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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Figurative Language in Garhwali Wedding Folk Song Gali Mangal

Bhishma Kukreti

The Mangal geet or Auspicious Garhwali Wedding Folk songs are very decorative in terms of poetic form. There are chances, when the singers from bride party uses abusive or teasing languge in folk songs and this tradition is not thought a bad manner but is essential part of fun and making wedding ceremony a joyful event.

There is no society which does not use figurative language in its folk songs

A couple of examples are as below and the readers will also appreciate the poetic form of ‘Gali “song of Garhwali folk songs

Figure of speech in Tibetan Folk Literature

Tibet is rich in folk literature. Its folk songs are having mood , imagery, metaphor and simple verses. Readers may find abundant uses of figurative languages in Tibetan folk songs as :

“ Blame not the tree for being felled .

Blame not the birds for being left nestles “

For the tree has been cut to the root .

By the powerful noble we fear.

In this folk song, tree and bird are used for youngsters in love and cutting down the tree by powerful noble is the cause of their separation.

There are hyperbole, formal comparison, non formal comparison; metaphor, explanatory ornaments substitution, I Tibetan folk songs as Chengdu Panorama Tour Co Ltd provides many examples of figurative languages used in Tibetan folk songs in web site (“http://www.tibetviaggi.com/zoujin/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=1921).

Figure of speeches in American Folk Songs

Barre Toelkan (1995) provides many examples of uses of metaphors, and meaning in various folk songs in his book ‘Morning dew and roses’ Nuance, Metaphor and meaning in Folk Songs.

The readers would find figurative languages in many folk songs of American tribes in the book , “ handbook of North American Indians, California , Vol:3, “ edited by Robert heizer and William C Sturtevant.

William J Wallace in the above book states by taking examples from the work of Joughlin and Valenzuaela (1953) that some of the finest verses of Indian American tribes , rich in figurative language of metaphorical or allusive was found in ceremonial folk songs of southern tribes . the following folk song is proof of best uses of figurative languages in folk verses :

Creation Song

Desolate it was

Desolate it was

Desolate the earth

First they appeared

First they came out

First Mokat

First Tamayowit

Those the chiefs

Those the ancients

Figurative Languages in Folk Songs of Various Cultures

Dmitrij Olegovich et all (2005) provide tens of examples of figurative languages used in folk songs of various cultures in their book, “ Figurative Language: cross culture and cross linguistic perspectives” the book is very useful for the research scholars to know about figurative languages in folk literature

Figurative Language in Garhwali folk Songs

Dr Shiva Nand Nautiyal ( 1981) provides elaborate examples of uses of figurative language in Garhwali folk songs in his famous research book, “ Garhwal ke Lok Nritya Geet”.

Dr Nautiyal provides examples of uses of metaphors, hyperboles, comparisons, formal comparison, non formal comparison, similes, repetition, abridgement, transforming, transmuting, transposition, met anomy , paradox , personification, oxymoron, irony in garhwali folk song in the exclusive chapter “ Garhwali geeton ka sangeet evm Kavy Shastriy adhyayan (Study of Folk Songs as per musicology and Poetic science).

Gali Mangal Geet of Garhwali wedding

The literal meaning of Gali is “abusive language “. However, in the Indian wedding , the women folks of bride party use abusive language to tease the members of groom party

This phenomenon is common in India. No doubt the language is nasty but as accustom it is teasing methodology.

The wordings of these folk songs are very figurative and certainly humorous. The hyperbole is must in such folk song.

The readers will find similes, comparisons, metaphor, paradox, excessive exaggeration, humorous words, satirical speeches in this Garhwali wedding folk song Gali

गढ़वाली वैवाहिक गीतों में गाळी का प्रयोग
हमारो गाऊँ कुकुर भुक्युं च
ब्योला क बुबा कूण्या लुक्युं च

हमार गाऊँ डाळ बैठो गूणी
ब्योला क बुबा टक्क लगिक सूणी

हमर गाऊँ बुखडी का खाम
ब्योला का बुबा का जुंग नी जाम

जमणो को जामी छयो जाम
ब्योला की फूफून मुछ्यळन डाम

हमर गाँव खिंनो को खाम
ब्योला का बुबा थ्वरड़ो सि राम

क्या करदी काय करदी ब्योला झरझरा भौं
तेरी बैणि बोलदी त्यरा घर औं
ब्योली हमारी बान्द मा की बांद
ब्योला च गूंगो ब्वलण बि नी आन्द
हमर गाँव खैणि जान्दर
ब्योला का दगड्या गुणि बांदर

(सप्तपदी के वक्त )
भूक लगीं ब्योला फोड़ अखोड़
ब्योली नी माणदि द्वि हथ जोड़

(फेरा लगान्द दें )
हमारि दगड्या हार नी खै
ब्योला बांदर तैं लत्य ड्या लगै

हमर गाँव छन सिल बट्टा
ब्योला का दगड्या उल्लू का पट्ठा

हमर गाँव बुशड़ो क खाम
ब्योला का बुबा ढीबरो सि राम
हमर गाँव बिरलु की मोच
ब्योला का बुबा किलै पोड़ी सोच

(कंकड़ तोड्द दें )
तोड़ तोड़ ब्योला कंगण मंगण
तेरी बाय लीगीन देशा मंगण
there are many such verses which women sing to tease the groom party. The groom party members enjoy these songs and also reply in prose style.
The poetic style is based on Bajuband poetic form. The women also sing Hindi folk song at this time of teasing the groom party
No doubt in old age, the women were not educated but they have all sense of creating lovely and lyrical poetry and humorous poetry for this part of wedding
Curtsy for Garhwali Wedding folk song : Totaram Dhoundiyal, Shrimati Shailaja Thapliyal , Mangal, Dhad Prakashan , Dehradun
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti bckukreti@gmail.com