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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meaning of 'Kha' or 'B'

Yes the phrase  is Kh for Khasya and Bh for Bhatdaa but may be i heard much Kh/B
                   Historical aspects  
Though, i wrote in humrous way, but Maularam a famous Garhwali historian and Braj poet wrote very seriously about Kh-Bh
                         1- कहिये  तो मुसकिल
कहिये तो मुसकिल ण कहिये तो मुसकिल
देखिरहिये तो मुसकिल महा मुसकिल आन छाई है
रहिये तो मुसकिल जो ण रहिये तो मुसकिल
कहीं जुये तो मुसकिल कठन ऐसो बनि आई है
गुण ग्राहक रहे नहीं अब नीच को प्रभुताई है
घर घर मैं माच्यो  सोर ठौर ठौर कागा रौर
औसद नहीं करत कोई रोग यह कुठौर है
एक नही होते मिली मंत्र नही जोहते
आपस में पड़ी फूट सबके मन चोर हैं
कहत मौलाराम खबरदारी मैं रहत नाहीं
हिंदु कौं घट , मुसलमान कौं घोर हैं
               २- खसिया दुज हैं गढ़ कै
असें खसिया दुज हैं गढ़ कें ! जानत हैं घर ही मही लडि  के
येक  को येक करैं चुगली मुगली बहु पचन मै पडि कें
पर काज बिगारत हैं अपनों सिर पाप चढ़ावत हैं अडि  के
यहि  तैं यो गढ़वाल गयो कटि आपस माहीं मरै लडि के  
कवि मौलाराम विचार कही   ऐसे खसिया दुज हैं गढ़ के  
             Khasiya -Duj hain Gadh ke
    2- asen khasiya duj hain gadh ke , janat ghar mahi ladi ke
yek ki yek karain chugli mugli bahu pechan mai padi ke
par kaj bigarat hain apno sir paap chadhavat hai adi ke
yahi tain yo gadhwal gayo kti aaps marain ke
kvi maularam vichar kahi asai khasiya duj hain gadh ke
(from GadhRajvansh Kavy )
The poet was a Court poet in Shrinagar before and around- before Gorkhya invaded Garhwal  to rule in Garhwal and you will see Kh-Bh diseas was prevailing at that time too . If at all i exposed Kh-Bhatda concept i did in a good faith that we shall not indulge in the same manner which paved the way for Gorkha invasion
I am sure you did understand my intention
I once again thank you by heart for providing energy to me
On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 8:34 AM, Sheryjawa Singh <sheryjawa11@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Mr.Kukreti,
                           Pranam Kukreti Jee..few days ago i  read your  mail  regarding election(Whom Shall I Vote in Coming Uttarakhand Assembly Election?) 

Generally You provide  knowledge full, historical,cultural etc etc ...  information about  Uttrakhand  ,and these information are very use full and   i respect very much of  your knowledge bank  about Uttrakhand .
 but after  reading  your below  mail   i was very dispointed  from  your side, i was not accepting these types of words from your side.
i  want  focus  two  main point about your mail.

P1: You mentioned   two words  ‘Kha’ aur ‘B’..

 You did a silly  mistake as per   for your kind information the exact words are  ‘Kha’ aur ‘BHA’
 Please Don't Mention these types of words in near future ..

P2:You mentioned 
A fight for power between Rajput and Brahmin"

OMG .. How can it possible Mr. Kukreti,this statement can't exist  coz if yourabove statement  will apply  then No  Brahmin candidate can't win the election.

  Mr.Kukreti Motive of  my mail was  only focus  two   wrong statement ,I do not want  hurt any  one feelings....

Rajbeer Singh Negi.

B. C. Kukreti

                 Whom Shall I Vote in Coming Uttarakhand Assembly Election?

