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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Friday, July 29, 2016

Riddle Poetry by Great Poet Kanhaiya Lal Dandriyal: A New Addition in Modern Garhwali Poetry

कन्हयालाल  डंडिरियाल की कह मुकरियाँ : आधुनिक गढ़वाली साहित्य में एक नई कड़ी
            (Riddles in Modern Garhwali Literature, Riddles in Modern Himalayan Literature)
Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry –-60 C
                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti
     In every folk literature, Riddles, Puzzle , Enigma , Charade are a common aspect. For example, historically, there have been riddle poems in  Anglo Saxon, Teotons and Vikings cultures as these existed in Garhwali culture as Maina Ghalan , In Kamsutra  a Sanskrit classic, , Vatsayan called riddle creation as important art among 64 arts. before that Shukraneeti also called riddle creation as important art among 64 arts.  However, riddle type of poems were  not there in modern Garhwali poetry
Great Poet Kanhaiya Lal  Dandriyal brought Kah Mukariyan concept /riddles in Modern Garhwali poetry field.
“ Kah Mukariyan means, at the end to deny. The speaker provides hints about the exactness of his saying. the speaker goes on providing hints by hints . At the end when the audience asks the speaker to tell the truth, the speaker provides the answer which surprises the audience. In other way, Kah Mukriyan means small poem which requires answering fist by audience and then by poet
          As Lewis Carrol , Emily Dickinson , Freidrich Schiller, Charls Simic, Franz von Brentano,  A.A Milne  enriched poetry by creating riddle poetries, same way, Kanhayalal Dandriyal is famous for doing newer experiments in Garhwali Poetry
 There following couplets of riddle poems are love rapture riddle poems by Great Poet (Mahakavi) Kanhaiya Lal Dandriyal. the readers come across the delight of love as well as surprise by opening of secret . Famous literature critic Abrahms states that the specific point of riddle is control over words. Kanhaiya Lal Dandriyal was real master of using proper words in Garhwali poetry and following poems are the proof. However, there is no doubt that modern Garhwali riddle poetry is derived to old tradition in oral poetry of Garhwal and Richard Wilbur states for literary riddle as , " Poetry's Debt to Poetry"

भली लगदी मैं वींकी तान, , फूलूं का बागवान
रुवाई जांद मी कैको प्यारहे तेरु गेल्या ,  ना अनगार ---
फजल ब्यखुनी बस वैका ध्वार काखुम बैठी खुटी पसार
जलत्यरू खाण पकाणो भलो , , हे त्यारो गेल्या ना स्यू ना ,  चुल्लू --
हाथ खुटों पर चुनगी दीन्दा रात  सैरी  सीणि  नि दीन्दा 
मनदा   नी चा नाक बि घुरसूहे तयार स्वामी  ये  सरसु --
वै से म्यारो भारी प्यार वै के सैन सोला सिंगार
वैन ही बिंदी स्युन्द संवारण हे त्यारो स्वामी  ये  दर्पण  
दूर कखी बटी कबि  जांद मेरो निर्स्युं प्राण सस्यांद
बात बिगोंदा कै इतवार , हे तेरी दगड़या  ,  ये रैबार

Refrence: Kah Mukariyan by Kanhaiya Lal  Dandriyal; Burans (1965) , A Garhwali Poetry  Collection , edited by Ganesh Sharma (Bahuguna) page -1
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai; 2016
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