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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Garhwali Folk Tale about Silsu Divta

Garhwali Folk Tales, Fables, Traditional Stories, Community Narratives -78

  Compiled and Edited by: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Training Expert)
(Narrated by R. Diswal of Silsu and Tirath Mani Bhatt Kande-Kadti)

                Silsu Divta or Silsu deity temples are in two villages- Silsu (Banelsyun, Pauri Garhwal) and Kadti (Malla Dhangu, Pauri Garhwal).
          Many times, by an oversight, the folk story informer misperceives Silsu deity as Danda Nagraja as the priests for both the deity temples are from same family of Silsu. However, Silsu deity is related to Krishna and Danda Nagraja is related to nag or Shshnag.
 The story of establishing of Silsu temple is very interesting.
         On that time, Diswal caste people were not there in the village Silsu. Only, Silswal caste people were living in Silsu. One day, a Surya Chinhit Thali  (Silver dish of Sun deity) flowed from Badrinath region towards Vyaschatti (Meeting place of Ganga and Nayar Rivers). The plate was flowing in whirlpool of Ganga in Vyaschatti for many days. The Sayan of Slsu (village or family chief) saw a dream that a Big Silver plate with Sun Signs was floating many days in Ganga whirlpool in Vyaschatti. The Sun sign Silver plate was asking Silsu Sayana to take out it from Ganga whirlpool. Silsu Sayana told the dream to his fellow villagers and everybody became happy that Silsu divta has come to their territory.
         All villagers joined together with Dhol and Damau musical instruments. They started their journey towards from Silsu village (at height, two three miles away from Vyaschatti valley) towards Vyaschatti. Silsu villagers were dancing on the tune of Dhol and Damau. They reached to Vyaschatti. The villagers reached to Ganga river bank. The Silsu Sayana and his fellow swimmers jumped into Ganga River. Sayana and villagers reached to whirlpool. Nobody was afraid of whirlpool. The village swimmers took out Silver Plate with Sun signs.
That day was also Baishakhi or Bikhot day (14th April).
  Villagers took out the Silver plate and had rituals worshipping Sun plate or Silsu Divta. Again, the Sayan took Silsu Divta Thali (Silver Dish) and bathed it into Ganga. Then Silsu villagers put the Silsu Divta or Silver Dish on a Palki/Pinhas and started the journey towards Silsu village from Vyaschatti. Now, the villagers had flags, seven Bhakora (long copper horn) with them and were marching towards Silsu as winner. Villagers were dancing with great pleasure. The procession reached towards Ancchar temple and walked five times around Ancchar temple. (It is said that Ancchar is nephew of Silsu Divta).
 The procession reached to Silsu village and people put Silver Dish under a Peeple (Fig) tree. They established flag rods and Bhankora on the ground. They performed ending rituals o f Silsu divta. Now, Silsu temple without building was established in Silsu village on Baishakhi day.
From that day, on every Baishakhi day, early in morning Silsu people take Silsu Divta (Silver Dish) in a well decorated Pinhas to Vyaschatti and get Silver Dish (Silsu Divta) dip into Ganga and then place Pinhas with Silver Dish for devotees to pay tribute of Silsu Divta. Then again the priest takes Dish for bathing into Ganga. Then procession starts towards Silsu from Vyaschatti. It is customary that while the procession is for reaching to Vyaschatti from Silsu, no Bhankora is played. However, while in return to Silsu, Bhankora are played.

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti 17/4/2014 for review and interpretation

Garhwali Folk Tales, Fables, Traditional stories, Community Narratives for Effective Managers, Effective executives, Effective Boss, Effective Supervisors or Stories for Effective management, management Lesson from Garhwali Folk Literature from Garhwal, to be continued …in next chapter


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