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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, May 15, 2016

क्या 'रामी बौराणी' गीत को प्रतिबंधित किया जाना चाहिए ?

Rami Baurani song should be banned for ever ? 

                                                        Bhishma Kukreti

(This articles is dedicated to those Garhwali women who had sexual indulgences with other men due to their husbands did not come to Garhwal for years and our society discarded them. These women were named as ‘papan, patar पापण , पातर  etc’. Some of them were forced to live with their parents and live in guilt for whole life. Some were forced to run away from Garhwal and spent all their life as prostitutes in plains of India. Some were fortunate enough to remarry but they were seen as sinful creatures in our society. This article is written for asking those women to pardon our society who were cruel to them and no faults of their .This article is a khsama prarthana to those women who were deprived from their biological right to have sexual relationship in the long absence of their husbands)

Yes, I am writing this letter to you in my full consciousness . I did not take any alcoholic drink for many days, therefore, chances of writing in alcoholic influence is also not there that stating the phrase ‘One of the most famous and popular Garhwali songs Rami Baurani should be banned for ever.’ I don’t take hemp, LSD or charas etc. Therefore, you can not say that ‘bhanglya kuch be bol sakata hai or only the drug taker can speak about such headless matter ’ . Very recently I joined a new organization and there have been my complete medical check up. The doctor never reported that I am insane. Thus, my statement is not the statement of an insane man.
I feel that Rami Baurani lyric is an abuse to womanhood. In my opinion, Rami Baurani is a direct insult to motherhood and the God. The verse is against the nature or humanity too. This song is disgusting, hatred and around 1930, Baldev Prasad Sharma ‘Deen’ , consciously or consciously created this malevolent or devilish song for affronting or insulting the daughters, sisters, daughter in laws, aunts or mothers. Garhwali women of past, present and future will never forgive the terrible, awful, cruel and aberrant intention of Baldev Prasad .
I read this story and song when I was in fifth standard and perhaps the name of booklet was Shyam Chham Ghughuru Bajal published by Shyam Book Depo, Dehradun. This song became popular instantly with its creation only and gained the status of Garhwali folk song.
The Story
The story of Rami Baurani song is that just after marriage, Rami’s husband goes to Delhi for joining the army of Humayun . He did not come to Garhwal for twelve year ; neither he sent any information for his where about. He returned back in the form of a Jogi or sadhu to his village and saw Rami busy in roadside field. He asked her introduction and she replied that she is the daughter of Rawat family and daughter in law of Setun’ (wealthy family). Rami also tells that her husband had left her, she is passing her time with pain of separation with her husband and she is wishing to die:
jwunra ku ghar ni maiku
Swami vichhoh huyun jainku
Rami’s husband wants to take her test for knowing her solitary devotion (prativratata ) for her husband and he inveigled her by saying
chal baurani chhailu baithi jaula
Apni khairi wakhimi laagaula
Rami became furious and she shouts on him, criticizes his ill-indented endeavor and discards him for is sinful intention :
ja jogi apna bath lag
Mera sharil na laga aag
She takes him left and right, condemns his errant desire and reminds him the characteristics of a ascetic person:
jogi hwaik bi aankhi ni khuli
Chhailu baithali teri deedee bhuli
Rami’s husband in the form of an ascetic comes to village and persuades his mother (who does not recognizes his own son) for food. His mother calls Rami to prepare food for the ascetic. Un-heartedly , she prepares food for sinful ascetic person . When food is ready, the Sadhu asks her to offer food on the plate, which is reserved only for her husband:
Malu ka patta man dharu bhaat
Main teru bhaat ni leednu haath
Rami ki swami ki thali manj
Bhat de roti khaulun mi aj
Rami became angry with full of rage and abuses the sadhu:
Khandi chhe jogi t khai lhedi
Ni khandu jogi t jai lhedi
Batera jogi jholi lheki
Rojana ghumik ni paunda bheek
Now, the Jogi or Rami’s husband opens his secret. After knowing the secret of Jogi , Rami and his mother becomes happy.
Sexual attraction and indulgence is natural and instinctive
This lyric is called the auspicious gem of Garhwali poetry created ever in our language history. No poem could thrilled, could reach to the masses, could be part and partial of Garhwali society as Rami Baurani became the part of our daily life.
Even, most of the Garhwali language creative do not know that Rami Baurani is not a folk song but created by Baldev Prasad Sharma Deen. The reason behind its popularity is that around 1930, the migration of men from Garhwal was becoming common and females were feeling pain of separation from theirs husbands in Garhwali villages. There in Garhwal, many incidents were taking place wherein many women pained by separation from her husbands for many years had to indulge themselves sexual relationship with other village fellows and these incidents were breaking many social orders of the society. This lyric sparked every body’s soul, ego, intellect and mind. Timing was perfect for this song to be so popular.
