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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Education System in Uttarakhand

Education System in Uttarakhand
                  Dr. Balbir Singh Rawat
The present education system is based on books, that are crammed, exams passed, degrees/certificates won, and search for jobs begins, the multitude of the unemployed swells year by year and social problems of dissatisfaction, frustration, anger, revolt spawn. This type of education has no place for vocational education. In Uttarakhand vocational education is imparted at few ill equipped and scanty staff ITIs and Polytechnics. Those who pass out, seek employment and migrate.
The need of the hour is to impart such vocational training which generates, knowledge, skill, self confidence and organisational qualities in the students. I have the following suggestions to make:

1. Identify Uttarakhand specific vocations in agriculture, animal husbandry, chill water fishery and allied areas, in tourism, hospitality, adventure sports, local produce based cottage and small scale industry, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment used in Uttarakhand, marketing, cooperatives and all other occupations that can generate respectable income earning self employment.

2. Urge the government to set up such vocational schools, first one in each district, later one in each Tehsil and provide budgets and other infrastructure. Side by start a B.Ed (Technical) College to provide teaching staff for the proposed vocational schools.

3. Develop suitable syllabi of a two year course for admittees who pass 8th/10th standard,with high school/inter certificate. Search for properly qualified teachers from allied government departments, on deputation and from the other suitable sources for the duration till B.Ed. Technical are available from the above College.

4. Simultaneously start intensive production development and enhancement activities in all such areas around good roads to a commercially viable
sustained chain of supplies to the processing units run by these vocation school trained entrepreneurs.

5 Set up a quality control and guidance unit to ensure that the products so prdued in farms, herds, lakes, small and medium cottage industrial units.

6. Organise self employed entrepreneurs cooperative multipurpose societies to take care of their needs of inputs and arrange for profitable sales of products at related markets.

7. Put in place provisions for monitoring, guiding, retraining and creating some of these successful units into additional training centres.

8. any more item(s) springing up as a result of discussions on the above 7 areas.

Thanks and please do send me your reactions,
Wishing you all, All The Best,
Dr. Balbir Singh Rawat