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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Review on poetry Collection ‘Dudhau Doodh Panya Pani’ by Pooran Pant

Dudhau Doodh Panya Pani : an Appreciable Efforts by Pooran Pant ‘Pathik’
(A Review on poetry Collection ‘Dudhau Doodh Panya Pani’ by Pooran Pant ‘Pathik’.
        (Garhwali Literature, Literature from Uttarakhand, Himalayan Literature)

                            Bhishm Kukreti
                    There is always shortage of writing for children in any language. As far as Garhwali literature is concerned, there are folk poems, folk stories, folk riddles and folk sayings for children in Garhwali language.  Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna initiated writing poems for children in Garhwali; Bhishm Kukreti initiated drawing pictorial riddles etc in Garhwali prose.  Less is written about literature for children in modern Garhwali langue. Dudhau Doodh Panya Pani’ by Pooran Pant ‘Pathik’ is second poetry collection in Garhwali after ‘Ankh Pankh’ a poetry collection for children by Abodh Bandhu Bahuguana.  Pooran Pant restarted afor filling the gap in children’s literature in Garhwali literature by publishing poems for children.
             Pooran Pant is multifarious talent in Garhwali literature. Pant is a satirical poet, a story teller, a satirist in prose, an editor of a Garhwali weekly and now Pooran Pathik presents a poetry collection in Garhwali
 Dudhau Doodh Panya Pani’ by Pooran Pant ‘Pathik’ is definitely a mile stone in the Garhwali poetry history as the poems deals to early teen aging children.  
 There are seventeen poems in the collection
Doodhua Doodh Panyau Pani – is about loss by unnecessary greed and hording
Akal- talks about relativity in very simple words.
Ghaindudi banigye – is about dally life of a child narrated by her/his mother.
Audul ar bagh : is about the horrible result by burgling .
Mungari ka chor- is about a lesson to trust on the trusted matter only
Kudratai shiksha is about taking lessons from nature.
Garhwali Nari deals about the hard working and sacrificing common women of Garhwal; Desh Gan-1and 2 verses are about our duties towards our country; there is lesson of loss by greed in Markhulya Khadu; Bani jaula takes the children for creating imagery in their mind; ‘whatever you sow you will get that’ is moral lesson in karmon ka fal; Kucchh Kan says about execution is also important than dreaming; Bwe poem is about showing the characteristics s of a mother;  Chhatri speak s about consequences of various old things and values of experiences; Gadni is to tell children about rivers and rivulets and bravery rapture is in Pandra august.
   From technique point view, from narrating style of view, most of the poems in Dudhau Doodh Panya Pani’ by Pooran Pant ‘Pathik’ are in the line of suggestions by Lynch-Brown and Tomlinson (2008) .
        As Rothlein and Meinbach  (1996) suggest the characteristics of poems suitable for classrooms, the poems of Pant are very much suitable for classrooms too.
 K Egan (2006) explains that the essential aspect of children poetry is that the poems should engage the imagination of children readers.  Pant is successful in engaging the imagination of children of aging between eleven and fourteen.
 There is word play, there is humor, as
Bani jaula fyunli buransh ka fool
Hansla, banikai banspa kaa fool
 Personification in children poem creates positive effects in children mind and Chhatri poem is good example of personification in  children poem.
  Pooran pant successfully could create lively imagery in many poems.
 Uses of last word in the poems, Pant is victorious in creating repeated sound for making poems rhymed that children remember the poems as
Dagd ka Naunon n kauri padhai
Naukari byo band, pet bharai
Aini kauki , jeewan apno vitai
 Since, Pooran Pant is humorous and satirical poet from his early age, humor is also found in his narration in this verses volume for children.
  The poems are simple and are having memorable lines too.
 As world literature will never forget the works of William Wordsworth, Edward Lear, Christina Rossetti, Kipling, Stevenson, Ganados Antonia, Alonso, John Gey,  James Montgomery, J. Taylor Behn ,Mrs clark, Eva Strittmatter, H.Hoffman, Ko Un, D.younglin Lee,  Samuil Yokovlevich Marshak, Agnia Barto, the world  literature will always remember  the work of Pooran Pant Pathik for his contribution   for bring cpoems for children in Garhwali language.
Dudhau Doodh Panya Pani’ by Pooran Pant ‘Pathik’
(Balopayogi Garhwali Kavita Snagrah)
Gadhwalai Dhai Prakashan, Dehradun, India
Contact Number 9412936055

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