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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, July 10, 2017

Geetesh Negi: A Poet of Social Concern

गढ़वाल,उत्तराखंड,हिमालय से गढ़वाली कविता  क्रमगत इतिहास  भाग - 169) 

 (Critical and Chronological History of Garhwali Poetry, part - 169)
                        By: Bhishma Kukreti
  When a young man of professional experience as engineering with social concern enters into poetry field, the langue gets an energy, catalytic ingredient and new dimension.
        Garhwali poetic world is lucky for getting poet from engineering background and with social movement background as Geetesh Negi.
 Geetesh Negi was born in 1984 in Mahar Village of Kolagarh region of Pauri Garhwal. Geetesh spent  a couple of years in rural Garhwal and shifted to Saharanpur where he got his studies. Geetesh had been travelling a lot in the country and abroad for his professional job. There is effects of  every step of his life on his poetries.
   Geetesh translated poetries of famous foreign language poetries. His first poetry collection ‘Ghughti Ghur Ghur’ is under publication.
            The subjects of poems by Geetesh are lacking of desired development in rural Garhwal, pain of migration, corruption in Gram Panchayat and administration, lethargy among youth and helplessness among old generation. The pain of nonstop migration from villages, agro fields transforming into lantana jungles are very vocal subjects before the poet.
 Migration to unknown land by Garhwalis is never ending pain for all Garhwalis and in such circumstances the poem emerges-
मेरु आस कु पंछी रीटणु रैंद 
झणि किलै बैचैन ह्वे कि 
किलै डब -डबाणी रैंदी   

   Geetesh is concerned about that even after creation of Uttarakhand state the situation is not improved but worsened and everywhere brokers are teaming up-
खाणा बी छीं 
पीणा बी छीं 
कुरचणा बी छीं  
फुकणा  बी छीं 
लुटणा बी छीं 
 A poet is not regional poet but always a humanitarian and that is why a poem emerges-
गांधी त्यारा देस मा 
हूणी  आज गांधीवादै हत्या 

 Garhwali language is endanger language and that’s why the poem " किलै कि क्वी कणाणु छाई " comes out.
  There are sharp satirical poems created by Geetesh too.
 His style is modern, free verses but with rhythm.
 His pathos poem or illustrating Garhwal imagery are marvelous and Geetesh uses proverbs, sayings, riddles as per need and create proper desired images
   Geetesh uses Badalpuri (South Garhwal, Salani) dialects abundantly and without any hesitation and those words don’t hurdle the understanding of poems by the readers.
 Poetry critic Dr. Manju Dhoundiyal, Editor Madan Duklan and poetry activist Lokesh Navani appreciate young poet and all are hopeful that in coming days, Geetesh will fetch poems those will compete international fame poets.

              वू लोग "(उत्तेजक गढ़वाली कविता )-

हमरा ही घोलौं बैठी ,हम्थेय की उडाणा छीं वू लोग
हमरा ही लट्ठों से ,हम्थेय की ठियाणा छीं वू लोग
हमरा ही म्वालौं थेय लगैऽक ,गिच्चौं फर हमरा
छुईं हमरी ही कन्न लगाणा छीं वू लोग

सरया जिन्दगी बाटू दिखाई जौं लोगौं

बाट हम्थेय ही आज कन्न बिरडाणा छीं वू लोग

खाई सरया जिन्दगी जौंल गाड- गाडीऽक पैन्छु

हम्थेय ही आज डडियाणा छीं वू लो

खुच्चिलियुं मा ख्यलीं ब्याली  जू हमरी

खण्ड कन्ना कन्ना हम्थेय ही आज खिलाणा छीं वू लोग

जू बुथैं बगत बगत थमथ्याकि हमुल

कन्न आज हम्थेय ही ठगाणा छीं वू लोग

जौंकी मुखडी आश देखि काट सरया जिंदगी हमुल

कन्न मुखडी आज सर्र हमसे ही लुकाणा छीं वू लोग

जौं थेय रौं पिल़ाणु दूध ,खून प्डू सोचिक

कन्न गुरा बणिक आज हम्थेय ही तडकाणा छीं वू लोग

सैंती पालि कैरी ज्वान जू

बोझ हम्थेय ही आज बताणा छीं वू लोग

जौं का बाना पूजीं ढुन्गा सरया दुनियाऽक

ढुन्गु समझिक उन्दु आज हम्थेय ही चुलाणा छीं वू लोग

दिन चार पैदा हूँया , जौं थेय नि व्हाई अज्जी

औकात ब्वेऽक आज पुछणा छीं वू लो

मी छौं हिमालय ,प्राण -भाल भारत कू ,

यी  बस परिचय म्यारू

मिल सुण सफेदपोश व्हेकि अज्काल

दिल्ली -देहरादूण मा

लाल बत्ती खूब रिंगाणा छीं वू लो

            लाल बत्ती खूब रिंगाणा छीं वू लोग...........

स्रोत : हिमालय की गोद से ,गीते सिंह नेगी (सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित )

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, 2017
चमोली गढ़वाल , उत्तराखंड , उत्तरी भारत कविता , लोकगीत  इतिहास ; रुद्रप्रयाग गढ़वाल , उत्तराखंड , उत्तरी भारत कविता ,लोकगीत  इतिहास ; टिहरी गढ़वाल , उत्तराखंड , उत्तरी भारत कविता , लोकगीत  इतिहास ; उत्तरकाशी गढ़वाल , उत्तराखंड , उत्तरीभारत कविता , लोकगीत  इतिहास ; देहरादून गढ़वाल , त्तराखंड , उत्तरी भारत कविता , लोकगीत  इतिहास ; हरिद्वार गढ़वाल ,उत्तराखंड , उत्तरी भारत कविता , लोकगीत  इतिहास ; 
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