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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, April 22, 2013

Different Kumaoni and Garhwali Versions of Ramola Gatha Folklore -2

Folklore, Folk Legends, Folk Myths of Kumaon-Garhwal, Uttarkahnd-9
Religious, Spiritual and Mythological Folklores of Garhwal, Kumaon, Uttarakhand – 9 
[Notes on Seem-Mukheem (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Garhwal; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Uttarkashi Garhwal; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Tihri Garhwal; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Chamoli Garhwal; Seem-Mukheem (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Rudraprayag Garhwal; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Pauri Garhwal; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Dehradun Garhwal; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Hardwar Garhwal; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Pithauragarh Kumaon ; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Kumaon ; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Bageshwar Kumaon ; Seem-Mukheem (Ramola Gatha) folklore of  Champawat Kumaon ; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Almora Kumaon ; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Nainital Kumaon ; Seem-Mukheem  (Ramola Gatha) folklore of Udham  Singh Nagar Kumaon ]

                                        Bhishma Kukreti

 There are two versions for Ramola folklore in Uttarakhand. This writer already narrated the Garhwali version of Ramola folklore in last part of Folklore of Uttarakhand.  
              Kumaoni Version of Ramola Gatha folklore
The Kumaoni version of Ramola Gatha folklore is slightly different than Garhwali version as the following few lines show the difference

         कुमाऊं और गढ़वाल की लोक गाथाएँ -9                                      कुमाऊं में रमोला गाथा

(सन्दर्भडा प्रयाग जोशी , कुमाउनी लोक गाथाएँ )

बूढ़ गंगू रमोला बैठ्यो उच्ची सिंघासन
कौ भाया जोलियातुनि कथ बटि आया ?
कृष्ण ज्यू का जोलिया  ले परमाणु दियो
पैलि की पंगत होली आदिल कुशलि
दूसरी पंगति प्रभु इसी लेखि राखी
मेरो मन लागी गयो रंगीली रमोली
ढाई गज जमीन राजा में कोण दी हाले
परमाण पढ़न राजा गुस्सा भरी आयो
आज मांग  ढाई गज , भल बाकी मांगलो  
   Once, lord Krishna saw Ramoligarh in dreams, he sent letter with his ambassador. Krishna explained that he is attracted to Ramoli Garh and he requires two yards land in Ramoligarh. Gangu Ramola became furious by reading the message. And said,” today, Krishna is demanding two yard land in Ramoligarh , tomorrow he will ask the whole land.” Gangu Ramola said to messenger,” I am pardoning today. However you tell next time, I shall behead you and will offer your head to Badrinath Ji.” The messenger returned to Dwarka.
 Later on Krishna came to Ramoligarh in the dress of an old Brahmin. He requested two and half yard land from Gangu Ramola for building a small hut. Gangu became angry and took out the sword.
Krishna transformed into a bee and flew to Gangu’s inner palace. When Gangu returned to his inner palace he was shocked to find his empty grain stores, wreathless godowns.
  The twenty dozens of goat of Gangu were gone to grassland. Krishna played the flute and Chausinga goat the sign of wealth of Gangu came after Krishna to Dwarka and Gangu lost all his wealth.
 Gangu with his two wives Ijula and Bijula started living on root bulbs and leaves. Later on, Ramola went towards Tibet for begging. After roaming in all directions, Gangu reached to Dwarka. He played Damru. Rukmani the wife of Krishna offered Ramola the best food. However, due to curse of Krishna the rice balls changed into insects and curry into blood. Gangu thought of some curses. Rukmani advised gangu to visit to Krishna for pardon.
 Younger wife of Gangu Bijula asked pardon from Krishna. She told to Krishna,” o Lord! Ramoligarh is empty and my husband is also wealth less and fames less.’ Ramola also asked pardon and Krishna pardoned Ramola.
 Krishna offered Kauni a cereal to Bijula and after taking Kauni she became pregnant. She was shocked.
The elder queen Ijula complained about ten month pregnancy of bijula to Gangu. Gangu asked Bijula to meet him at breakfast.
Listening, the order of her husband she started weeping. She decided to do suicide. Howver, she delivered two child boys.
 The children advised Bijuli to cover them by leaves and to offer breakfast to father. They advised their mother not to disclose the secret till twelve years.
 Guru Nilpal took the children and concluded naming ceremony for both the children and named them Sidua and Bidua. Both the boys became experts of twelve Shashtras and Boksadi mantra.
 At the time of Uttarayan, Sidua and Bidua decided to meet their mother.
When Nilpal was gone to bathing and both the children ran away to their mother.
Both the children came to court of Gangu and called Gangu as jaidyol Pitaji’. Gangu asked them to be in limit as he did not have any son.
Gangu asked his both the wives about sons. The elder wife Ijula told that they are her sons. Bijula also told that they are her sons. Gangu ordered to tie the weight of seven shallow pans and seven tava on the chest of both the wives. He said that the milk will come out from the real mother chest.
Milk started flowing from the chest of Bijuli.
Gangu salted both the boys. In later stage, Sidua and Bidua became famous price of Ramolagarhi

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Copyright (Interpretation) @ Bhishma Kukreti, 21/4/2013
Folklore, Folk Legends, Folk Myths of Kumaun-Garhwal, Uttarakhand- to be continued…10
Religious, Spiritual, Mythological Folklore of Garhwal, Kumaon, Uttarakhand to be continued… 10