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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Myths and Religious Importance of Palash, Dhak, Bastard Teak in Uttarakhand

Plant Myths, Religious Importance, and Traditions in Uttarakhand (Himalaya) - 23
By: Bhishma Kukreti, M.Sc. (Botany) (Mythology, Culture Research Scholar)
Botanical name – Butea monosperma
Local Name – Dhak, Dhank
Hindi Name – Palash , Tesu, Tensu
Sanskrit Name – Kimshuka
                                           ---Economic benefits –--
Medical uses- Dhak is used for removing skin, cough, cold, stomach, worm, leprosy , dysentery etc.
Furniture, Agriculture Instruments, wood etc and for making coal, roots are used for rope materials and leaves container
Decoration – For color
                   Myths, Religious Importance and Traditions
    The three united leaves of Dhak are considered Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver) and Shiva (Destroyer) .
People believe that Palash, Dhak is the form of Agni (Fire). In a Purana story, parvati cursed deities for taking birth in tree form and Agni took birth in the form of Palash .
     In Grihvasutra, it is advised to use Dhak stick for Brahmin young man in Yagyopavit (thread ceremony) ritual.
 In Shrotra Sruti, there are many methods for making Dhak, Palash wood as ‘samidha’  for various Yagya, homa.
 In  Vayu Puran, using Dhak wood for Homa or Yagya is called auspicious.
In Indian Hindu astrology, Budh grah is the master of Dhak. Surya is also connected with Dhak  
 Palash, Dhak is also an auspicious tree for Buddhist as second Buddha got gyan (Enlightenment)  under this tree.
 In Mahabharata, the Dhak, plash is narrated in Aranyaka parva  when Pandavas travel to Garhwal for vanvas  
 Dhak leaves are also used for blessing rituals or ceremonies.
 Learned people suggest for rooting Dhak tree on est south of village.
 People offered Dhlk flower to Devi.
      Auspicious Importance in Holi Festival
   In Uttarakhand, playing Holi with Palas color is very auspicious important aspect of Holi celebration.
                    Palash in Astrology
 Purva Falguni Nakshatra is related to Palash and astrologers use Kadamb for person effected by Poorva Falguni Nakshatra.         
                    Palash in Tantric –Mantric Rituals
  People use Palash , Dhak (White flower is supposed to be best) in Tantric Vshikran and Smridhi rituals.
  There is importance of Dhak, Palash in Shankaracharji Mantra too.
 There is uses of Palash in Damar Tantra डामर तंत्र
As per Uddamareshwar Tantra, Palsh is offered to please Kalkarni Yakshani.
                    --- Dhak, Palas in Proverb---
 The Hindi proverb ‘Dhak ke Teen pat’ is famous and common proverb for showing unchangeable.
Copyright@ Bhishma KukretiMumbai 2017
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