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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chhween Bath: the First Garhwali Interview Collection Book

Critical Review of Garhwali Literature- 2281
                     (Review of Modern Garhwali Literature series)
  Review of ‘Chhween Bath’ A Interviews Book by Virendra Panwar

           Review by: Bhishma Kukreti (Regional Language Promoter)

            We live in the era of interviews. Anchors interview celebrities in TV converse shows, journalists take interviews of premiers of a country. Today, in the era of social media, people interview each other on social media. Everybody is interviewing everybody. After printing media and broadcasting media came in existence the interviewers take interview literature creative to know their insight.
  Interviewing the literature creative provide various types of information those were not possible in normal course. For example interview gets information about work habits of creative; views on past literature, present and future; social conditions in different course of literature; social changes those changing the literature, aspects of literature in terms of subject and style etc.
       As far as Garhwali language literature is concerned, taking interview and publishing it is very new. Due to scarcity of newspapers or magazines the interview literature did not develop till 1987 when Bhishma Kukreti published first Garhwali language interview with late Arjun Singh Gusain the editor of Hilans in Dhad. From then, interview literature developed very well. Virendra Panwar took the lead in taking interviews of various literature creative and publishing them regularly.
 Chhween -Bath is the first book of interview collection in Garhwali language and works of Panwar should be appreciated. Panwar is famous poet and reviewer  of Garhwali Literature
 There are 31 (thirty one) interview published in Chhween-Bath. There are different types of literature creative whose interview taken by Virendra. The creative are poets, legendary singer, foreign language research scholars, historian, critic curatives, prose makers, cartoonists, drawing artists of magazines, story tellers, editors etc.
 Virendra took pain in constructing questions. That shows that veteran Garhwali critic Virendra Panwar knows that appropriate questions bring out the insight of interviewed ones.  His questions offer the interviewed ones to open various insights, aspects of literature and society and views of the interviewed ones. The aims and intents of interviewer Panwar were to get the best out from the interviewed ones and Panwar had been successful in his intents for taking hidden aspects of literature.
   The present book ‘Chhween –Bath’ opens many new aspects of Garhwali and Kumaon literature (arts and crafts) and Internet medium literature those were unknown to many creative too.
‘Chhween-Bath’ the interview collection is one the mile stones in the history of Garhwali Literature.
 The works of Virendra Panwar would be judged same as the works of William Packard, Alex Cigale, Alex Dueben, Sarah Fay, Peter Orr, Joshua Barnes, Michael Lee Johnson, Maria Shriver, Liz Logan, Elsebeth Pancrazy in intervening crafts.  

Chhween-Bath (Interviews taken by Virendra Panwar)
By: Virendra Panwar
Year of publication- 2014
Pages -164
Winsar Publishing Co, Faltu Line Dehradun
Price- Rs.300

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti 1 /8/2014
Bhishma Kukreti, 2013, Angwal, Garhwali Kavita Puran (History of Garhwali Poetry) Dehradun, India 
Critical Review of Garhwali Literature to be continued…
Critical Review of Garhwali Poetry Collection to be continued