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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Garhwali-Kumaoni Folklore about Brahmkunvar

Folklore, Folk Legends, Folk Myths of Kumaon- Garhwal, Uttarkahnd-7
Religious, Spiritual and Mythological Folklore of Garhwal, Kumaon, Uttarakhand – 7 

                                        Bhishma Kukreti 

             From the old days, Mahabharata, Shiv Puran and Gorakhnathi sects influenced Garhwal and Kumaon. There are folklore, folktales related to Krishna.
                One of the popular folklore about Krishna is Brahmkunvar folklore.
             कुमाऊं और गढ़वाल की लोक गाथाएँ -7

ब्रह्म कुंवरलोक गाथा 
(सन्दर्भडा गोविन्द चातक , गढ़वाल की लोक गाथाएँ  )

लाडलो बर्मी पौंछे कृष्णा का पास बोल बोल दिदा क्या काम होलु मैकू?तब बोल्दा कृष्ण भगवान मन की बात त्वे जाणु होलु बरमी हिंवचल कांठा
xxx                        xxx 
मोतिमाला पथरमाला द्वी बैणि चली ऐन दखिण द्वारका मोतिमाला ब्याहेण कृष्ण तैं ब्र्मीन ब्याहे पथरमाला इना रैन भगवान कला का पूरा द्वारका बीच लोग मंगल गांदा 
 The story starts by worshipping of God, Krishna, and Ganga.
  One day, lord Krishna was playing dice in Dwarka. Narad said to Krishna,”There is a princes Motimala in Jaulatal in Himalaya. She has gold dices and silver stool. She is beautiful as fairy and her fame is as sun light.”
          Brahmkunvar the brother of Krishna came with chariot and asked Lord Krishna,” Tell me the reason you called me.”
The Lord said,” you have to travel Himvnhal Kantha for me. You have to win Motimala for me from there.”
 Brahmkunvar flew to Himnvchal by his she horse. Brahmkunvar was taking bath in Jaulatal. Sharada the maid servant of Motimala reached there and she saw handsome Brahmkunvar.
 Sharda ran to Motimala. Motimala was very beautiful as star among black cloud, white as rice, golden as Fyunli. She was as butter and sweet as Hisar fruit.  Motimala was the beautiful most among beauties.  Sharda informed the arrival of Brahmkunvar.
 Motimala asked Sharda to call Brahmkunvar. Sharda came to Brahmkunvar, Brahmkunvar told to Sharda,” I am son of Vimla and belong to Yadav cult. I came here to meet my sister in law Motimala.”
Sharda said,” Motimala is unmarried. How come Motimala is your sis in law? There came three hundred sixty kings to marry her and everybody lost the battle and many are now, her slaves.
  Sharda told to Brahmkunvar that Motimala loved playing dice. She informed that Motimala would ask him to  play dice with her and cautioned not to sit on silver stool while playing dice with Motimala.
 Brahmkunvar reached to palace of Motimala. Motimala took out golden dices, silver stool. Brahmkunvar sat on another stool. One by one,Brahmkunvar lost his horse, ear ornaments, hand ornament, leg ornaments against Motimala in dice game. Brahmkunvar started remembering lord Krishna.
Brahmkunvar requested to Motimala to bring fresh water for him as he never took water from servants. Motimala went to bring water from oak jungle. Barmi (Brahmkunvar) sat on the stool of Motimala. When Motimala came with water she told Barmi to leave her stool but Barmi refused and asked to restart the game of dice. One by one Brahmkunvar won over all his ornaments and horse too. Now, one by one Barmi won the ornaments of Motimala barring Ghaghra for her honor.  
Brahmkunvar made ready the Raghukanthi horse and asked Motimala to go to Dwarka.
Motimala put the condition that when Barmi would won and married her sister Patharmala from Chandragiri she would go to dwarka.
 Barmi reached to Chandragiri. The king of snakes  Bhupunag was the king of Chandragiri. There were seven circles around the palace. Brahmkunvar broke the seven circle with the aid of horse and reached to Patharmala.
Patharmala saw the innocent Brahmkunvar and said, “he Barmi! Why did you come to enemy region? Have you lost your path? My poisonous snake will bite you”
Brahmkunvar said,” No! I did not lost my path. Your sister Motimala told me to win over you and marry with you. Your snake is in Naglok at this moment”
She told Barmi to win her and marry. Suddenly, Nag came there. Barmi hid below the cot. The nag smelled the human smell and challenged Barmi.
Barmi came out and Nag took Barmi in Nagfans. Barmi became blue due to Nagfans.
Mother of Barmi Vimal Rauteli understood the danger of her son Barmi. Vimla Rauteli remembered guru Gorakhnath and asked guru to protect her son Barmi. Krishna sent a bee to Ramoligarh to tel the story to Siduava . Frend of Krisna,  Sidwa reached Chandragiri, first killed Nag and then medicated Brahmkunvar.
 Brahmkunvar (barmi) married to Patharmala and Motimala along with Patharmala reached to south –Dwarka. Motimala married to Krishna. People started singing auspicious songs Mangal.

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Copyright (Interpretation) @ Bhishma Kukreti, 19/4/2013
Folklore, Folk Legends, Folk Myths of Kumaun-Garhwal, Uttarakhand- to be continued…8
Religious, Spiritual, Mythological Folklores of Garhwal, Kumaon, Uttarakhand to be continued… 8 
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