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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garhwali Grammar, Grammar of Garhwali Language, Book s on Garhwali Grammar

History of Garhwali Literature
Garhwali Grammar, Grammar of Garhwali Language, Book s on Garhwali Grammar
Garhwali Bhasha ka Vyakarn : Grammar of Garhwali Language
(A Reviwe of book-Garhwali Bhasha ka Vyakarn by Rajni Kukreti )
Bhishma Kukreti
Written Grammar is very important for growth, extension, development, advancement, expansion, progress, preservation, protection and getting complete recognition in a multilingual country as India for a language as Garhwali. Recently (February 2010) published book Garhwali Bhasha ka Vyakarn by Rajni Kukreti is second attempt in history of Garhwali Literature to publish Garhwali Grammar book. Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna is credited to initiate publishing book on Garhwali Grammar as Garhwali Vyakaran ki Roop Rekha in the year 1960. The gap of years between two books is very wide and less publicity of Abodh’s grammar book is visible in present Garhwali language grammar. Chief Minister Nishank and Dr Achla Nand Jakhmola wrote introductory notes on the present book of grammar by Rajni Kukreti but both learned literature personalities did not mention the name of Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna for pioneering writing book on Garhwali grammar. Both appreciated Rajni Kukreti as if this is the first book on Garhwali grammar. It is sheer ignorance on part of Dr Achlanand Jakhmola for not mentioning the name of Abodh Bahuguna’s book because Dr Jakhmola got the book of Bahuguna and he had thoroughly read it too. Dr Jakhmola spent much time showing his knowledge about who wrote grammar books on Hindi but forgot ( I think intentionally ) mentioning about Abodh Bahuguna.
Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna has the same place in Garhwali language for writing about Garhwali grammar as Jonson Ben (1756) has in English language Grammar book writing and Rajni Kukreti has same place in Garhwali language grammar book writing as of Cobbett William (1818) in English Grammar book writing. As the language historians appreciate the works of Bartol Kasik, Rajmund Dzamanzic for writing grammar of Croatian languages; Jacob Mikalja (Italian grammar) , Juraj Krizanic (Pan Slavic grammar) ; Dr Bhawani Datt Upreti for Kumaoni Grammar book ; Garhwali language historians will appreciate the instantiating attempt of Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna and extending work of rajni Kukreti in Garhwali grammar oriented literature.
The attempt of Rajni Kukreti for publishing Garhwali grammar offline and online has very significant . She published the book of grammar at right time when there is demand from all levels that without written form of Garhwali grammar, the language will not get place in 8th schedule of Indian constitution .
There are following chapters in this book of Garhwali Grammar by Rajni Kukreti
1- Varnmala and lipi (phonological notes and script of Garhwali )
2- Kriya (Verbs)
3- Samyukt Kriya (Two and more verbs)
4- Kal Rachna (tenses)
5- Sahyak kriyaye avm Prayog (Supplimentary Verbs)
6- Sangya avm Kriya Prayog (Noun and verb applications)
7- Noun
9-Vachan ( Numbers)
10- Karak (Case)
11- Sarvnam (Pronoun)
12- Visheshan (Adjectives)
13-Pratya (Suffixes)
14- Yojak ( Conjection)
15-Sambhand Bodhak (Post Position)
16- Kriyavisheshan ( Adverbs)
17-Samas ( Compounds)
18- Upsarg (Prefix )
19- Vaky Rachna ( construction of sentenses)
20- Matraon ka parichy
21- Kuchh Garhwali kriyayen (verbs)
22- Miscellaneous
Rajni Kukreti has been successful in elaborating the subject of verb as verb plays major role in differentiating languages. The book is very significant who know Garhwali but cant speak due to many reasons. Rajni Kukreti has used simple Hindi to make understand readers knowing about disciplines of Garhwali language
The society and publisher should do promotion in Delhi and Mumbai like cities where the book will help those Garhwalis who want to learn Garhwali in spoken and written form.
Language historians will always appreciate Rajni for her industrious job in making the complex and tedious subject as very simple and understandable by her craftsmanship. Dr Achla Nand Jakhmola rightly said , “ This book will be able to initiate thinking, discussions, researches and more writing among Garhwalis”
Book : Garhwali Bhasha Vyakaran
Writer: Rajni Kukreti
Publisher : Winsar Prakashan
8, First floor, City centre
4, Dispensary Road, Dehradun
Phone 0135-3294463

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, India, 2010