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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, July 11, 2016

How to Attend Birth Day, Naming ceremony Parties

 Cookie Cooker (Comedy): Bhishma Kukreti
         These days, we all get invitations for eleven days old child naming ceremony and one year old child birth day parties. These days, people don’t celebrate parties at home as birth day celebration, naming ceremony and even thread ceremony. People celebrate the ceremony in a party hall or a hotel. Now people are more conscious for confirming their capital consciously to the concerned community.
           I will not teach you, not preach you about attending etiquettes for attending such parties but will tell you as nobody likes coaching, preaching but like a simple conversation.
        First of all you have to be very caring about the message of invitation on your Whatsapp, Internet, SMS or even on Facebook message box. If you are not on VIP list for hosts you will get invitation messages on today’s community media. If you are in VIP list, you will get reminding messages through phone calls and formal invitation cards. Saving all the invitations for checking the date and addresses of venues is now a day, a custom.
     As far as, gift is concerned, you check you chronicle about gifts you got from the host in the past. Offer the contribution by counting 4 to 6 percent as interest and purchase the gist or offer money accordingly.
     If you are working person, then you don’t call for worrying about clothing but the retired persons have to be conscious about coverings. Retired persons should select the colorful dresses and new fashion shoes as by watching your dresses, people should not tell you that you are fed up from your life or you are now away from worldly craze.  
   If you are working person you don’t need about when you are reaching at venue. If a working person reaches in time, people welcome the discipline and if the working person reaches late then the people perceive that the person is so busy and still gets time for friends and relatives. If you are retired you have to be very conscious about reaching time. Retired people should never reach in time to the venue. When a retired person reaches at time at venue the people will never appreciate his value for time but will taunt that the poor person is free and reaches in time to kill the time.   
   After reaching at venue, you have to select the seat according to your food choice. If there is drink arrangement then your seat should be near the cocktail counter. If your host is not modern and there is no drink arrangement then sit near to Pani Puri counter that you run immediately after opening of the counter.
       If there is no drink arrangement and there is dance, magic show or games then you have to behave as per the guests. Copy the company and watch other’s joys that will be sufficient for me telling you the secret of enjoying the party.
       If there is a drink party, I don’t need to tell you how to select the drink, soda or water and crunching.  If you are disciplined drinker you don’t need anybody coaching that you don’t drink more than three pegs and if you are a hard drinker then even the God cannot stop you drinking more  than ten pegs.
  Be very conscious that you get photographed and video graphed. Take selfie photos of the host with you that you may post back the photos to the host for showing your love for the host and to other social media friends for boosting your egos that you attend formal parties. 
   Never forget appreciating the birthday or naming ceremony child. Appreciate loudly before the hosts that the child face resembles with either of parents, both the parents or for that matter the grandmother etc. Touch the face parts for proofs of you appreciating words. Never forget praising loudly the food especially salad and puddings before the host.
  Leave the party as per the behaviors of guests. Copycat is the best policy in parties.  
10/7/2016 Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai
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