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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bharti: a Garhwali Drama Teaching Morality

Bharti: a Garhwali Drama Teaching Morality
        (Review of Bharti’ Drama by Girish Sundariyal)
(Review of Garhwali Drama, Kumauni stage Plays, Uttarakhandi Plays, Himalayan Dramas)

                      Bhishm Kukreti
   In any society moral teaching drama creations are must. Girish Sundariyal showed his creative responsibility by writing ‘Bharti’ drama in Garhwali. The expertise of Girish is that without preaching speeches, the drama is successful in depicting a moral teaching drama ‘Bharti’
   The drama ‘Bharti’ is about hopes, aspiration of youth of a Garhwali village entering into Indian Army services. Four young boys visit Kalon dando or Lansdowne for interview. Only one young guy gets entry into Indian armed force and three can’t get. The reason is obvious.
  The story is about real incidents happening in Garhwal. The writer is successful in showing aspirations, hopes and frustrations of unemployment or not getting proper counseling in the village to young generation required in the globalization era.  Due to not getting proper counseling young boys do not pass interviews and become frustrated. The frustration takes them for consuming alcohol.
  The construction of drama is very crispy and dialogues are day to day conversation. The dialogues are having humor, proverbs those make the drama attractive.
  The scenes of interview taken by military administration seem to be very realistic.
  ‘Bharti’ drama offers a teaching at the end. The writer tries to make drama as realistic as it can be.
Bharti drama is one the five dramas from ‘Asgar’ a Garhwali drama collection by Girish Sundariyal.
Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti
Review of Garhwali Drama, Kumauni stage Plays, Uttarakhandi Plays, Himalayan Dramas to be continued ……