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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shilanyas: a Garhwali Drama for Public Awareness

Shilanyas: a Garhwali Drama for Public Awareness
 (Review of Garhwali Drama ‘Shilanyas’ by Girish Sundariyal)
(Notes on Garhwali Drama, Kumauni Drama, Uttarakhandi Drama, Himalayan Drama)
                                         Bhishm Kukreti
           Girish Sundariyal is famous poet of Garhwali. Recently Girish published a collection of five Garhwali plays ‘Asgar’.  ‘Shilanyas ‘is one of those five Garhwali plays.
                     Being a teacher, Girish would definitely want that there should be a drama for younger generation. ‘Shilanyas’ is written purely keeping in mind youth.  The drama is based on the value of Shramdan (cooperative way of constructing a public infrastructure).
               Chaundkot is famous for constructing a forty miles motor road by public without any government aid at the time of British Raj through the Shramdan system.
            The story of ‘Shilyanyas’ is simple that a married young woman Sooma dies because of an accident, delaying due to no fast transport availability  and not getting proper treatment at government hospital which is far away from the accident place.
              The people of the said village decide to take matter to government officers for constructing motor road that from future people get facilities. The villagers become surprised that on paper, there is already a motor road constructed by government.
              People of village talk about famous Chaundkot road constructed by public and they start the road construction by way of Shramdan.
               The drama is well knitted and is capable of offering a message without any complexity. There are characters from all age and class and are from the real life.
             Girish kept in mind in the drama that avoiders create complainers, complainers create avoiders and the right goal communicated properly creates achievers.  
           The dialogues are from day to day uses and can create enthusiasm among the audience.
                The drama writer is successful in creating the importance of people’s contribution in public utility.
‘Asgar’ a Garhwali drama collection  
By Girish Sundariyal (2011)
Himalay Lok Sahity evam sanskriti Vikas Trust
A-16, Rakshapuram,
Ladpur P.O Raipur

Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti
Notes on Garhwali Drama, Kumauni Drama, Uttarakhandi Drama, Himalayan Drama to be continued……