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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Akhyon man: Garhwali Poetries Searching Humanity and Attacking Putrefying System

Critical Review of Garhwali Literature- 2289
                     (Review of Modern Garhwali Literature series)
  Review of Garhwali Poetry Collection ‘Ankhyon man’ by Gajendra Nautiyal  
           Review by: Bhishma Kukreti (Regional Language Promoter)

           Readers would definitely enjoy the Garhwali poetry collection ‘Akhyon man’.  ‘Akhyon man’ a Garhwali poetries collection is certainly a notable poetry collection in Modern Garhwali Poetry world. The poetries are in search of humanity and at the same time attacking, criticizing, raising questions about rotting present system in government administration, politics and society.
   There are three types of poetries in this volume of drama activist, social worker and lyrist Gajendra Nautiyal –Ankhyun man, Ankhyunsi and Ankhyun thai . In Ankhyun man portion, the poet tries to search the missing humanity in present world. In Ankhyunsi and Ankhyun parts the poet directly attacks on putrefying system in the government, politics and society.  Second portion poems are lyrical and in old Sanskrit chhanda pattern.   
 The following poem from ‘Ankhyun man’ portion is proof that poet has his own experience about loss of humanity in this time -
कवि - गजेन्द्र नौटियाल
यख खोजि वख खोजि
                  मनखि मै तैं मिली कखी नीं
रिटि रिवाज धै लगई
                 बिंगी कैन नीं
भभड़ाट छिबड़ाट  भागदा देखि
               मनखि गांणी क्वी
बैठिक गैल मं मनखि जनु
                बच्यांणि क्वी भि नी
   The social activist turned lyrist Gajendra attacks system by various ways, means and subjects, He criticizes the conditions of present Uttarakhand where the dreams of people are falling flat, all the governments came in power never tried to fulfill the aspirations of people. The poet Nautiyal condemns the lies of politicians, administration and politicians for their false works to fulfill the people needs.   

हिसाब द्या 
कवि - गजेन्द्र नौटियाल
हमन जु ल्वै बगाई थौ वैकु हिसाब द्या
फूलों कु रंग गै कख बोला जबाब द्या
ढकली नांग भूख सोचिक लड़ि थया
गया कख सुपिन्यो दंदोळ हम बता फूलों कु रंग गै कख बोला जबाब द्या
रिटदि  आँखि धारु धारु आज तक किलै
अपणा अपणै धोरा नि किलै बिंगैइ द्या फूलों कु रंग गै कख बोला जबाब द्या
भाई भाई बांट्या किलै खोळा खोळौ किलै
मनखि मनख्यात मिटै तुमैंइ मिलि छ क्या फूलों कु रंग गै कख बोला जबाब द्या
धोरा नेड़ा था कबी चली गया दुरु
घंणा घंणा नेता बण्या तमाशु देख ल्या फूलों कु रंग गै कख बोला जबाब द्या
 The prominent poet Gajendra did not leave criticizing the economical corruption found in government and in society too and Gajendra also cites the mental corruption in the society. Poet is under severe pain by seeing the worsening condition of rural Garhwal due to Mass Migration.
There are lyrical poems in this volume. There are small poems called Chhitga too and those are satirical and those are sharp in nature-
  कुझणि भै
कवि - गजेन्द्र नौटियाल
तनखा खै
कमीशन खै
कुछ लुकाई
कुछ मुछ्याई
मन्ना बाद
कुझणि भै
कैन खाई
  All the poems are easily understandable due to simple phrases and poet is successful in creating different images by common symbols of Garhwal.
The poet has been successful using Tehri Garhwal dialects but understandable by all Garhwalis from all regions.
  Prominent critic of Garhwali Literature appreciated the efforts of Poet Gajendra Nautiyal for illustrating his experiences.
Akhyon man
 Garhwali Poetries collection
Year of Publication – 2013
Poet Gajendra Nautiyal
Winsar Publishing Co
Dispensary road Dehradun
Price -100/-
Contact 09412997039
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti 28/10//2014
Bhishma Kukreti, 2013, Angwal, Garhwali Kavita Puran (History of Garhwali Poetry) Dehradun, India 
Critical Review of Garhwali Literature to be continued…
Critical Review of Garhwali Poetry Collection to be continued