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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Payali : A Garhwali Folk Song in Pandav Nrity Geet

( Himalayan Traditional Dance-Song, Folk Dance-Songs of Uttarakhand, Garhwali Folk Dance and Folk Songs)
                             Bhishm Kukreti
     Pandav Nrity-Geet/Pandaun Dance-Song is very popular dance-song sequence for all Garhwalis and Kumauni. In Pandau nrity-geet , the story narrators (Aujees) sing the stories of Pandavas of Mahabharata and dancers (Pashwa) dance on the music and song.
   The main musicians and singers of Pnadau/Pandav nrity-geet , Pandoli nach-gan/Pandav Dance-Song are Aujees who play Dhol and Damau (drums) and Aujee sing song for Pandav nrity too.
  When there is dance-song going on , in between the dancers take rest for the time being. At the such interval, a Pandouli (who dance or is part) comes to the Das/Aujees and request for a new Pandav story or new music of Pandav Nrity-Geet.  The request maker keeps one hand on his ear and by one hand the request maker does performance by indicating the hands to Aujees and sing the following type of song.
The requesting song is in figurative language and with exaggerating words
               पयाळी : एक पंडौ गीत

                   मै छयो मेरा दामी निंदरा भुल्युं
                   अर म्यारो दामीमै छयो सियूँ -
                   झलाकार्या बिस्तरा , घुंघराळयाँ चारपाई
                   अब मेरा दामी , त्वेन लगाए मैं पराज
                    ढोल का शब्द , नगाड़ू की गूंज
                    मै आयूँ यख , धारु रड़ीकगाडू बौगीक
                     अमर रयाँ भुला , तेरी पंदर पच्चीसी
                     आज मेरा दामी , तू मैकू
                     फूल सी   खिलै दे -भौंर सा उडै दे

O! Dami (who plays drum)! I was in deep sleep and had forgotten everything.
I was sleeping on a fine bed sheet and the bed with small bells. In deep sleep I was senseless or unconscious.
My Dami (music player) ! The words of Dhol and music of Damau reminded me  Pandau song.
I came from hill trembling from hills, came crossing the rivers.
My younger brother! You be always young (age of fifteen-twenty five ).
Hey my dami!
You make me happy as bloomed flower and as bee flies (by singing and playing new music.)
In Payali, the requesting person sings the song and Aujees play Dhol-Damau in slow rhythm   .

Source: Dr Shiva Nand Nautiyal, Garhwal ke Lok Nrity Geet.
Garhwali Folk Dance and Folk Songs, Himalayan Traditional Dance-Song, Folk Dance-Songs of Uttarakhand to be continued……
Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti, Mumbai