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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kathga Khailya Re' Poem of Negi and Discussion on Losses from Corruption

Bhishma Kukreti

(Abstract: the author discusses 20 losses from corruption in the 8th part of Kathga Khailya Re : A Garhwali Poem by Narendra Singh Negi Against Corruption and Poems against Corruption from 150 countries )

When legendary poet/singer brings a music album on social issues , the discussion starts about that particular social issue as one of the famous most Indian singers Narendra Singh Negi released the music album ‘Kathga Khailya Re’, the discussion about corruption started in Uttarakhand province of India.

There is talk at various levels in Uttarakhand about losses of society, nation from corruption.

Global Infrastructure Anti Corruption Centre states that following types of losses are visible from corruption in any project:

1- Theft of project funds

2- Waste of project funds

3- Increase price of project

4-Increased cost of maintenance, repair and replacement

5-Additional funding costs

6-Reducing operating profits

7-Increased operating costs

8-Loss of opportunities

9-Loss of employment

10- Legal hassles and cost on legal fees :For example, in 2 G Scandal of India , government agencies have to take many activities in hand and each activity costs to government

11- Reduced infrastructure to public

12- Dangerous infrastructure to public

13- Damages to environment

14- Adverse Effects on other projects

15-Reduced quality of public life

16- Loss of earning of common men

17-Increased taxation to cover up government losses

18- Spreading corruption in other sectors or contributing to endemic corruption

19- Loss in nation’s reputation and reducing foreign investment

2- Public frustration

Corruption in Ukraine

Ukraine is on 38th position in corruption from top.

There has been an experiment in Ukraine music. Talpash Andriya sated that in MCGILL University there was an experiment for composing two poems of poets of different ages (Duma pro Slipykh for solo baritone, 12 part mixed choir and small chamber orchestra ) . Both the poems were about frustration and anger with corruption in Ukraine’s ruling class and government . Surprisingly the impact and frustration and anger level was same in both the poems. One poem ‘Sliptsi’ was written by Mykola Bazhan in 1929 and other poem ‘Yanholi I V Vovky ‘ was written in 1996 by Woldymyr Tsybulko.

When the choir was told, the effect of anger and frustration in both the poems was found same. It clearly indicates that the emotions against corruption are same and time or era changes does not change the frustration level or anger level.

Though the poem is in satirical and humorous genre but the readers may find a sourly emotion against corruption in the Garhwali language (Indian) poetry ‘ Kathga Khailya “ by one of the famous most Indian singers and very famous Garhwali (Indian) lyrist Narendra Singh Negi,

Poems about Corruption in Sierra Leon

The position of Sierra Leon is 40th from top corrupted countries

Sierra is facing corruption in such a sever situation that a President Aspirant Leonis Golley –Morgan wrote a poem against corruption to get people’s vote


By Leonis Golley –Morgan

“With… my diamonds, gold and rich mineral resources, why am I still poor?

“With… my silvery soil and sand, why go I sleep in hunger?”

“Why---Why, oh! Why am I a beggar?”

“Money, bribery, smuggling, tax evasion and corruption----the cause of my grief.”…..

Corruption in Philippines

Philippines comes 41st in corruption position from top.

Annabelle B Rosell, suggested many remedies to minimize corruption in Philippines in his book ‘Corruption prevention strategies in Philippine incorporation.

Miguel Syjuco published a novel Illustrado on the theme of corruption in Philippines in 2010. The novel generated international attention and acclaim.

There are poets as Romulo A Sandoval who created poetry against corruption in Philippines but there is less mention about those poetries in English or there is no translation of such poetries in English that International community could know about poetries against corruption in the countries.

Jassica Hodgedorn was born in Manila in 1949 but had to flee to USA with her mother due to brutality, corruption in Philippines in the regime of Ferdinand Marcoo. She is well known poet and playwright. Jassica published a novel ‘Dogeaters and got appreciation from all corners. The novel is all about corruption, class division, violence in Philippines.

Adnan Topan published a brilliant article ‘ Challenges in Combating Corruption: Lessions from Indonesia”. In ‘Article’ journal Vol.9, No.1, March 2010


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