Now, my point is that why every time the woman had to give the test for her non- pervertedness and why not men were judged by our society from their sinful acts. Ram tested Sita three times for her pativrata character and no faults of her. Here, in this song, Rami was tested by her husband for knowing her prativrata character. Though, the fault is of Rami’s husband that he did not return home for twelve years.
If at all Rami indulges sexual relationship with other man or men, it is not her fault because we are human beings and to have sexual relationship is our basic requirement. I say bluntly, if a mature man or woman does not show desire for sexual intercourse for more than a year, ten she or he should be shown to doctor and not to be regarded as faithful to husband or wife, fidelity to husband, chaste, virtuous or Brahma Chari but she or he is ill, is sick, having some physical or mental disorder and certainly requires medical treatment.
Rami Baurani is written by a male human being and just for showing the unnatural and superficial supremacy of a male human being over females. Rami Baurani is against the biological right of females to have sexual or emotional relationship. Rami Baurani song is just to denying the biological and psychological aspects of our life and just to inspire the society to throw those poor women out of our society who become the victim of being natural or being a real woman whose main biological objective is to attract males that she can give birth to another human being. Rami Baurani song is nothing but is the case of male is satisfying his big male-ego by telling the whole world that his wife is virtuous for him.
Even this song is against to create new adjustments, new social norms, new social intolerance in the society in the context of migration from Garhwal . Today or in early twentieth century, the migration is a reality and wife having an instinctive sexual or emotional relation with other man is bound to happen. In such realism or circumstances, the creative people should create an atmosphere of tolerance among both sexes that husband -wife relation are not broken but saved by tolerant methodologies. Baldev Prasad Sharma Deen by creating Rami Baurani stopped the stream of tolerances in these new circumstances of migration. Garhwali women will never forgive Baldev Prasad Sharma Deen who insulted womanhood and biological right of women.
Wrong Notion
Many males argue that females are more emotional than males in terms of sexual relationship. These males argued that when a woman indulges sex with other man than husband she also involves herself emotionally and she divide her devotion or family responsibilities. What a nonsense or absurd argument it is ? On the contrary, the women are less involved emotionally while indulging sex with other men than their husbands. We know that the prostitutes (they are women) has to involve themselves in sexual acts but they are not involved emotionally as perceived by males. The woman has a natural tendency and capacity to adjust the emotion of devotion for her husband even after sexual intercourse with other males. On the contrary, males are weak prey in terms of balancing emotions in terms of devotion to wife and family. This is the reasons that usually, a males goes to same prostitute more than often because males divide their emotional attachment than the women do. When a male indulges sexual relationship with other woman than his wife, he tells the whole world to show his maleness capabilities but a women is emotionally so strong that she, usually, never tells the story around.
Maharishi Valmiki created Ramayana and also sow the seeds of testing the virtuousness of a woman . This tendency did not stop in this technical era too. My question is simple that why our society is interested to test the virtuousness of females and not bothered to asses the virtuousness of males too. Male has many ways and means to satisfy his biological need of sexual desire without the aid of female partner. But female does not have such perfect alternate for satisfying her sexual need without the help of a male. In such case the society should test the virtuousness of male and not the females.
Baldev Prasad did not mention a word about the virtuousness of Rami’s husband. Why he could not create a word to tell us about the state of Rami’s husband in terms of his relation with other women when he (Rami’s husband) was out of Garhwal for twelve years.. This song is definitely written for diminishing the basic biological right of a woman. This song should be banned from all media such as audio cassettes, video cassettes, Internet etc.
This song is also the biggest obstacle for our society creating new norms, new commandments, new tolerances, new orders in the era of migration, transfer in profession, traveling in profession and the culture of working couple in our society. This song is based on false notions and is no use in our new society. We should condemn this type of psychology where women are discriminated and should also make awareness that creators do not create inhumanly songs like Rami Baurani. The Garhwali society should ban this song by self-disciplinary methods