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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Teeka Ram Kukreti: Who Proved Garhwalis Are Brilliant Businessmen

Great Garhwali personalities- 49
Partially- Kukreti family History
                              Teeka Ram Kukreti: Who Proved Garhwalis Are Brilliant Businessmen
                                                                         Bhishm Kukreti
                                                  History of Family Tree of Teeka Ram  Kukreti
      Guru Prasad or Guru Pati Kukreti was the first person of Kukreti family tree who settled in Jaspur in thirteenth or fourteenth century in Malla Dhangu, Gangasalan (Pauri Garhwal, now Kotdwara district). Once, Kukretis were Jameendar of whole Malla Dhangu. Kukreti’s elder’s son’s successor in Gweel (a twin village of Jaspur) used to be Padhan or Thokdar of Malla Dhangu. Till 1960, Padhan used to collect revenue in Malla Dhangu for government from the area barring where Padhans were appointed.
In Udaypur Patti adjacent to Malla Dhangu, at the bank of Hinval river, there are two famous and old villages called today Rikhyad-Banchuri . In fact the real name was Rishi-addaa or staying place for Rishis). Sh was pronounced as Kh and by combining rishi+ adda became Rikhyad. Banchuri was actually Baun Chauro  (baun=forest, Chauro = aromatic tree)  meaning the forest where aromatic trees were found abundantly. (bau+ chauro= banchuri). It is believed that Once, Rikhyad and Banchuri were twin villages.  
        Long back in Jaspur an original village of Kukretis but after Bahugunas settled in Jaspur, there was a young boy named Rama Nand Kukreti.  Young and handsome Rama Nand Kukreti was expert of experts in cooking Kheer and other sweet food items as Arsha. Once, the Jameendar of Banchuri who was having large land came to visit Jaspur for his family works.  Jameendar of Banchuri was offered food cooked by young Rama Nand Kukreti. Jamendar ofBbanchuri was so impressed by Kheer taste that he offered father of Rama Nand Kukreti to take young boy to his village Banchuri. After much discussion and convincing arguments of Jameendar of Banchuri , the father of Rama Nand Kukreti agreed and Rama Nand Kukreti settled in Banchuri.   After the marriage of Rama nand Kukreti, rama nand was offered land in separate place called Dhangal (meaning Dhangu wala) .
  Rama Nand‘s one son migrated to Kheda in Udaypur Patti and other was there in Dhangal. Till date, the Kukretis of Dhangal have Pitrikudi in Jaspur.
                          Family of Teeka Ram Kukreti
   Born in 1922, Teeka Ram Kukreti was from Dhangal-Banchuri . His father name was Pundit Mahanand  Nand and mother’s name was Vimala Devi . Teeka ram had two brothers.
 Teeka ram completed his primary education from Banchuri and middle standard from Paukhal. 
               After completing middle standard, Teeka Ram Kukreti came to Lansdowne and took forest contract ship than taking Naukari (service). Till date, Kukretis of Dhangal hates Naukari.
   Teeka Ram Kukreti had brilliancy in making friends and visionary intelligence.  Very soon Teeka Ram‘s contract business flourished and he called many his fellows from Dhangal to join business too.
  Later on Teeka ram migrated to Kotdwara where he took other business in hand that is building contracting. Teeka Ram with the help of his brothers and his brilliant mind became successful in both the businesses.
       In seventies, he established hotel called ‘ Bharat Bhumi in the name of Bharat the father of bharat country. Bharat the son of Shakuntala and Dushyant was born in the land of Kotdwara. Teekaram also established a market called Mahanand market (older formats of Malls) dedicated to his father. Teeka ram also founded Kukreti industries in Jashodhar pur. Teekaram Kukreti inspired his fellows of Dhangal and banchuri to come in business and today, you can’t think Kotdwara without Kukretis.
                       Teeka Ram Kukreti as a Social worker
 Teeka ram Kukreti used to take keen interest in various social works. He was one of the founder members of Lessa sahkaari udyog  sansthan.
 Due to his persuasion, late Mahant indiresh Charan das opened schools and colleges in Kotdwara, Lal pani, Dhampur , Muradabad. Jagmohan singh Negi the former UP minster had good relation with him and he used to keep him in the managing committee of Brighukhal college.
 His main capability was to inspire people in coming business rather than searching job.
 All his four sons are successful businessmen of Garhwal. Teeka ram had a very simple living and he expired at the age of 79 in 2001.
 Garhwalis will forever remember Teeka ram Kukreti for his way to show that an average Garhwali has capability and potentiality of being successful businessmen.

2-Story told by late Mrs. Kwanra Devi Kukreti wife of late Shish Ram Kukreti, Jaspur whose ‘mayka’ was in Rikhyad
2- Late Murli Dhar Kukreti, Jaspur
3- Gopal Kukreti of Dhangal and properiter of Kukreti Medical Store, Kotdwara
4- Dr. Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal, Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan 2011