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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mitra Nand Dabral (Sharma) :A Garhwali Poet of varied subjects and styles

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry 281 
Bhishma Kukreti
                                 Garhwali literature has been facing many problems from the beginning when the Garhwalis started publishing various types of literature. The biggest problem for Garhwali literarians or literature creative is finding readers at a place and then distributing the literature to the readers because Garhwalis are scattered here and there in India and abroad. It is commonly said in humorous way among Garhwali literature creative that the Garhwali writer writes Garhwali literature aloof, publishes himself on his cost, reads himself and her or his successors destroy the literature by selling Garhwali literature to raddiwalas. From the beginning, Garhwali writers have been facing the problem of getting the addresses of real readers of Garhwali literature and dispatching them the published materials. This is the reason that even after publishing many books in Garhwali language, many Garhwali authors are unfamiliar or nameless in the jungle of Garhwali literature.

       Internet is again bringing the problem for Garhwali literary creative. Those who don’t have facilities for typing Garhwali literature in Devnagari script and then submitting it to the relevant blogs will be in darkness of unfamiliarity.

   Mitra Nand Dabral Sharma is not also such a Garhwali poet who is discussed in the literary field nor do common Garhwalis know about the big contribution of Mitra NandDabral Sharma for Garhwali poems and proverbs.

          Mitra Nand Dabral is an Ayurvaidic doctor in Jua area of Tihri Garhwal. His great grandfather was the state doctor (Raj Vaidya) of Garhwali kingdom in Shri Nagar. Due to new alignment and other reasons, along with the king, Dabral family had to shift from Shri Nagar to Tihri and used to reside in Kafalpani – Dang area (Tihri Garhwal). Mitra Nand comes from the learned family of Dabral of Timali (Dabralsiyun, Pauri Garhwal), From Sanskrit point of view, Timali is famous for college of Sanskrit affiliated to Kashi Sanskrit Vidyapeeth in Timali, Dabralssyun . The inhabitants of Dabralsyun, Udayapur and Dhangu Patti used to say that the dogs, cats and domestic animals of Timali understand Sanskrit very well. 
                Mitra Nand Dabral was born in Kafalpani (Tehri) in 1911. Mitranand Dabral is no more now.

       Mitra Nand Dabral wrote many verses in Garhwali languages and he used to try using pure Tiryali dialects in his poems. Though, his contribution in Garhwali poetry and prose require more researches. Till date we have the following details about the published work of Mitra Nand Dabral in Garhwali language:

• Fyunlee- A memorable a collections of various types, styles , forms and subjects of Garhwali poems

• Garhwali Kavita Samgrah: Being a doctor, Mittra Nand Sharma has to roam around Jua area and come in contact with various people. In his medical practice, Mitra NandDabral collected many proverb, maxim, axiom, adage or aphorisms of Garhwali vocabulary. He published those proverbs in this volume

• Gangadi Chakor: A superb example of mixing tragedy, satire and humour in creating poetry
• Bhaj Givindam ; A collection of Garhwali poems
• Satya Narayan Jee ki Nayi Vrat Katha: Dabral uses new subject in this poetry collection.

Mitra Nand is a famous social worker of his area and participates in various cultural and ritual programs with passion, enthusiasm and eagerness. He is very famous for his singing in ‘Radheshyami tarj’ (Tone)

(Curtsey- Garhwal Ki jiwit Vibhutiyan evam  Vaishishtya)
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai, 2016
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