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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, August 16, 2015

हर गढ़वाली को गढ़वाली -हिंदी शब्दकोश अपने पुस्तकालय में रखनी चाहिए

Garhwali Hindi Shabdkosh: A Dictionary that every Garhwali should own  

 (Review of Garhwali Hindi Shabdkosh 2nd Edition)
       (Garhwali Literature Review Series -2294)

                          Review by: Bhishma Kukreti

                Dr Govind Chatak rightly said that Garhwali Hindi Shabdkosh (Garhwali to Hindi Dictionary) is a great achievement for Garhwalis.
           Arvind Purohit, Beena Benjwal compiled and Ramakant Benjwal edited 2nd edition of Garhwali Hindi Shabdkosh.  Arvind Purohit, Beena Benjwal and Ramakant Benjwal have done a commendable job for Garhwali language and are beneficial for future generation.
  Before first edition of Garhwali Hindi Shabdkosh, Mal Chand Ramola and Jay Lal Verma published small size dictionaries separately below 3000 words.
 Present volume of Garhwali Hindi Shabdkosh has more than 21000 words.
    Since the dictionary is Garhwali to Hindi Shabdkosh there was no need for offering how to pronounce or spell.
       The compilers tried to provide different local words for the same word. Since, Garhwali is not standardized either by government or by any agency the compilers tried offering all available local words for the same meaning. Wherever possible or necessary, editors provide the dialect locality names- Tihriyali, Rathi, Jaunsari etc.
   This edition tells us different meaning of words those have different meaning.
 Wherever necessary, compilers or editors provide uses of words.
   There are grammar explanation for each word that is for example noun, singular or plural numbers, gender-female, male neutral and tense etc in the dictionary
 Wherever there are synonyms the editors offer synonyms.
  There are 300 Caste names included in this volume with short history too.
      Though not for every word, but wherever possible, editors provide the root language for the words-Sanskrit, English, Persian, Arabic.
  Apart from the meaning of words starting from ‘A’ to ‘H’, editors offered important 47 additional chapters  as words of different genes as plants, animals, dressing, body parts etc;;Tantra Mantra words; village names colour,; counting; days, week and starts; emotional words; taste related words; synonyms; adjectives;, comparable words; prefix and suffix usages; proverbs; riddles etc.
       The dictionary is really useful for those who want to learn Garhwali and who wish to enrich their Garhwali vocabulary.
            The present volume of Garhwali- Hindi Dictionary also paves the way for standardizing Garhwali language.
                    People will remember the works of  Arvind Purohit, Beena Benjwal and Ramakant Benjwal  in the language history for compiling and editing the  Garhwali-Hindi dictionary as people remember Johnson for English Dictionary;  C.L. Barnhart; J. Milton Cowan (Arabic –English Dictionary ); E.M. Haraty (Spanish-English Dictionary); Louise Segal (Russian –English Dictionary); Heinz Messinger, Helmut Willmann (German-English Dictionary); Roberta Martignon-Burgholte , Andreas Cyffka (Italian-English Dictionary); F.F Wang (Mandarin Chinese Dictionary); H.A Giles (Chinese –English Dictionary); Randle Cotgrave (French-English Dictionary); Seigo Nakao (Japanese-English-Japanese Dictionary); Davidovic Mladen (Korean –English Dictionary); F J Steingas (Persian-English Dictionary); J. L. Taylor ( Portuguese –English Dictionary).
   Every Garhwali should keep Garhwali-Hindi Dictionary in their home and should inspire other language people to keep the same in their house.
  Garhwali-Hindi Shabdkosh
(Garhwali-Hindi Dictionary)
(In Devnagari –Hindi Script)
Compilers and Editors-
Compilers- Arvind Purohit and Beena Benjwal
Editor- Ramakant Benjwal
Year of Publication – 2013
Page -520
Price (2013)- Rs 495
Publisher- Winsor Publishing Company, Dispensary Road, Dehradun, India
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai 2015