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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Calling Pradyuman Shah to Almora by Harsh Dev Joshi and company

(History of Kumaon from 1000-1790 AD)
                     (History of Panwar Dynasty Rule in Kumaon)
History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon, Haridwar) - Part 223

                                              ByBhishma Kukreti

                Pradyuman was Panwar but then, he was being called Pradyuman Chandra and as Kumaon King.
         Joshi and company were ruling Kumaon in the name of King Pradyuman Chandra living in Shrinagar palace. However, it was not possible for Joshi to rule like that for ever. They needed Pradyuman Chandra as cover for their rule. Lalit Shah died in Kumaon. Now, his eldest son Jayakirti Shah was Garhwali King. It was necessary for Joshi to take permission from Jayakirti to bring Pradyuman Chandra in Almora.
               Prempati Khanduri one of the high positioned administrators of Garhwal Kingdom was still in Almora. Doti queen was mother of Pradyuman and Parakram. Prempati Khanduri was in the side of Doti Queen of Garhwal kingdom (second wife of late Lalit Shah). Lalit Shah appointed Prempati Khanduri as guardian of Pradyuman Chandra. A family member of Prempati Khanduri, Nitya Nand Khanduri was Mukhtyar (minister) and director of Kingdom administration from the time of Lalit Shah. He used took after income and expenses of the kingdom. Nitya Nand Khanduri was Faujdar or Jagirdar of Salan (south Pauri Garhwal) and his income was around rupees one and quarter lakh. Nitya Nand was quite old.
                The Garhwal army chief of the army sent for Kumaon attack was Minyan Dhanu Gaddi. Prempati Khanduri and Dhanu Gaddi were close friends.  Prempati Khanduri was very close to Harsh Dev Joshi and Jaya Nand Joshi. Jaydev Dangwal in Shrinagar was also supporter of Joshi Company. Later on Jaydev Dangwal became minister of Kumaon Kingdom.

       Conspiracy of Nitya Nand Khanduri against Garhwal King
  Nitya Nand Khanduri had political affiliation with Doti queen. Nitya Nand Khanduri wanted to make Pradyuman Shah as Garhwal king. When Jayakirti Shah became Garhwal King he appointed Kripa Ram Dobhal as Mukhtyar or prime minister in place of Nitya Nand Khanduri.                    Now, Nitya Nand was Faujdar and director of revenue only. Nitya Nand Khanduri became annoyed by that change.
           Due to changes in administration in Garhwal kingdom due to death of King Lalit Shah, Pradyuman Chandra was not sent to Kumaon.
             Joshi of Kumaon wanted that Pradyuman Shah reach to Almora and Nitya Nand Khanduri wanted that Kripa ram Dobhal is vanished.  
          Nitya Nand Khanduri sent a message to Joshis that Kripa Ram Dobhal had a plan to come to Kumaon to take over Kingdom and Dobhal would harm Joshis. Khanduri sent message to Joshis that they should come to Shrinagar and after killing Jayakirti Shah and Kripa Ram Dobhal they can take Pradyuman Chandra. Khanduri told in message that youngest prince Parakram would be king of Garhwal. Nitya Nand advised to Joshi that by this way he would be ruling Garhwal and Joshis would be ruling Kumaon.
  Getting message from Nitya Nand Khanduri, Jaya Nand Joshi made a plan to attack on Garhwal.

        Letter of Jaya Nand Joshi to Kripa Ram Dobhal

 Jaya Nand Joshi sent a letter to Kripa Ram Dobhal that “Garhwal king sent the army to Kumaon to defeat Mohan Chand. As per advice from Lalit Shah we also appointed free lancer soldiers in Kumaon. By that Mohan Chand was defeated.
              Now, Garhwal Kingdom did not send Pradyuman Chandra to Almora not Garhwal Kingdom sent money for salaries to soldiers. All the soldiers including free lancer soldiers are desperate, wanted we go to Shrinagar and they themselves are insisting to come to Shrinagar. Therefore, you send Pradyuman Chandra to Almora and pay salaries to soldiers. If these soldiers come to Shrinagar they would destroy everything there.”
                 Now, Kripa Ram Dobhal was a worried man. On that period, there was a fashion of free lancer soldiers. These free lancer soldiers would fight for anybody who paid them high salary or looting opportunity. A couple of years back, Lalit Shah sent such army to conquer Sirmaur-Nahan. That army did not defeat Sirmaur Kingdom and returned to Shrinagar. The free lancer soldiers created violence and disturbance in Shrinagar. Lalit Shah had to sell his personal jewelry and gold to pay back salaries to these free lancer soldiers.
          The news came that  Jaya Nand Joshi was coming Shrinagar with army.  
            In the mean time, Kripa Ram Dobhal came to know about the conspiracy of Nitya Nand Khanduri. Before, Jaya Nand Joshi could reach to Shrinagar with army Kripa Ram Dobhal took action. In a night, Kripa Ram Dobhal arrested Nitya Nand Khanduri and his all family members and put them in Bangadh jail. Nitya Nand was blinded by putting indigo in his eyes. The wealth and  Jagir of Nitya Nand Khanduri was snatched.  

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti -bckukreti@gmail.com 21/12/2013


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