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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bheem Ringoun ya Bheem Baja Nach Gan : A Pando folk Song-Dance depicting the Bravery of Bhima

(Garhwali Folk dance-Song, Kumauni Folk Dance-Song, Uttarakhandi Folk dance-Song of Pando dance)
(Folk Songs and Dance of Chivalry, Traditional dance and Folksongs of Bravery)

                           Bhishm Kukreti
                 Bhim is very prominent character of Mahabharata. When the Kurukshetra battle (Greatest war of Great  Wars ) started Duryodhan never show his worry from Arjun or other Pandavas except Bhima. Bhima was always great warrior among Pandavas.  As the story states that his one wife Hidamba was from Garhwal (Dr Shiv Prasad Dabral).
            As it is a truth that Mahabharat’s stories had been there in folk literature before Mahabharata epics was created in Garhwal (Ganesh cave above Mana Village near Badrinath and near the sources of Dhauli Ganga (Alaknanda ) and Sarswati river.
             There is Bhim Shila (Bhim big Stone) on the river sarswati in Mana Vilage which in past used to be a bridge to cross river Sarswati. It is said that this big stone was kept by Bhima for using as bridge, the aim of writing is that the story about Bhim’s bravery is found in every nook and corner of Garhwal and Kumaun.
              The dance of Bhim in Pando dance is very agile, vibrant, with rage and called also and-band dance (where is no rule of dance) . Many times, the’Pashwa’ of Bhim eats burning coal and runs over burning coal too. The Bhim oriented dance is also Bhim Ringon which means to run around circle and then be unconscious by agile dance.
   The following song of Bhim ringon
   पंडो भीम रिन्गौण को लोकगीत : या भीम बाजा नाच गाण
बाला दैणी होई जैन तेरी
दैणी होई जैन त्यरी वा सौ मण कि गदा
परतिज्ञा को दानि बाला
सौ मन कि गदा वाला तेरी होली नौ मन कि ढाल
बाला जंगलूं जंगलूं बाला
भाबरु भाबरु तुमकू रै गेन भारत पियारा
डाल़ा को गोळ हिलैकी बाला
डाल़ा मा बैठयाँ कौरौ कि पटापट पतगे लगाई दिने
चांदी छैला चौक मा बाला
नौ खारी रीठों को मेरा जोधा पिसम्यल्लो बैण याल़े
सौ मन का गोला भीम रे जोधा
सर्ग चूलेने असी असमान अपतां फेंकने हाथी
पर मेरा बालाभीमसेण जोधा

 In this song the singer (Aujee) narrates the big strength of Bhima as he has a club of hundred tons, the shield weighing nine tons, as soon as Bhima comes in the battle Bhima kills Kauravas as radish, when by fear Kauravas climb on trees, Bhima shakes the trees and Kauravas fall down. Bhima throws elephants into the sky and nobody knows where elephants have gone. 

स्रोत्र ; अबोध बंधु बहुगुणा एवम डा शिवा नन्द नौटियाल

Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti

Garhwali Folk dance-Song, Kumauni Folk Dance-Song, Uttarakhandi Folk dance-Song of Pando dance to be continued