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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Friday, July 29, 2016

Anjwal: One of the Great Satirical Poetry Collections of World Literature

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry –-60 G
                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti
       No doubt, Sada Nand Kukreti (1923) and Bhavani Datt Thapliyal by Prahlad drama initiated satire as serious business in Garhwali by Kukreti  publishing first Garhwali story Garhwali That’ in Vishal Kirti but in true sense in modern Garhwali poetic field, Kanhaiya  Lal Dandriyal used satirical poems as to make serious and even frightening remarks on the dangers of the sweeping social, economical, spiritual changes taking place throughout Garhwal and among migrated Garhwalis . Many critics as Nathi Prasad Suyal state that we may find similarities in the work of Kanhya Lal Dandriyal and Horace, Persius, and Juvenal for Dandriyal’s satires about the life, vice, and moral decay Kanhaiya  Lal saw around him as ‘Garhwali Sanstha’ of this volume.
      When Hindi critic Dr Manjula Dhoundiyal read poems of Anjwal, she said to this author “ I shall put Kanhaiya  Lal Dandriyal near to a French satirist of seventeenth century Roger Rabutin de Bussy for his wit and calmness in describing the changes”
      Manmohan Jakhmola a post graduate in English literature, a literature lover and great admirer of Kanhaiya  Lal Dandriyal says that Dandriyal had to work hard for creating satirical Garhwali poems when most of the Garhwali poets were either following Hindi literature or busy in old style in terms of subject and versification, Kanhaiya  Lal came with new subject and the original satire of Garhwal into Garhwali literature. Jakhmola further says that Dandriyal might have worked hard in creating satire in Garhwali as eighteenth century American satirists as Lemuel Hopkins, Joel Barlow, Philip Freneau , John Trumbull, Hugh Henry Brackenridge did hard work in creating satire .
      The second edition of Anjwal has fifty poems of Dandriyal. First issue was published in 1969 and Anjwal became a mile stone in the Garhwali poetic field that from here the Garhwali poems transformed style , body, subjects , and creativity of Garhwali poems as well the thinking of Garhwali poets . The Garhwali poems took new shape from conventional wisdom in many ways.
       The poems show that Kanhaiya  Lal Dandriyal was very sensitive, had the eyes ofa critic and had the power of narrating serious and critical the subject through humorous and satirical methodology. Kanhya Lal show the putrefied social system through effective wit that readers laugh but feel acute pain inside their mind, intellect and ego. Madan Duklan a garhwali critic and editor states that the poems of Anjwal are provocative but do not create enmity among the society.
Famous Garhwali folk literature expert, Hindi dramatist, Hindi poet, story teller, critic Govind Chatak says that the satirical poems as Satya Narayan Brat Katha, Mi Garhwali chhaun, Dhyabron ki Rally, Garhwali sanstha, Hamaru Garhwal are the world class poems and these poems are one of best poems among two hundred best satirical poems of world literature. Lokesh Navani a Garhwali critic and Puran Pant a poet and editor state about these poems and other poems that these poems are the classic poems for international literature.
Girish Sundriyal a Garhwali poet says that his other poems Sarsu Sanhar, Thyakra are best examples of bringing realism with the capsule of satire and humor into Garhwali literature in seventies.
Harish Juyal a marvelous satirical Garhwali poet supports the statement of Dr Govind Chatak that style of Jagar. Rakhwali and Tantra Mantra in many Garhwali poems of Kanhya Lal Dandriyal are very effective and readers enjoy those poems by heart.
The garhwali critic and Garhwali literature publisher Nathi Prasad Suyal states , “ In the poems of Dandriyal , we find the mixer of realism, experiencing , pain for wrong changes happenings, and at the same time the poet provide suggestions to as teacher but differently than his predecessor Garhwali poets.”
Bhishma Kukreti wrote in the special issue of Hamri Chitthi about Kanhya Lal Dandriyal that the poems of Anjwal of Kanhya Lal Dandriyal are the inner experiences of a Garhwali women, which no Garhwali poet could touch so marvelously as Dandriyal did . Kukreti called Dandriyal as Ardh NariIswar at the time of creating poetries.
About the poems of Anjwal, Nathi Prasad Suyal and Dr Govind Chatak rightly said that Dandriyal did not leave any important aspect of life in Garhwal and life of migrated common Garhwalis.
Jaipal Singh Rawat a famous Garhwali symbolic poet state that no Garhwali poets of past as Dandriyal used Garhwali symbols so perfectly that even a common person can fully understand the meaning and insight of poems of Dandriyal.
Parashar Gaud the great admirer of Kanhaiya  Lal Dandriyal finds that Kanhaiya  Lal Dandriyal was expert of creating real images of rural Garhwal and life sketches of common migrated Garhwalis so effectively that makes him one of the greatest poets of all world languages.
Each poems of Anjwal take the readers to one important aspect of garhwali life of sixties and before.
Kanhya lal Dandriyal was the master of garhwali vocabulary and this poetry collection is the proof. The poems are so simple and under stable that a migrated Garhwali who never read Garhwali literature will also read all poems and will enjoy.
Anjwal is a heritage of world languages literature and we should arrange proper distribution of this poetry collection all corners of world among Garhwalis.
Poet : Kanhya Lal Dandriyal
Maulyar Prakashan
7 D, L.P. Maurya Enclave
Peetampura, Delhi, 110088
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai; 2016
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