                                                         Bhishm Kukreti
         Since last election of Uttarakhand  results were declared , M.S Mehta  of Mera pahad .com, Purnendu Chauhan of Young Uttaranchal/Uttarakhand, Chandra Shekhar Joshi of Himalay Log.com  , many newspaper journalist friends and my own friends have been asking me  whom I shall vote in the coming election of 2012. My above friends will be happy now, that I could open my silence but others will comment that I am blowing my own trumpet. Well! I am from marketing that I shall not blow other’s trumpet at all but will blow my trumpet only.
 Till yesterday, they were just reminding me but now calls are pouring to me to declare my choice of political party for Uttarakhand assembly.  Let me tell you the secret:
      I am very much confused as Anna team is confused that now, which party they should believe because from their angle of concern, all politicians are of same feathers or in clear words all politicians are black sheep.   Since, to launch  white sheep politicians (new honest political party ) or to call the real honest politicians for fighting election  is as taking the bit in the teeth, Anna team and myself have to choose better black sheep  from the herd of political  black sheep.
     My first Ghanghtol (Confusion) is whether I should vote the politician for whom politics is bread and butter or I should rely on politicians who just entered into political arena.  In both cases, both candidates have set eyes on the powerful post rather than eying on the causes benefitting the people.  Let me first clear this confusion and then I shall decide whom I should vote.  Both believe in  gold-digging  through political means.
            Second Ghanghtol (puzzlement) is whether independents are worthy to try or let them be happy by losing the election for the sake of making democracy strong or may be making mockery of democracy.
          There is always a  Ghanghtol (riddle) before election’s ‘halchal ‘ starts whether I should go for according to my Jat (Caste) and follow our oldest and centuries old custom of ‘Kha’ aur ‘B’ ( A fight for power between Rajput and Brahmin ) of Garhwal  or I should show my snobbishness that I am  intellectual and don’t care for Brahmin-Rajput phenomenon. My Ghanghtol (enigma) would be that if I defy the oldest tradition of Garhwal that is Kha’ aur ‘B’ (A fight for power between Rajput and Brahmin), people of my Brahmin community and even Rajput population will definitely perceive that I only write articles about protecting Garhwali culture and do not practice it. Since, I believe in ‘Mau chhodi deen pan Ganv ni chhodan’ (Leave your brother for community sake), I will not follow the intellectualism.  I always  follow the tradition and will definitely protect our cultural heritage of ‘Kha’ aur ‘B’ ( A fight for power between Rajput and Brahmin ) of Garhwal  . Therefore choice would be Brahmin for me.
    Another Ghanghtol (question) is about whether I should go for a political party or the best candidate. Well! I shall take lesions from my grandfather that a successful person should always go with winning candidate.  Since, I would like to be called a successful person I shall go for winning candidate and I heard not from horse to mouth but watched BBC for that sake and came to from CNN International news channel too that in my area, no independent candidate wins except once Shri Bhairav Datt Dhulia. Since, we believe that BBC or CNN are better news analysts than the people in my area I shall not go for best candidate but will choose from the political parties.   
              There is less Ghanghtol (problem) about Samajvadi Party in my mind. Though Vinod Barthwal is my close relative as he is eldest son of daughter of co-wife (saut) of my mothers’ fufu (father’s sister). Due to being a true Uttarakhand movement agitator, I shall never vote for Samajvadi party, though in turn, Vinod Barthawal ‘s mother will break relationship  with my mother’s relatives who are poor .
                  Since Bahujan samajvadi party does not have any Pakka agenda for hills of Uttarakhand except changing name of Badrinath into Mahtma Budh or Kedarnath into Budhnath, I shall not think about BSP at all.
                   I came to know from a newspaper (You will not know this weekly as the said paper is published for file purpose that is the paper published only for government advertisement in ten or twelve copies) that there is a Parivartan party.  By name, the party seems to be  fair and square party and I would like to take fancy of Parivartan party but then principle taught by my grandfather (whom his grandfather taught) does not allow me to vote for Parivartan Party as there is hundred percent surety for Parivartan party not only losing the election from my area but losing deposit by its candidate too. My grandfather taught me to be with winning person and not with losing person.
                From political point of view I would prefer to vote and canvas for Uttarakhand Kranti Dal as UKD is my first love.  For an Uttarakhand movement agitator, Uttarakhand Kranti Dal is always first love. I heard speeches of late Dr D.D. Pant, K.S. Airi, under the banner of UKD in Mumbai I heard the false speeches of minister of Uttarakhand Divakar Bhatt in Garhwal Darshan Mumbai and supported late Arjun Singh Gusain for his election campaign as Uttarakhand Kranti Dal member of parliament candidate though in principle, I was against that late Gusain ji should take part in election.  However, Kranti dal is a party of past and not of future, though, nothing is impossible in political arena.  Therefore, I shall not vote for UKD though, it is still my first love in politics.  I shall not go for losing party as taught by my grandfather whom his grandfather taught not to be with losing side at all.
    Congress can balance every sects of India. Now the chance of my voting to Congress is very bleak because I will never encourage dynasty practices in democracy.  The democracy was chosen by people to stop dynasty provision and if I vote for Congress I shall definitely be against the basic principle of democracy. To save the principles of Democracy, I shall not vote for congress candidate who may be a Brahmin of my cast level.
   Now, there is only one political party left in the fray and that is Bhartiy Janta Party. However, I can’t think to vote Bhartiy Janta Party as its game is up about Ram Mandir and its play of double game about
‘The Party with Difference’ is also exposed after it ruled India and in many states including Uttarakhand. Bhartiy Janta Party is very poor copy of Indian National Congress party. I would never vote a party which is poor copy of Congress party.
     Therefore, I shall not go for voting but go outing and will take lunch with Patvari ji who will offer me pork killed by area farmers and various alcoholic drinks got from the agents of various political parties, of course, both would be free.
 Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti