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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Narendra Singh Negi Attacks Rich Countries for Encouraging Corruption on Poor Countries

Bhishma Kukreti

(Abstract: The author takes cue from Narendra Negi's poem and discusses that hwo rich countries are encouraging corruption in poor countries.The author also put light on poetries related to corruption in Honduras and Nigeria)

(This is 9 th part of the long article : Kathga Khailya poem by Narendra singh Negi and poems on corruption in 150 countries)

Famous Indian singers and poet Narendra Singh Negi did not name of corrupt person directly in his Garhwali language poem ‘Kathga Khailya Re’. But his figurative and symbolic poem attacks many ways of corruption not only in Uttarakhand but also indicating sever attack on rich countries.

In Garhwali language, the phrase ‘Ghoos Khan’ means to eat bribe which means to take bribe. When Negi says that ‘Kathga Khailya Re’ or ‘How Much Will You Take Bribe? ‘ or ‘How Much Are you greedy?’, that means that who ever is spreading corruption that should be criticized.

Indirectly, Narendra Singh Negi cirtizing the rich countries too in the following stanza

Neta officer ligeni bhori bhori thailyun

Bhori bhori thailyun bhori bhori thailyun

Bahri gen bidesi bank he baink……

( The literal meaning of this stanza is that the political leaders and bureaucrats take uncountable bribes and deposit that black money in foreign banks . The foreign banks are flourishing)

The banks of Switzerland, Germany take deposit from people of other countries. These banks do not care whether the money is earned from corrupt methods or the money deposited by depositor is black money. Even at crucial times, these countries do not cooperate in exposing the names of depositors. This practice is nothing but imposing corruption by rich countries on poor countries. These rich countries are just helping corruption in poor countries. Negi in his brilliant poem indirectly attacks these smart countries for helping corrupt Indians.

Rich countries are culprit from many angles in spreading or helping poor countries to become corrupt.

The rich countries support dictators or do funding to those political parties who are their pets

Rich countries provide bribes to officials and politicians (kick backs, Remember- famous Boffor’s Case in India!) to export arms or other materials to poor countries

The rich countries offer heavy bribes to rulers of poor countries for buying natural resources as oil, minerals etc at least cost from these poor countries.

Multinational companies of rich countries pay heavy bribes to high officials and politicians of any country to get business benefits from the country.

Dr Susan Hawley (2000) in his article, ‘Exporting Corruption, Privatization, Multinationals and Bribery’ details about the multinationals indulged in corrupting poor countries and states

1- The multinationals weaken development and aggravate inequality in poor countries

2-Multinationals transfer money to riches which was for eradicating poverty

3-Multinationals create difficulties for domestic business houses

4- Multinationals persuade (by briberies) the government to make policies in their favors than the country’s favor

5- Many other malpractices by multinationals to increase corruption in the country.

Susan Hawley also proves that IMF or world bank encourage corruption in the countries those take loans from them

Joseph Hanlon and Ann Pettifor (2000) provide data to prove that IMF or World Bank encourage corruption in poor countries in the article ‘ Kicking the habit, Finding a last solution…..’

Anup Shah (2010) , in his remarkable article, “Corruption”: A global issue provide references and extraxt of many articles related to subject of rich countries encouraging corruption in poor countries.

The rich countries and their various government and private organizations apply other various methods to get benefits from poor countries and subsequently encourage corruption in poor countries.

Poems about Corruption in Nigeria

Nigeria comes in 42nd position in corruption perception from top

The poem ‘Prophecy I Blame Game’ by Tasin Otitoju about corruption Nigeria is by readers world wide. The poem Prophecy I Blame Game is figurative and opens many pains and struggles of Nigerians

How does it feel to be problem ?

Tell me Nigeria . Let us Talk

What happened ?........

Is it …

Britain, America,

Who beat you as a child

Then mock you as a large limbed

But small brained man….

Is it ..

Your wife her name, Corruption

Just marry another wife

There are women out there

Who make a man prosperous?

I don’t know why you have no money left….

This author rates this symbolic poem one of the best poems against corruption and exploitations of poor countries by rich countries

There is world wide famous and heart touching poem ‘We Thought it was Oil But it was blood’ by Nninmmo Bassy which is capable of stirring every economist , every person aspiring to develop the undeveloped or developing country that how the rich countries play the natural resources game and how the authority of under developed countries become the puppet of rich nations.

According to Charlse Mudede , mostly , every Nigerian government always put the literature creators as Chris Adani behind bar who raised their voice against the authorities and corruption at high level in Nigeria

Corruption Related Poems in Honduras

The position of Honduras is 43 from top in corruption level.

Poets as Claudia Torres, Roberto Sosa , Dave Bonta, Oscar Acosta, Clementina Suarez, Herber Sorto and many have been regularly creating poems about the pains due to dictatorship in the country and resulting various problems the citizens facing including corruption. TMost of the poem using symbolic methodology to express their anger and frustration against wrong happenings in the country.

The poem Loss Perros (Oscar Acosta) is an example , which shows how the poets using the methodology to show their anguish against authorities and worsening positions of citizens of Honduras

Loss Perros (Dog)

By Oscar and translated by Dave Bonta

See how the silence of love drips from their tongues

They keep quite in corners , catching the scents

Of affection on clothing, on lamps, in the voice….

How then to silence them , kick them …

How to poison and safely dispose of them

If their loving masters have also gone rabid

The poet made similes between the faithful and calm dogs and citizens and master as dictators of the country.


Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti, bckukreti@gmail.com