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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kathga Khailya Rai : A Garhwali Poem by Narendra Singh Negi Against Corruption and Poems against Corruption from 15o countries (Part-1)

Bhishma Kukreti

Corruption at high places has became a cancer world wide specially in undeveloped and developing countries. The poets are most sensitive intellectuals and they are not silent over the corruption in all agencies.

One of the famous most Indian singers Narendra Negi wrote a poetry against corruption in Garhwali (Indian) language ‘Kathga Khailya” . The sensitive poet Negi brought an musical album on this lyric too.

The poem starts as

कथगा खैल्या रै
कवि :नरेन्द्र सिंह नेगी (पौड़ी गाँव, पौड़ी )

कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
कमीशन कि शिकार भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे ...
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ ..
कथगा जि खैलो रे ...
यनि घुळणु रैल्यो , कनकै पचैल्यो
दुख्यारो ह्व़े जैल्यो रे
कमीशन कि मीट भात, रिश्वत को रेलों
रिश्वत को रैलो रे
बस कर बै ! बिंडी ना सपोड़ अब कथगा खैल्यौ

घुण्ड घुण्ड शिकार सुरवा , कमर कमर भात रे
भात रे भात बासमती भात ,,,,,,,,,,,
The political circle specially Bhartiy Janta Party is feeling the heat of this album in Uttarakhand province of India. the reason for worrying by the ruling political party in Uttarkhand province of India is obvious because before last election Negi launched a music album ' Nauchhami Narayan' and definitely the effect of album went against Congress party then a ruling party in Uttarakhand a province of India

Before, the author review the poem of Narendra Singh Negi , the author takes opportunity to know the poetry pattern in other countries where corruption is severly blocking the progress, development

Poetic Voice against corruption in Somalia

Somalia is rated most corrupt country by people’s perception (1.1 point in index). Mohamed Abdikadir Daud is a famous and distinct Ogadeni poet . Daud wrote affine poetry ‘Bleeding Wound. In this poem, Mohamed shows his anguish over various anti humanist acts either by society or by government agencies. Daud writes about his duty against corruption as

I am here to erase racial discrimination!
“I am here to criticize aggression!”
“I am here to call for war elimination!”
“I am here to compose songs of peace and love!”

Voices Against Corruption in Myanmar ?

Myanmar comes second most corrupt countries in the world. Since, there is censor in Myanmar for literature or public voice, we cant get the poems from there. However, a Mmyanmarian in exile Feraya provides an old poetic quotation against corruption in Myanmar of Shantideva(687-763AD) , “ If, for example, a house caught fire and there is a danger in spreading the fire to other adjacent houses, it is advisable to remove grass to stop the fire spreading It would be advisable to remove anything such as dry grass,
Poems about Corruption in Afghanistan

Afghanistan comes third in world map in corruption index and the Afghan lover can’t sit quiet about this worsening situation. A poet expresses his voice as under in a patriotic poem:

So let us reunite, O Tajik

Let history witness once more

How we fight the grip of corruption and immortality

How we fight oppression and injustice

( www.afghanmirror.tripod.com)

Movement against Corruption in Iraq

Iraq comes fifth nation from highly corrupt nation point of view ($220 billion size in corruption) . Therefore, there are voices against corruption as Kirmanj Ali analysis the following types of corruption destroying the nation:






6-Patronage system

The New York times reported that a poet Zardasht Osman was murdered by ruling party in Kurdistan just because college student Zardasht Osman wrote a satirical poem against corruption, nepotism, cronyism in Kurd area (May 2010)

Mozafar ali Nawab wrote a nice symbolic poem ‘In the Old Bar’ wherein he describes corruption etc as the deeds of whore and he says in the poem

The half warmth kills me , and half positions too

My lady, we all are whores like you

Oppression fornicates with us as does false religion, and false thoughts,

And false bread

And slogans….and color of blood, falsified grey even in funeral rites

And all the people or most of the people agree.. that the ruler is not one-eyed ..

Cheers ..cheers my lady (whore)

Only your mortal flesh has been corrupted

As some sell it al , green or barren

And stand up for everyone’s else’s cause

But flee from their own ………..

Corruption in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is sixth in index of most corrupted country. A poet and radio programmer Khayrullo Khamidove wrote about corruption and social bondage in his poem “ What Happened to the Uzbek?” . Khamidove is convicted for six years jail by Uzbekistan government


Corruption in Turkmenistan, Europe

Turkmenistan is one the most corrupted countries of world. Its number is seventh in index. There are reports about voices of poets and other intellectuals against corruption in the country but the authority in the country suppress all voices against the government’s misdeeds. (Reports from various Internet sites).

Movement against Corruption in Sudan Africa

The ranking of sudan in most corrupt nation is seventh from top. However, there is less action against corruption in the country. There is anti corruption commission from the year 2006 but till now no official has been prosecuted (www.sosnanews.com)

A special event was organized on the International anti corruption day at Nyauron Cultural centre in jud aon 7th December 2010 where many stakeholders participated and showed their pain that the corruption destroys development, human development, education. The local students sung songs and staged plays against corruption in the area.

A drama group Osulel Rural Action Group has been staging plays / dramas and read poems in spreading voices against corruption in Sudan

Corruption in Chad , Africa

Approximately, 80 percent of Chad people live below poverty line. The money for development is drained to authorities sitting on high places. International anti corruption voices are shouting against corruption in Chad but the authorities are dumb.

Poetry against Corruption in Burundi

The corruption is plagued in small nation as Burundi and whole money for development is sucked by authorities. Poet Jacob Dut Chol expresses his hurting from the corruption in African countries. Jacob names the corruption t”The Crisis of Africa” The pain of Jacob is similar to Nerendra Negi who voiced his views in satirical phrases of Garhwali (Indian) language. In pathetic emotion, Jacob says that Corruption is ….

It is filthy act

It enhances ones intent………

It is mostly an African crisis…

What does this mean to nation

What will all nations eschew it

How can it be totally eradicated?

It is mostly an African crisis

(Kanebu Story and Poems , Volume 4, Issue, 4

Poetic Voice against Corruption in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea an African country is facing many hurdles for humanity and human life. The country is one the most corrupt country as per corruption index. had been under colonial rule for many years and now is under dictatorship . The country It is no secret that dictatorship encourages corruption more than democracy . Poetess Maria Nsue Angue displays the real cause behind the bad governance in Equatorial Guinea


In the mirror of my past
there appear ghosts enmeshed
in a dark curtain, where my present

is shattered, and my future
crumbles in nothingness.

Faces of shadows swarm
in my mirror!
Your faces sketched by hunger
carry a stamp of misery as deep
as the revolving song of my sadness
that shouts at me to the depth of my bones
that I shall die like the offended Christ
who having been born in his time
those of his era did not recognize him.

(Reference: Marvin Lewis’s An introduction to the literature of Equatorial Guinea: between colonialism and dictatorship.)

To be Continued ......

Copry right @ Bhishma Kukreti, bckukreti@gmail.com