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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gyananand Semwal: Asian, Garhwali Poet Strong Supporter of Women Rights

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali Poetry –11 A

                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti

          As the World poetry critics praises the works of poetess Louise Otto Peters (German Poet), Christan de Pisan (French), Lucrezia  Marinella ( Italian Poet), Annie Loisa Walker (England) June Jorden etc for their poetic works on Women Right same way, Critics appreciate Pundit  Gyana Nand Semwal for creating poetry for the woman rights when women right was even not thought in Garhwal.
             Less is known about Pundit Gyananand Semwal as initial Modern Garhwali poet.  Garhwali Poetry scholar Dr Jagdamba Prasad Kotnala brought the works of Gyananand Semwal in limelight. Dr Jagdamba Kotnala got the booklet Gyanodaya the Garhwali (Asian) poetry collection by Gyananand Semwal from Garhwali literature activist Satya Prasad Raturi, Mussoorie. Dr Kotnala have photocopy of ‘Gyanodaya’.
      There is no mention of birth date, place of Pundit Gyananand or any other information about him in the poetry collection.  There is praise for King Narendra Shah of Tehri Kingdom and mention of Narendra Nagar city.  The time of establishing /building infrastructure Narendra Nagar is from 1921-24.There is an advertisement of Evens Frazer Company Mussoorie on back page of poetry collection.  Therefore, Satya Prasad Raturi guessed that the publication period of Gyanodaya would be 1924-1930.
  There are following poems in the poetry collection-
 Tehri Naresh Narendrashah prashasti
Ish Vandana
Vidya Mahima
Santati Prem,
Buddya Javain
Nari Dharma
Dharm lakshan
                 The above titles are proof that there are varieties of subjects in the poetry collection ‘Gyanodaya’. However, the main themes of the poet are Dharma (Right Path). His poems always support the women right as in Punarvivah, Budya Javain. He writes ‘Khulla Gyana Nand’ words and that means he was social rebellion and activist too.  The poems of Gyana Nand Semwal are sensitive and speak boldly. The poems are of high standard and melodious.  Gyana nand shows the pain of women smartly and is successful making the desired images. His poems are of contemporary Garhwali poetry style.

पुनर्विवाह   (1924 -32 की गढ़वाली कविता )

रचना --  ज्ञाननन्द सेमवाल   ( जन्म  -  before 1900, Tehri Garhwal  टिहरी   गढ़वाल  ) 
Poetry  by - Gyana Nand Semwal
बाल विवाह का विधवा दुःख को समझो जग मा दुःख महान 
मारद त शादी दश भि करले पटकन अबला पहान। 
प्रकृति पुरुष की सत्ता सब मा मन भी तुमरो सी छ यार 
खाणू ,  पीणू रोणू हंसणो सेणू सुपिनो सर्व विचार। 
पूर्णविवाह किलै नि ऊंक यो त ना समझूं मी नीक। 
स्वतंत्रता छ नर कू सब कुछ नार्युं कू क्यों अनगढ़ लोक xxx 
जनम की दुखिया रवन ये किलै तुम कू तो छ सब आनंद 
अनुचित यख मा कुछ भी नी च बोल्द खुल्ला ज्ञानानंद। 

 Gyana Nand uses conventional Garhwali phrases in his poems.

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai, May 2016
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