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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Epic Uttarayan: A History of Civilization, Philosophy, and Spirituality

(Commentary of Dr. Shiva Nand Nautiyal on Uttarayan an Epic by Prem Lal Bhatt)
Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry –51 C  
                    Translation: Bhishma Kukreti
      Uttarayan is a History, a philosophy of human life, but on top of it , it is poetry. The poet Prem Lal Bhatt used the imagination but there is total realism in the story. The epic is about philosophy but is not beyond common men.. One of the great poets of Garhwali language Prem lal Bhat took clue from Purans but took those stories, which are needed for proving humanity as the supreme power or force. The ’Narayan’ of Uttarayan is as old as his wife ‘Laxmi’ who is ‘Chanchala’ . Other name of ‘Laxmi’ is ‘Vasana’ the desire, yearning, craving, want, wish and so on. And whole earth moves around desire .
        The cultural history of human beings is the history of ups and downs brought by power (Indriya- sensational organs) and desire (Vsana) .The desire and power together attack first on the devotion and faith.
               Upnishad and Purans described ‘Shradha’ (devotion) with many names and forms. The eldest wife of Dharma or Vishwash (Faith) is Shradha among his thirteen wives. Shradha is the eldest daughter of Prajapati (the creator) . Prem Lal Bhatt took this clue only - Shradha and Vishwash because Shankar and Parvati are the form of belief (faith) and trust. If, the Shradha (trust) of Kamayani epic by Jai Shankar Prasad , along with Manu ( Focused thinking) develops humanity; the Shadha of Uttarayan cooperates with faith/belief and culture the humanity. The name of son of Faith (Dharma ) and Trust (Shradha ) is Shubh (auspicious or beneficial) in Uttarayan. Both Dharma (Faith) and Shradha ( Trust) .
           For some time, for protecting their existence , Shradha and Dharma had to escape away from the kingdom of Narayan and Laxmi to Aryamandal. However, in Arymandal too, the people are divided between believers and non believers,. Here too Narayan and Laxmi (Power and desire) are ruling to people. Dharma and Shradha start to unite them and try to free the people from the bad effect of power and desire. Here, both happen to to meet Deena (Poverty) and her daughter Bhakti (extreme Devotion) . Bhakti tells the story of her struggle in life to Shradha.
         Deena (Poverty) is the real fact of this earth. Karma (Acts ) always been deceiving Deena (Poverty). And those who who do not accept this immutable fact that he does not understand Karma (Act) and Karmic (Doer). The imaginary wives - Kinchana (Having) and Kinshasa (Not having or Deprived) of Karma in Puran are objective oriented. Deena is human being who is in pain and her husband Prabhu (The God) don’t hug her but Deena is always devoted to Parmeshwar (The God). The people exploited by Laxmi (wealthy and powerful) come under the banner of Vishwash and this ignites the Class -War in Aryamandal.
      The Class war between haves and Haves not is the central point of Uttarayan, where Shakti is essential and Shakti is also exploiter of humanity . Prem lal Bhat proves his genius in describing the Class War , which is always there from the initiating point of human being taking birth in this earth.
         Deena (Deprived) is representative of human sensitivity and her revolution against Power and Endless- Desire is the struggle for existence in Aryamandal. Shradha and Vishwash help to unite individual struggles of deprived class and help the humanity. Eradication of poverty is the main objective of humanity and for that the unity among deprived ones is essential ingredient.
          The imagination of Swarg (heaven) above the earth is wishful thinking . Full of aspirated person becomes weightless and goes to Shunya (heaven) and reaches in devious position . Desire or wsh throws the human into wandering position. Narayan under the influence of Laxmi falls in wandering position. But Bhakti brings him down in the reality that is in the earth. Humanity and Bhakti protects His deity characteristics.
          From today’s point of view, there is nothing wrong if learned people perceive the consumerism as the real face of Laxmi and East India Company as human face of Laxmi too. Indian people revolt against British ia nothing but the combined struggle of Faith and devotion for saving humanity. The Indian freedom fight is the repetition of Dev- Asur Sangram (War between Demons and Deities) .
        The two attitudes Shadha and Vishwas (Trust and Faith) struggled against the Shakti and Bhogvadi Pravirti (Power and Consumerism) and got success. However, the prime objective of Shradha and Vishwash is not success but the amin aim is equality among all human beings and providing highest position to humanity in this galaxy. This war is never ending and the exploiters/terrorists and humanitarians will always clash with each other.
          Scientific researches never believe that blood or flesh is living matter but for scientist blood is a matter only. In Uttarayan, the poet imagined the wealthy and powerful become ‘Shila’ (Stone or heartless)
           When there will be struggle/clashes between the two opposite attitudes, then only the humanity will get heist position in this earth . Pralayntar or after revolution, humanity will definitely win
Curtsey and Copyright Shri Prem lal Bhatt for permitting translation
A Garhwali language Epic
Poet : Prem Lal Bhatt
Publisher : Sahta Sahitya Bhandar 57-B Pocket a Phase-II
Ashok Vihar New Delhi
Internet copyright Prem Lal Bhatt, New Delhi, 2009