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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bibji Gyaee Kavita : The Reprehensive Poems of Dhad Poetry Movement

History of Himalayan literature
History of Indian Literature
Critical History of Garhwali Poetry
Bibji Gyaee Kavita : The Reprehensive Poems of Dhad Poetry Movement
Bhishma Kukreti
In this millennium, we saw three exclusive Garhwali poetry collections by various poets in volume , two poetry collections along with Kumauni poetries (Ud haughty Ud and danda Kantha ke Swar complied by Gajendra Batohi) and one along with Garhwali prose (Das Salai Yatra , compiled by Vimal Neg) . The exclusive first Garhwali poetry collection is Gwathani Gaon Bate ( compiler and editor -Madan Duklan) , third one is Gwai (Complied and edited by Tota Ram Dhoundiyal) and second is Biji Gyaee Kavita complied and edited by Madhsudan Thapliyal. These six volumes of Garhwali poetry collections are equal to Americal Poetry : twentieth century ( Compiled and edited by Robert Hass, John Hollander) , Six Poets of Nineteenth Century or German poets of First World War in terms of representation of contemporary poets in one volume of poetry collection.
In true sense, Biji Gyaee Kavita does not represent Garhwali poets but this poetry collection but this volume represents the poets who were involved in Dhad Poetry movement in Garhwal or Dehradun. The poets of Biji Gyaee Kavita are those who worked for Dhadh social organization in various capacity in their respective area.
There poems of following contemporary poets in Biji Gyayee Kavita.
1-Tota Ram Dhoundiya
2-Khyat Singh Chauhan
3-Om Prakash Semwal
4-Vishv Prakash Baudai
5-Satish Balodi
6-Virendra Panwar
7-Girish Pant
8-Devesh Joshi
9-Darshan Singh Bisht rangeela
10-Shiv Dayal Shailej
11- Sukhdev Dard
12-Maya Ram Dhoundiyal
13-Leela Nand Raturi
14-Ramesh Chand Santoshi
15-Ashok Uniyal
16- Gajendra Nautiyal
17- Mahendra Dhyani
18-Hemvati Nandan Bhatt
The poems of this poetry collection are of various subjects, temperaments, raptures, emotions and try showing contemporary rural Garhwal. Many poems are in praise of Garhwal, Garhwalis and their characteristics. Barring abhorrence rapture, the readers may find all raptures and their emotions in this volume.
The readers will enjoy many old symbols, images and newly found symbols and images by the pots in this poetry collection.
Since, this is the collection of eighteen poets, it is obvious that the readers will find old form of poetries and new poetry formats in this volume. However, it clearly shows that poets are avoiding latest experimentation at this stage of globalization in economical field and poetic field as well.
Historian and critics will definitely appreciate Madhu Sudan Thapliyal for publishing the poems of all those poets who made Dhad Poetry Movement successful in rural Garhwal.
Biji Gyaee Kavita
Comiled by Madhu Sudan Thapliyal
Dhad Prakashan, Pauri
Distributor : Binsar Prakashan
58/1Ghishi Gali, Dehradun

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, India, 2010