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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Analysis of "Kathga Khailya ' from Sociology, Economics and Psychology Angles

Kathga Khailya Re : A Garhwali Poem by Narendra Singh Negi Against Corruption and Poems against Corruption from 150 countries Part -6

Bhishma Kukreti

(Abstract: In this part, the author discusses about the role of culture for pro or anti corruption and the author finds out the similarities between the finding of various sociologists, economists and psychologists with the poem of Narendra Singh Negi -Kathga Khailya Re. the author also explore the poems about corruption in countries as Haiti , Ivoire and Cameroon )

Corruption at high places has became a cancer world wide specially in undeveloped and developing countries. The poets are most sensitive intellectuals and they are not silent over the corruption in all agencies.

One of the famous most Indian singers Narendra Negi wrote a poetry against corruption in Garhwali (Indian) language ‘Kathga Khailya” . The sensitive poet Negi brought an musical album on this lyric too.

The poem is as

कथगा खैल्या (How Much Will You Eat (Take Bribe) ?
कवि :नरेन्द्र सिंह नेगी (पौड़ी गाँव, पौड़ी )
1- Stanza
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
कमीशन कि शिकार भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे ...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ ..
कथगा जि खैलो रे ...
यनि घुळणु रैल्यो , कनकै पचैल्यो
दुख्यारो ह्व़े जैल्यो रे
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -2
घुण्ड -घुन्ड़ो शिकार -सुरवा कमर-कमर भात रे
भात रे भात बासमती भात
घुण्ड -घुन्ड़ो शिकार -सुरवा कमर-कमर भात रे
इथगा खाण -पचाण तेरे बसै बात रे ..
मैगे की मरीं जनता ..हे जनता ..
कनक्वे बुथैल्यो रे...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -3
नयो नयो राज उत्तराखंड आसमा छन लोग
लोग जी लोग आसमा लोग
नयो नयो राज उत्तराखंड आसमा छन लोग
बियाणा छन डाम यख लैन्दो को छ जोग
कुम्भ न्हेगे भूलू ..हे भूलू ...
अब आपदा नहेल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ

Stanza -4

नियुक्त्युं की रस मलाई , ट्रांसफ़रों को हलवा
हलवा रे हलवा सोहन हलवा
नियुक्त्युं की रस मलाई , ट्रांसफ़रों को हलवा
माना कि भागमा तेरा , चेलों को जलवा
चेलों को जलवा , चेलों को जलवा
बिंडी मिट्ठो नि खलौवु त्यूँ सूगर बढी जालो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza - ५
छप्पन डामों की डड्वार कै कैन बांटी
बांटी रे बांटी कै कैन बांटी
छप्पन डामों की डड्वार कै कैन बांटी
स्टरडिया की रबडी कथगौन्न चाटी
कथगौन्न चाटी कथगौन्न चाटी
बारम चुनौ छ भूलू हे भूलू ..
हंसल्यो कि रोल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza- 6
कमीशन को डेंगू रोग . सर्यीं दिल्ली मा फैल्युं
फैल्युं रे फैल्युं रे दिल्ली मा फैल्युं रे
कमीशन को डेंगू रोग . सर्यीं दिल्ली मा फैल्युं
नेता अफसर लीगेनी भोरी भोरी थैल्युं रे
भोरी भोरी थैल्युं, भोरी भोरी थैल्युं
भोरे गेन बिदेसी बैंक ..हे बैंक
भोरे गेन बिदेसी बैंक .अब कख कुचोल्यो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
Stanza -7
रास्ट्रमंडल खेल टू जी घोटाला
घोटाला रे घोटाला टू जी घोटाला
रास्ट्रमंडल खेल टू जी घोटाला
अरबों .खरबों को माल लगेयाली छाला
लगेयाली छाला , लगेयाली छाला
ये देस की लाज प्रभो कनक्वे बच्योले रे ....
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ
(The poem is symbolic and humorous. In Hindi or Indian language, taking bribe is called bribe eating (Ghoos Khana ) and Narendra Singh Negi used the meaning of bribe taking in that sense to make poem humorous and satirical
the literal meaning of poem is
You are eating the commission as goat meat
You are eating the commission as Basmati rice
How much will you eat bribe?
How will you digest the commission?
You only can digest this much huge commission!
The people are dying because of inflation
There was hope from new province Uttarakhand
The government is building 56 dams but there is scarcity of milk
there is corruption in appointment, transfer.
Officers, politicians all are busy in taking bribe
Bribe takers depositing money in foreign banks
there was huge corruption in commonwealth game too)

Role of Culture on Corruption

The culture of a nation, state or region plays a great role in encouraging corruption.

