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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Friday, July 8, 2016

Kulanand Bhartiya: A politician and Asian Garhwali Poet of Story oriented long Poetry

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry – 40

                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti
           Kulanand Bhardwaj Bhartiya is a multitalented personality. Most of the Garhwalis know late Kulanand Bhartiya as famous Garhwali social worker and politician of Delhi. Kulanand Bhartiya was representing Shaktinagar region of Delhi as politician.
            However, Kulanand Bhartiya has been publishing his poems in regional periodicals. Critics praise his famous storied long poem  (Khand Kavya ) ‘Daulya’ for his story narration and subject of discussion on the so called benefits of migration and to search employment in Garhwal only. 
Kulanand Bhartiya was born in a Himalayan village Jamni, Malla Salt of Kumaon border of Garhwal on 24th May 1926.
              Kulanad is famous in Garhwali literature for his Khandkavya (storied long poem) ‘Daulya’. The poems are in lyric form and are very pleasure some. The story surrounds two illiterate friends of a Garhwali village who come to Delhi in search of job. One of two takes job in different hotels. Another fellow gets job as butler with a learned professor. This fellow with professor study in night schools and become manger with a private firm after gaining higher education through night schools. Time comes, when the illiterate fellow wants to marry his daughter with the son of his friend but the educated fellow goes to village for marrying his son that there would be link with Garhwal.
           Small epic ‘Daulya’ is effective so many variables between the life of cities and villages, the changing psychology of villagers towards working in the village, the desire of village youth for work in cities and their escaping psychology for easy works available in villages. The poet depicted successfully the life and confusion, confrontation, frustration of villagers and city workers simultaneously in ‘Daulya’.
According Bahuguna (1981) , Kualanand Bhartiya uses imagery tool in depicting geography of Garhwal and simple Salani dialects in his poetry.

काळी  को रैबार 

रचना --कुलानन्द भारतीय (1926 , जामणी सल्ट दुशांत) 

काळी  द्याखनौऴया राम मालुम ह्वेई।  दिल्ली जाम 
दौड़ी दौड़ी वख काळी आई घास काटणु छोड़ आई 
आवाज वींल नौऴया थैं देइ द्यूरा !   ऊँथैं जाणदा ह्वैला। 
दिल्ली  ऊँथैं जरूर पैला म्यारु रैबार भेजी दियां 
भली  समझैक बोली दियां खामू पीमू रमू यख 
द्वी साल ह्वैगे तुम नि आया ब्याऊ कैरीक क्या मिल पाया।  
दिन रात मीत कददू घास ब्वै बाब तुमरा नि गडदा बाच 
दड़िमा की डाळी फूली ग्याई आमूं की डाळी पर बौर आई 
सरसों खेती फूली ग्याई पर मेरी दुनिया बांजी रै ग्याई। 
द्यूरा ! ऊंमा बोली दियां ये साल घौर जरूर अयाँ 
चिट्ठी पत्री भेजदी रयां खयाँ पियाँ भलीक रयाँ 
कातिग तुम घर अयाँ मंगसिर मिथैं दिल्ली लिजैंयाँ   

साभार --शैलवाणी अंग्वाळ )
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai, 2016
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