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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kachaaki: Garhwali Novel Hitting Hard on Sorcery, Witchery, Necromancy (Blind Faith)

Critical Review of Garhwali Literature- 2281
                     (Review of Modern Garhwali Literature series)
             Review of ‘Kachaaki’: a Garhwali Short Novel by Dr. Umesh Chamola

           Review by: Bhishma Kukreti (Regional Language Promoter)

   ‘Kachaaki’ a Garhwali novel hits hard on sorcery, witchery, necromancy and also tells that whatever you do you will get it back in this life only.  The Novel ‘Kachaaki’ is a short form of Novel written by a poet, novelists, short story writer, folk literature collector,  and social activist Dr. Umesh Chamola.
                The present Garhwali novel deals with the problem of blind faith on Sorcery, Witchery, and Necromancy etc even in the era of information. Masanti a widow and a step mother of the main character Deepa wants to protect her step daughter from the influence of her in laws. Masanti advises Deepa to have Jadu-Tona tactics to get rid of influence of her in laws sides. Deepa obeys her step mother and at the end she has to separate from her husband. Masanti finds that her deeds are before her and her past sinful deeds are now her enemies.
         There are four main characters in the novel Masanti (step mother), Deepa, Prabhat (husband of Deepa), Jeevanand (the astrologer). The novelist is able to develop the characters of each character for constructing the story. Each character seems be real from present rural Uttarakhand. The characterization and dialogues for each character make the novel interesting and also create curiosity for readers finishing the novel till end in one sitting. The social novel is also offer moral preaching too.
         Novelist Dr. Chamola is able to create various emotions required making novel exciting.
       The events and incidents of novel look like as if the readers are habitual of such incidents in real world. The setting of novel provides the realism of present Garhwal.
Dr Umesh uses third person narration style in illustrating the incidents.
 The language and dialogues are simple and phrases and proverbs used by the novelist create speed and energy in the novel. The simple language is positive aspect of the novel.
            The timing of story is not limited to first part of twenty first century but the timing is also suitable for past and future.
  The novel is interesting and moral oriented. There has been vacuum of Novel writing in modern Garhwali literature.  Dr. Umesh Chamola should be credited to fulfill the vacuum by publishing his second novel in Garhwali. The international critics would place the position of Dr. Chamola as they position novelists Zayd Mutte’ Dammaj, Stefan Zeromsky, Witold Gombrowicz, Pedro Guilherem-Moreira, J.Alencer, Clarice Lispector, Albert Camus, Marquis, Jose Maria Arguedas, Romulo Gallego, Patrick Suskind, Mari for developing their respecting language novel genre.  
Kacchaki (Garhwali Novel)
Novelist- Dr. Umesh Chamla
Year of publishing – 2014
Pages -50
Publisher- Avichal Prakashan , Hudil Colony, Bijnor, Uttarpradesh
Price -100/-
Contact- 9410921899
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti 1 /8/2014
Bhishma Kukreti, 2013, Angwal, Garhwali Kavita Puran (History of Garhwali Poetry) Dehradun, India 
Bhishma Kukreti, Kathkarun Katha , Shailvani, Kotdwar
Critical Review of Garhwali Literature to be continued…
Critical Review of Garhwali Poetry Collection to be continued