Researchers as Separtaely, Hofstede Schwartz, Smith, Dugan, Inglehart proposed the following scheme for World Value Survey

1- Conservatism


3-Intellectual Autonomy

4-Egalitarian Commitment

5- Utilitarian Involvement

6-Post Materialism

The scholars use the following dimensions to gauge the corruption in the country:

1-Human development Index

2- Gross National Product

3-Population Density

4-Percentage of Urban population

5- Percentage of Immigrant Population

6-Mobility-percentage of people ready to move another city

7-Percent of people ready to move another country


9- Family Size

10-Income inequality per years

11-Ethnic Diversity index

12- Slowness of pedestrians

13-Transparency International

14-Competativenes Index

15- Confidence in Trade Unions

16- Attitude towards Protestants Work Ethics

17-Perception of Control over Life

18- Human Rights Violations

19-Pereception according to human rights

Then there are three aspects of religions- individual religion salvation, reform and individualism

The individualism and hierarchy also plays in each segment of factor to increase or decrease corruption

Fernandez (2001) states that the group/nationality orientation plays the role too and following factors are important to create pro-corrupt culture or anti-corruption culture

1-It is important to maintain harmony within my group

2-My happiness depends on the happiness of surrounding me

3- I respect people who are modest

4-I shall sacrifice my self-interest for the benefits of group I am in

5-My relationship with others are more important than my own achievement

6-It is crucial for me to respect the decisions made by my group

7-Even I am not happy I will stick to group if group needs me

8- I shall say ’NO” rather I am misunderstood

9- I am comfortable with singled out for praise or rewards

10- I act same way with all my group members

11- I enjoy being unique and different from others in many respects

12-My personal identity is independent to others and is very important for me

13- I prefer to be direct and forthright in dealing with people

(Reference “ Nekane Baseb and Maria Ros, 2005, Cultural dimensions and social behaviours correlates: Individualism, Collectivism and Power Distance

While analyzing the poem Kthga Khailya Re (How much will YOU take Bribe?’) with the above cited aspects of pro-corruption and anti corruption, the readers may find that Narendra Singh Negi pointed out many factors as

1- The bribe takers are not worried bout nation (group as cited above),

2- The bribe taker is not worried about the share of deprived ones

3- the bribe taker is not interested in group decision

4-The bribe taker is interested on his own accomplishment and not the achievement of group (nation) or relationship within the group (nation)

5-The bribe taker is not worried about the act of group discipline

6- The bribe taker is not interested in sacrificing for the group but for him his self interest is important than group benefits

7- The bribe taker is not at all looking at the happiness of people surrounding him

8- When Narndra Singh Negi refers in his poem about the scandal in commonwealth game, the poem states that bribe takers are not bothered about identity or differences etc.

9- Negi talks about depositing black money in foreign money bt bribe takers. Hence, the poet bribe takers are not interested in the benfits of group (Nation).

The poem clearly shows that Narendra negi is sensitive social observers that is why his points are matching with various sociology,-economics and psychology scholars

Corruption in Haiti

Haiti is one of the most corruption porn country in the world (31stposition from top).

J . Ramsey expresses his views on corruption and malpractices in the country in symbolic ways in his many poetries “poetry on Haiti: Fault Lines”

Corruption in Cote d’Ivoire

The Cote d’Ivoire’s position in corruption index comes thirty two from top

This is disgusting for people that when a country requires equal distribution of money among the citizens as of Cote d’Ivoire are witnessing development money is being siphoned by people sitting at high level .

Poetry about Corruption in Cameroon

Cameroon ‘s position is 33th from top in corruption level.

As famous most Indian singer and a notable poet Narendra Negi is worried about the worsening position of India and shown his concern through his Garhwali language (Indian) poem “Kathga Khailya (How much will you take (bribe)?” , same way Eric Ekinde a fine poet articulates his patriotic views about his motherland and request all citizens to eradicate corruption from Cameroon in his fine poem “ Cameroon My Country “

In morning , I get up and look at my country……

A country with memories of its glorious records……..

Cameroon my country where peace

Reigns and like breeze flows with ease…..

Long live my Cameroon country

Long live fight against corruption and bribery

Long live the fight for meritocracy.. ……

As famous most singers of India and remarkable poet Narendra Singh can not bear the pain of bribery being taken in appointment of government servants and transfer of goverment servants in Uttarakhand province of India in his Garhwali (Indian) poem “Kthagi Khailya (how much will you take (bribe )?:” same way Tikum Mah Azomba shows his anger in a short poem about corruption in instead of appointing the competent ones the authorities are appointing incompetent candidates as government servants due to bribery in Cameroon as


We all here idly and suffer

Over these ministers and their kind

Distribute jobs and money

To those our inferiors by far


Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti bckukreti@gmail.com