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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Khanai Dain Saub Ek: One of the Remarkable Satirical Garhwali Poems

Khanai Dain Saub Ek: One of the Remarkable Satirical Garhwali Poems  
                            (Satirical Garhwali Literature, Satirical literature of Uttarakhandi Language, Himalayan Satirical Literature)

                                                                 Bhishm Kukreti
                          Vimal Negi is an editor of a Garhwali fortnightly ‘Uttarakhand Khabar Sar and he  does not mince words in attacking administration or society for not paying attention on the issues of local languages as Kumauni, Garhwali and Nepali through his prose.  However, Vimal Negi is a regular poet too and his poetries are varied in nature and texts.
        Garhwali language is fortunate language that there are poets  late Abodh bandhu Bahuguna, Kanhayaa lal Dandriyal,  lait Keshwan,Pooran Pant Pathik,  Harish Juyal , great Indian singer Narendr Singh Negi , Chhipadu dada and many more who  had been creating  satirical poems on the subject of society and on the contemporary subjects as election and deeds (misdeeds) of politicians.
   Vimal Negi published his fresh poem ‘Khan Dain Saub Ek’ on the contemporary issue of election in recent Khabar Sar issue (15th 31stDecember 2011). This author terms this poem as one of the remarkable Garhwali satirical poems and my readers will agree too.

           खाणै दैञ सौब् एक

कवि : विमल नेगी (संपादक उत्तराखंड खबर सारपौड़ी )

मयर मन  मीत तुमि , तुमी से छौं भयभीत
मन का मंज मिल्दो नि , हार ह्वेली या जीत I
चनौ मा तुमि भगवान् छनतुमी से  फ़रियाद
उच्यणु धौरी औलू फिरटुप्प पाँच साल बाद I
बिना मतलब को आंदो नी , यूँको कखी बि छंद
मतलब हल ह्व़े जांद जख , वख रैंदा निर्द्वंद I
राजनीतिमा त्प्क्यान छन भेश्धारी अनेक
मंचो पर गाळी देणा , खाणै दैञ सौब् एक I
पांच साल बां हौड़ पुड़याँ जनता छै लाचार
गरुड़ जन रिटणि लग्यां छोडि  घरबार I
राजनीति की देळी मा , बैठ्याँ छन कति घाघ
बिन मतलब बिन कर्याँ -बोल्यां , चमकनी यूँका भाग I
नजर भोट पर हाथ मा तौंका , धरयां ह्हन नोट
कैको भरवस कन यख , कख मरदन चोट I
बोल अपड़ी कीमत बतौऐजा हमारा साथ
राजनीति मा बणदि नी बिना नोट की बात I
बोतळ जै जैकार  , बोतळ को नमस्कार
बिन बोतळ इथैं होंदी नी चुनौ बैतरणी पार I

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Copyright @ Vimal Negi for poem

                 Milton commented upon Hall, expressed clearly that satire should bite   and stated by title ‘ Tooth-lessee Satyrs  and  Byting Satyrs ‘ as “ if it bite neither the persons nor the vices , how is it a Sytr , an if it bites either , how is it toothless . ..”  . The said poem is very much with sharp teeth and bites the decisive nature of current politicians with their Chamches (vices).
              A famous poet john Dryden was strong believer that a successful satire writer should be a man of virtue, intelligence and a candor or generosity. Yes1 it is a fact of life that a satirist can’t be cruel and rough in handling the subject and attacking the culprits of any kind. Vimal Negi attacked the selfish politicians and their associates or the political system with sharpened words but Vimal never seems for leaving   the dignity of a poet and Vimal is aware that the duty of a satirist is to follow Gandhi ji too that attack the dirt and not the dirty men.
 Vimal Negi has been successful in Khanai Dain Saub Ek   in reducing the ranks of politicians and their subordinates.   Vimal uses various techniques in the poem as reduction, invective but with respect, caricature and even the last stanza is in as good as burlesque style.
 The poem is in monologue style that the poet speaks from behind and endeavors his point of views.
   Any critic will vouch that Vimal has been successful in creating political satire as Maurice Joly, Santayana, Nietzsche, Marvel Andrew, George Russel, Castillejo
   The poem Khanai Dain Saub Ek   by Vimal Negi is definitely a shining gem of Garhwali poetry.   

Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti