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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few Kukreti Personalities from Gweel, Malla Dhangu

Kukreti community -6
                         A few Kukreti Personalities from Gweel, Malla Dhangu
 Presented on Internet: Bhishm Kukreti, Jaspur, Malla Dhangu
 Offline Presentation: Shri  Chakrdhar Son of late Shri Khima Nand ji Kukreti , Gweel

1-Late  Sant Sadanand Ji Kukreti’ Sapadak Ji’ (Son of Shri  Bala Datt Ji , 1886-1936 ) : sadanand Ji was first Modern Garhwali Story Writer – Garhwali That ( 1913)
He worked with Tihri riyasat and then came to Paudi and edited Vishal Kirti
Sant ji also established Silogi school
2- late Bhashkara Nand Ji Kukreti (Son of late Bala Datt Ji)  he was section officer in Lucknow at the time of British Raj
3- Jeet  Ram Ji  (son of Bala Datt Ji) – he retired as Deputy Director , Irrigation department, Lucknow . His family is settled in Kanpur
4-  Gopal Datt Ji (son of Baladatt Ji ) Late Gopal Datt Ji was private Secretary of Chief Mnister shri Cahndra Bhanu Gupt time.
5- late Sachhida Nand Kukreti  (Son of Bhashkara Nand Ji Kukreti) was City Magistrate in Railway Mumbai.
6- jagdish Chandra ji  (son of Jeet ram Ji ) – he was additional district collector and secretary with UP government, Lucknow. Resides in Lucknow
7- Late Nanda Datt Ji ‘manager saab’ son of Krishn Datt Ji - was manager for silogi Hish School after death of Sada Nand ji . Good friend of late jagmohan Singh ji minister in UP
8- late Premlal ji – retired as Major General and was at top position in mountaineering institute.
A few Kukreti Personalities from Gweel, Malla Dhangu to be continued