1903-1931.

Norjmaagiin Zam” ( 1938) by Temet Natsagdorj is first Mongolian directed film . Parashar gaur is Temet of Garhwali film industry.

Film in Taiwan

First film was shown in 1901 in Taiwan . There effects of Japan on Taiwanese films till r Japanese rule.

Film in Armenia

“Soviet Armenia” (1924) was first documentary film of Armenia. Namus (1926) by Hamo Beknazerian was first silent black and white feature film of Armenia .Pepo (1935) by Hamo Baknazeria was first sound picture of Armenia .

Film in Azerbaijan

The history goes back to 1898 when first film was shown in Azerbaijan. . “ the woman” around 1915 is supposed to be first film of Azerbaijan. Maiden Tower (1924) was first Azerbaijani Soviet film.