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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dr. Kamla Panthari Shukla : A Garhwali Cultural Ambassador in Jaipur

(Great Uttarakhandi Personalities, Great Garhwali Personalities, Great Kumauni Personalities and Great Himalayan Personalities Series)  

                           Bhishm Kukreti

                    There is not one Garhwal but there are Garhwal everywhere in the world due to heavy migration from Garhwal for betterment. Migration is not curse for human beings including Garhwalis or Uttarakhandis as migration is nothing but to survive for the betterment of the society you belong.  Many intellectuals and common men from Uttarakhand criticize migration but in fact, migration has been providing many positive services to Uttarakhand.   
              Most of the great Uttarakhandis became great not by living there but by migrating from the motherland.
  There are three major types of migrated Uttarakhandis –
1-Migrated, cursing migration, live in past and spoiling present as well future too.
2-Migrated, loosing complete connection from the root, cutting all connection about Uttarakhand for the future generation too and loosing identity.
3-Migrated, successfully balancing, the past, the present and making ways for high grade future,  keeping the root alive and keeping connection with motherland with all means and ways to create identity.
 Mrs. Kamla Panthari Shukla comes in the category of migrated Uttarakhandis who believe that present and future is very significant but connection with the motherland is also equally important.
  Born in a village Panthar of Hingadsyun Patti of Pauri Garhwal, Kamal Panthari Shukla was married to a learned intellectual D. S.P Shukla (Dhanmas, Rudrprayag)   then professor at Maharaja Sanskrit College, Jaipur, and Rajasthan in 1977. Kamala could pass eleventh class before marriage. Dr S.p Shukla inspired, encouraged his better half to study further and Kamla Panthari Shukla passed M.A in music from Jaipur and later on got Ph.D degree from there.
 Dr kamla Pathari Shukla took teaching profession for her and became lecturer at maharaja and Maharani College.
 Kamla’s voice was sweet from her childhood. She studied in Delhi with her father there. When Kamla was studying in ninth standard in Delhi, she started singing through Akashvani , Delhi.
  It is general tendency among Garhwalis and Kumaunis that they hide their identity when they are in pardesh .  However, Kamla Panthari Shukla is made from different metal.  Kamla used to train her students for various cultural and national functions to sing in Garhwalis only. Her students used/or use to sing Garhwali songs at the functions as independent day or republic days in college or elsewhere too. Kamla’s students were always enthusiastic to sing Garhwali songs because the music has only one characteristic to make people happy (communication). Once, former chief minister of Rajasthan Shrimati Viajy Raje Shindiya was chief guest at the college function and Mrs Shindiya heard the Garhwali songs sung by Rajasthani students, she was so happy and amuse that she praised Dr Kamla Pathari Shukla for minutes that she was ambassador of great culture of Garhwal.
  Dr Kamla, her learned husband Dr. S.P.Shukla and family members talk in either Garhwali or in Sanskrit among themselves.
 Dr kamla Panthari Shukla is also a skilled painter too. Kamla painted the portraits of great musician Ustad Bismilla Khan.
 Music is first choice of Kamla from the day she started understanding language.
  Dr kamla Pathari shukla is credited to bring a Garhwali music album called ‘ Bisryan Geet’.  There are following old famous Garhwali songs in the said music album sung by Dr Kamla
Ukali danda,
Jab alo saun maina
E ! unchi dandyun nisi hwe jawa
Kail bijali mi
Hyunchali dandyun ki chali Hinvali hava farfar.. and other old Garhwali songs.
At present, Dr kamla is busy in bringing Sanskrit music album ‘Geet Govind’
   Uttarakhandis are proud of Dr Kamla Panthari Shukla and her husband for being true Garhwali cultural ambassador in Jaipur.
1-Nirala Uttarakhand weekly, Jaipur  (1-5 December, 2011
2- Personal talk with Dr S.P Shukla and dr Kamla Panthari Shukla