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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Living in Seasteading Cities

 Living in Seasteading Cities    
Bhishm Kukreti

                   My friend,  staying in a sky tower in south Mumbai called me for ‘Matimari’  cocktail party.  In his personal dream-laboratory equipped with ultra latest gadgets, the big LED TV screen was on and the screen was showing unusual structures into the ocean.
              Making Thai rice whisky ‘Lao-Khao’ pegs for both of us he said, “We shall be shifting to Seasteading cities very soon.”
         I asked after gulping the whole ‘Lao-Khao’ peg, “What  ...Seasteading ..?”
               Gulping the drink, he explained by showing some structure on LED screen,      “Seasteading colonies mean that cities on the ocean.”  
               I asked, “You mean -the floating cities or Metros on the high sea.”
          Making  two  small pegs of Ghanaian Ashanti palm wine , my friend explained, “Yes! These cities will be like on the biggest ever giant cruise liners. “  
  Gulping Ghanaian African palm wine peg,   I jumped and said,” Oh! Then Indian will have tens of metros on Indian oceans built by in the name of MNCs by money siphoned through Swiss banks and Mauritius by our own Indian businessmen.”
            Making Brazilian Caipirinha pegs, my friend shouted,” Oh! No way! There won’t be any governments ruling these metros or cities. These sea floating cities will be built on no man’s land site of each ocean. The basic idea behind living in ocean based colonies is that we ultra rich class has our own government, our own rules fit for making us richer and richer and taxes would not be levied on us for spending our hard money earned  on comforting the poor people.”
  Knocking down the Caipirinha peg, I asked, “Is it possible to have metros on seas?”
          Making Tej peg an Ethiopian drink, my friend answered, “Yes!  The idea of living on Ocean Sea is coming true. Theil Seasteading institute is working day and night that very soon; ultra rich people live in the ocean cities of their own. “
  Hurriedly gulping the Tej an Ethiopian peg, I asked,” Will it not legal problems from governments all over the world?”            Making a Politin an Ireland’s traditional alcoholic beverage, the  friend explained, “my dearest friend! The Theil Seasteading Institute is studying country wise territorial laws and international laws. Hundred of law experts are working on the hassles making ocean cities out of any government laws.”
         Enjoying the Irish drink, I showed my apprehension, “What about all those technical aspects of cities on the sea?”
   Making a Hungarian Palinka drink, my friend explained, ‘Sir! You have already toured on large maritime structure as giant cruise liners hosting thousands of guests on lengthy voyage. Then there are hundreds of off shore oil platforms providing floating accommodation to a large work force. There is constructed sea fort in Britain’s coast called Sealand built at the time of Second World War. No doubt! These sea floating structures are very small in terms of cities where, we ultra rich will live. However, these structures are the base of three types of sea floating metro cities. “
         Finishing my Palinka , I showed my interest, “  Are there many types of models for sea floating cities ?”
  Making a Japanese cocktail  peg of Nigori, Nama and Shochu and explaining models through LED TV , my friend elucidated me, “ At present , there are three major models – Ship shaped structure, barge like forms based on pontoons and off shore platforms used in oil exploration. Now, you may see on TV screen that enthusiasts drew wide range of designs for Seasteads.”
  Gulping the Japanese cocktail, I asked, “Do you believe that you will see floating cities on the seas in your life?’
 Combining Pulque, Mezcal and Tequila Mxican drinks together and offering me too, he said, “Well! If I can’t see those Seasteadings come true, my son will live there. We rich people invest for future and not for today.”

 Garhwali satire, Uttarakhandi satire, Himalayan satire to be continued in next issue……
Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti