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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, April 20, 2015

Selling Daughters for Watermill Technology

Garhwali Folk Tales, Fables, Traditional Stories, Community Narratives -99

  Compiled and Edited by: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Training Expert)

(This Folk Story was told by Ramoltya, she was a maid servant in Bareth village, Malla Dhangu, Pauri Garhwal. She belonged to Yamunotri valley, Uttarkashi. She told this story in three lines when I was studying in forth standard at Bareth Primary School.)
              Long back Ranvain region of Uttarkashi region did not have any Ghat/Gharat (watermill). People used to tease Thokdar (chieftain) that in other part of Ravain (Himachal region), there was watermill.
 Thokdar Raghubir had huge land and he required Grain Watermill not only for his use for grinding cereals but for his subjects too. 
 In past, Uttarkashi Ravain people tried many times to get Watermill technology by various means but they could not get the secret of watermill at all. There had been war for getting watermill Technology between two Thokdars.
 Raghubir the Uttarkashi Thokdar (landlord) went to see a watermill owner in Ravain of Himachal Region. The owner of watermill of Himachal Region was a landlord too. The Himachal Thokdar took Uttarkashi Thokdar to his watermill. Himachal Thokdar showed his watermill from outside only. The people could also not see the watermill from inside. People used to give grains to watermill workers from outside and the workers used to go inside watermill and used to come back with flour.
 Uttarkashi Thokdar requested Himachal Thokdar for transferring Watermill technology to him. Himachal Thokdar put his condition before Uttarkashi Thokdar that if Uttarkashi Thokdar would marry his daughter with him (Himachal Thokdar) he would transfer Watermill Technology to him.
 Uttarkashi Thokdar was shocked as Himachal Thokdar was old chap. However, Uttarkashi Thokdar did not have any choice and Uttarkashi Thokdar married his young daughter to old Himachal Thokdar. After marriage Himachal Thokdar sent his men to build Water Mill at bank of River in Ravain of Uttarkashi. Watermill House and canal were built. However, Himachal Thokdar did not fit the actual Mill in the House at bank of River. One year passed but Himachal Thokdar did not fit the actual mill.
 Uttarkashi Thokdar went to see his son in law (Himachal Thokdar). Uttarkashi Thokdar asked his son in law to fit the Mill. Shamelessly, Himachal Thokdar asked his father in law to marry him his younger daughter too for getting Watermill Technology.
 There was no choice with Uttarkashi Thokdar but to marry his younger daughter with Himachal Thokdar. Now, after getting second daughter, Himachal Thokdar transferred whole technology and materials to Uttarkashi Thokdar.
 That watermill at the bank of River of Uttarkashi was built by Himachal Thokdar.

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti 16/4//2015 for review and interpretation


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