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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Friday, July 1, 2016

Dr Mahavir Prasad Gairola : A Versatile Prose Maker and Poet of Garhwali Language

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry – 36  

                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti
The contribution of  Dr Mahavir Prasad Gairola in Garhwali, Himalayan literature is for many fields. Dr Gairola wrote novel, stories, essays, published interviews , wrote commentaries , edited magazines, and is sculpture artist too. His Garhwali literature has the forte  is writing in Tiryali dialect and philosophical ending.
  Dr Mahavir Prasad Gairola was born in  Sateshwar muhalla of Tihri town, Tihri  Garhwal Himalaya on 21st April, 1922.  Dr Gairola expired in 2012 in New Tehri.
      After passing B.A from Lahore, Dr Gairola shifted to Allahabad and he passed M.A and LLB from Allahabad University. He got PhD honor from Ruhelkhand University.
    At the age of 82, Mahavir Prasad Gairola got Doctor of Literature (D.Lit.) from Ruhelkhand University on the theme of ‘Synthetic Spiritualism as Opposed to Dialectical Materialism’
      Dr Mahavir depended on law practices in Tihri for his livelihood and fulfilling his family needs. Gairola have been a front figure in social activities in Old Tihri for many decades. At present, Dr Gairola  is living in new Tihri . Dr Gairola have been strong supporter of Tihri dam.
 Mahavir Prasad writes in  Garhwali , English and Hindi with ease in all three languages.
     Dr Gairola is the first Garhwali prose make who published novel in Garhwali language ‘Parvati’ in 1981. Parvati has its own importance as for being first novel of Garhwali language.  ‘Akalwar Ko?’ is second novel of Dr M.P . Gairola and fortunately ‘Akalwar Ko?’ is second published novel of Garhwali language too. Asli Panchaaiat Raj is his third novel in Garhwali
         Kapali ko Chhamote is his poetry collection in Garhwali language. MahavirPrasad  wrote many dramas in Garhwali and staged them too. ‘ Sabbi Jaga eki Chhween’, ‘Dudh bitdi rai’ are most admired plays of Dr MahavirGairola in Garhwali language.
     जु करदो नी मैं यमे पास ! 
रचना --डा महाबीर प्रसाद गैरोला (  1920 -2012 , खास टिहरी ) 

जु करदो नी मैं यमे पास! 
त गौणी केक सुखी होंदी 
पड़दा के अन्न का फाका 
अर सैणी केक घर मूं रोंदी। 
जु करदो नी मैं यमे पास 
त केक कभी करजा  चढ़दो 
जख मूं चांदो तखमूं रहंदो 
किलै सर्विस का चक्कर मा फंसदो। 
जु रहंदो कोरू किसान 
त दुनिया एक अलग होंदी 
मैं रोज काटदो हरियूं घास 
अर भैंसी चार बंधीं होंदी 
मैं हौळ लगैक अन्न कमांदो 
बणु मा घूमिक गोर चरौंदो 
दही जमांदो मट्ठा करदो 
अफु भी खांदू औरु भी खलौंदो
जु रहंदो कोरू किसान
त नेता अई अइक करदा सलाम 
बोल्दा छैं किसान तू छैं महान 
त्वेकू प्रणाम त्वेकू प्रणाम।  

 Dr Gairola wrote tens of short stories in Garhwali language and published ‘Ramaidi’ a short story collection. Dr Gairola supports socialist thinking  but says that communism or socialism cannot establish in India without the aid of Indian spirituality and we may find those philosophical, spiritual touches in the poems, stories and novel of dr Mahavir Gairola.
 Dr Mahavir Prasad published many articles if Garhwali language in many regional periodicals.
 Dr Gairola also edited ‘Naitiki’ magazine for many years.
 Dr Gairola wrote novel and short stories in English. ‘The Learned Fools’ and ‘The world cycle’ are his famous  his English novels and he published poetry collections ‘ The Cirinlore  ‘ in Himalaya Times .
 Dr Gairola published novels, short stories and poetries in Hindi too.
 Dr Mahavir  Gairola have been a prominent figure in Garhwali literature for many decades and got many awards., rewards and appraisals from many social organization and state government.
 As Sir Walter Scott , Samuel Lover, Charles Dickens are praised for their initiating and advancing novel writing in English ; Posper Merimee, Theophile Gautier in French; Gabriele D‘Annunzio Grazia Deledda‘ in Italian language;  Leopoldo Alas in Spanish language ; Nathaniel Hawthorne of USA in English language ; Dr MahavirPrasad will be remembered in Garhwali literature for initiating writing Novels.
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai, 2016
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